Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Your Kidding Me, Not Again!

power lines
find a way into my photos.
if any of you have followed my blog
for very long,
you will nod in agreement with me.
And voila, there they are again.
This one kind of saddens me,
with the beauty of the montains,
there the wires are again.
Really takes away from the beauty 
of the surroundings.
Here is a gorgeous photo,
wait, do you see them again.
Am I so used to seeing them,
that I have become oblivious.....
Note to self: pay attention
This one just blows me away,
All looks good,
but wait,
Shite, Shite, Shite.
They have invaded my photo again.
Now this one cracks me up,
I had told Mom that I was 
taking a picture of her,
so I had proof she was 
not watching the road
in case we were in an accident.
Of course I was joking with her.
Click goes my camera,
Shite, Shite, Shite
there they are again!
Do you see how tiny it is.
For just a moment I thought well 
here is a really tall straight tree,
until I saw the wires in the far left corner.
What was I trying to get,
I thought I saw a fox in the field.
You guessed it,
I don't see him.
Here is a beautiful old building,
I believe it is a barn,
now look way up.
Surprise, there is another one..
Out of all these photos
I did actually take the first one on purpose,
but the rest of them, accidents all..
Note to self,
try to see the whole picture...
Writing this post,
I now have the song
I've got the power,
Running around in my head.
So instead of wiring (could not resist),
I mean winding down and going back to bed,
I feel like I could do cartwheels.
Oh the power of one,
Anything and Everything
is possible!
Have a wonderful day!
Embrace it all.!


  1. HA! I know what you mean. I don't know how many shots I have taken only to see those damn wires!! They are everywhere! You can "clone" them out...but that takes a lot of time and patience. Sigh!!!

  2. Bloody power lines!! My Mum has a view of the mountains from her back door, it is fabulous... but guess what you see between the back door and the mountains... !!

  3. ha. i guess without them we would be in trouble, unable to charge up our stuff...just crop em out...

  4. This is a nice picture of your mom, half in shadow, looks like she is smiling.

  5. i've moved to embrace them...they are part of the modern life.

    :) cute shot of your mom

  6. Love your photos! They are so inspiring!

  7. LOL....I have to accept them too...They have made a living for my husband...he works for rural electric!! However I have cloned them out of some of my photos! Shhhh..... *wink* ;)

  8. lol! @ mom getting her photo snapped while driving!
    you made me smile!

  9. GREAT SCOTT NOT POWER LINES...hahahahahah Oh Cinner maybe that's your calling to beautify the look of power lines. Sorry but seriously it's not so back...Love your new header my dear very lovely indeed.

  10. Beautiful Header Cinner...at least there are no power lines in it! I have removed a few from photos before. Your post was very funny!

  11. I don't think I would of noticed so many if I you hadn't pointed them out....LOL
    Nice pictures Cinner........:-) Hugs

  12. I like this post... you made me laugh :)

    I actually like the old wooden power lines ;)

    x Robyn

  13. I feel your pain!! I hate them. They could go underground but they don't want to. We begged, said we would pay for it but NO they won't even let us do that. So now besides cutting our tress we are going to have more power lines and poles. I hate progress!!


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