Friday, May 14, 2010

Be careful Where You Sit.

This big old lilac tree
hangs over our patio
from our neighbors yard
providing the perfect protection 
from hot summer rays.
For about three weeks
it flowers and when I open my back door,
not only am I introduced daily to the beautiful sight,
but I am also met with the delightful scent.
I bring the outdoors in and place
an arrangement in my kitchen, front room, and bedroom.
My house will smell heavenly.
And then in such a short time,
the little purple petals will lay strewn upon the ground,
It makes a sweet blanket for just a few days,
and then they are gone until the following year.
They will arrive in just a few weeks,
so I still have the joy and excitement
of yet having them arrive.
For now the little birds
play in amongst the trees.
they flit and dive,
I love to watch and see,
The only problem that I have
as I sit at the table in the shade,
is that the little birds
sometimes shite on me.
Talk about ruining a moment!
Going in to clean up,
and get a fresh cup of coffee.
Those birds had a two for one!
I hope you all have a great weekend,
and that you get a chance to smell the flowers,
Just be on the lookout for what might be overhead
I am glad the rest of my flowers are not under any trees,
because, then I can sit and do just as I please.
Have your very Best Day!


  1. think i would invest in a coffee mug with a lid incase you dont see the dropping...smiles. i hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I can't imagine anything more magnificent than a giant lilac tree!! Oh my!! The scent has to be heavenly! As for the bird time bring the umbrella..that may help!! LOL!!
    Hugging you Cinner

  3. Yes the umbrella comment is good. I can't imagine the wonderful scent when the tree is in bloom. Can you bottle it and send it to me?

  4. love the purple color of the sky behind the tree,
    lovely view.
    don't you enjoy?
    Happy Friday!

  5. Oh I would think that tree is the most beautiful of all. I love lilac and I have never seen such a big lilac tree. We had one on each side of our walkway where I grew up. It was and is my favorite smell ever.
    ...:-) Hugs

  6. Bernie, I love the smell of lilacs...We cut them back a bit last year, one we even built our fence around it so we did not have to cut it down. They are huge, keep in mind the houses are over 100 years old, they are actually the neighbors but we get the enjoyment of them, so it works for me. That would have been nice Bernie, on both sides of the walkway. hugs to you and have a great weekend.

    Jingle, happy Friday to you too, I love the color, mauve is very relaxing. take care, hugs

    TechnoBabe, oh I wish I could, I am always sad when they are all finished, but whats a girl to do.

    SueAnn, we bought one of those gazebos to put on our patio, when we got it home, it was huge, they never look that big in those huge stores....Measuring would be a good thing...but yes I do need an umbrella. Have a great weekend.

    Ha Brian, do you have a favorite cup that you drink from. I know it is silly....but yes I do need a cup with a lid...have a great weekend. take care.

  7. take my breath away, Cinner!

    Sending you a big lilac hug.

  8. Hi Cinner! I left a comment, but a 503 error kept coming up, so here is another. Love the image here, especially the play on color. Also enjoyed seeing your beautiful artwork and will check in again to see what you are up to next. Thanks for joining my blog and giveaway! ~ Angela

  9. Hi, Cinner! This is simply beautiful...You write so well! And the photo is absolute perfection! Love the color, the composition...everything about it! You are amazing. Hope you have a wonderful weekend...just enjoying all that beauty around you! You've made mine just that much more beautiful as well! Love, Janine XO

  10. I was happily floating along with your post there... and then the birds shite!! hehehehe

  11. Ha ha! Love lilacs too, I couldn't enjoy my white one that much this year due to continuous heavy rain... Anyway, I managed to make a HUGE bunch to bring indoors...
    Enjoy lilac-time and Spring joys, Cinner!


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