Thursday, May 13, 2010

Life Is Good

Hello Everybody!
I was passed this award from
I loved it as soon as I saw it.
This is what I think everyday.
and we all know how much I love flowers and rainbows.
Oh my.....
I have been overwhelmed by awards lately,
I appreciate them all, I have been bad at getting at them.
hope to soon.
Back to the award today.
1. What is the most memorable Dream you Ever Had?

that would be dreaming that I was visiting with my father,
he was sitting on the edge of my bed, it was so good to see him again
even if only in a dream, and he looked good and healthy, I was happy.

2. Do you have a spirit or totem animal you feel particularly connected with?

I would have to say birds, BlueJays because they remind me of my father in law.
Hummingbirds, because they remind me of my Dad.
I have birdfeeders galore in my yard.
Crow because I found 4 crow feathers in my shed with no opening in the shed.
Other than the birds would definately be my dog Kula.

3. If you could go on any journey where would you end up?

I have not traveled much, I would want to go someplace quiet and secluded,
someplace warm would be nice, I have no specific place as there is so much to see,
and I see that everyday and am amazed at the different places in the world,
all of them beckoning me in their own way.

4.  A cozy winter evening or a warm summer day by the sea.

As I live in Canada, there have been many warm cozy evenings, I would choose
a warm sunny day by the sea, there is nothing like the smell of the ocean,or
walking in the waves on shore, or the warmth upon your body.

5. If you could conquer one fear what would that be?

I don't think I have any fears, I am ready for anything,
I used to fear dying, but I have come to terms with that.
.....maybe the fear of falling with my Cataplexy,
but that is just how it is...I will have to think on this one.

6. What is your favorite poem?
I have so many, but I would recommend checking out
He keeps you hanging on to every word,
and if his words have not been published
They should be!
I check his site every day.
You will not be disappointed!

7. What are your most frequently use of Herbs and what do you use them for.
Lavender for the bath water, relaxing, love the smell,

8. Savory Snacks or Sweet Puddings?
Definitely sweet puddings

9. What is something   You wish to Achieve this year?
To become more physically active.

10. My perfect day would be sitting out on the patio in the sun,
listening to the birds with my ragae music playing. I would be sitting and drawing,
my dog would be laying on the ground beside me, and my husband would be
bringing me a pina coloda, and then we would barbecue, sit and hold hands,
and roast marshmallows over the firepit, and watch the stars.
oh yes my husband would have a beer.

now I am to nominate 3 blogs, there are so many to choose from, and I 
think your all great in your own way, so if any of you care to take this please do.
1.Tabitha   I think she is amazing and inspires me everyday with her upbeat, positive attitude.
Please pay her a visit.

2. Sarah  She has overcome so much, she is an inspiration and is living the good life.
She deserves this award, you may want to have a visit.

3. Cora  You will love her, she does everything, cooks, sews, a great photographer, mother,
She is so positive and inspires me everyday. She is living a good life and has the biggest 

This took me forever to do. now I am off to go outside and see what I can accomplish today
before my siesta. Remember Life is good, Embrace your Day.


  1. Oh you are too sweet and kind! Thank you thank you! Life is good, actually it is grand and I am SO blessed! One way I am blessed is to have wonderful bloggy friends like you!
    Life is good!
    Thanks Cindy!

  2. aw, shucks...smiles.
    i'll send one of my backyard blue jays your way. smiles.

  3. :) beautiful replies! love this

  4. Yay! I loved reading this an loved reading that you got this lovely award!

  5. Congrats on your award! And it was so nice to get to know you better. Have a wonderful time outside today and a great weekend.

  6. Congrats cinner on your well deserved award, I loved reading and learning more abour you. Hope you had a wonderful day....:-) Hugs

  7. I love reading your comments upon receiving your awards)...and I want you to know that you have an invitation to come and sit at a warm beach setting when you visit the deep southern portion of the USA. I think that would be lovely...
    Enjoy your siesta, my friend.
    Hugs and smiles,

  8. Jackie, if I can ever swing it, I will get there. I don't even have a passport. lol. Hope you are well, have a great weekend.

    Bernie, thanks, I hope you did too. hugs.

    SueAnn, sometimes these are questions one has never even thought about. take care, hope you had a great day.

    Holly, thanks, mice to have you visit. have a great day.

    Char, thanks, glad your back.

    Brian, no problem, those bluejays wake me up awfully early, if I am out of peanuts they sure let me know.

    Cora, I feel the same way. I am very blessed and I know I am in good company.


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