Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Beautiful Hanging Basket, etc.

This is a hanging basket that my hubby came home with the other day.
It is so nice to have some color out back.
Everything is really green ,
bit a little too early for some color.
All I have had bloom are two tulips,
and probably next week the lilacs should be in full bloom.
I did a closeup of one of the flowers and I thought oh my
when I looked closer because it looks like a flower person,
the way the eyes and mouth are green,
You just never know what you might find in a picture.
It was 335 when I came on here tonight,
the house is all in darkness,
and I could hear a Robin singing outside,
I can still hear it just further away now.
My tooth is still throbbing
and I get in to the dentist today
at 330
which is not soon enough for me.
It is supposed to be plus 30 today,
The weather has been wonderful all week,
expecting rain on the weekend.
Great for growing season.
Take care and have a good day.


  1. It does look like a flower person! Love love love the hanging basket. Too windy here to have hanging anything! It would end up in Southern New Mexico!!!! HA!
    Good wishes at the dentist! Hope your pain will end today!!

  2. nice. cool pic...hope the time flies ntil your dentist appt...

  3. It does look like a flower person! Love your pictures as always!

  4. you have wonderful weather. here it is stormy and flooding. but the rain is much appreciated. have a great day.

  5. Beautiful flowers make our world beautiful! Lifts the spirits!
    Take care of that toothy prob!!

  6. That looks like a huge hanging flower basket. It would cost a fortune here. I know you get good fuzzy feelings looking at it and knowing your sweet husband brought it home to have at your house.

  7. hope the tooth gets all taken care of and you are feeling better.


  8. I hope by now you are pain-free! Thanks for your comments on my blog. I love the flowers in your garden! I still haven't had any desire to do anything in our garden this year. Oh well, in a week or two. Maybe.

  9. Lois, I always love visiting you. They are the only ones I have in it right now and two tulips that have bloomed...way to early. my hubby brought it home on Friday when I was not feeling well. I hope you are keeping your spirits up. Take care, blessings to you.

    Char I had it pulled, yeah, still frozen but at least it is out. all is good, will feel better in a few days. take care. Hope you are well and not working too hard, that your having time to play too. hugs.

    TechnoBabe, it was only 13.99 which is not bad at all. I usually don't put them up, because it can be quite windy here. It is thundering and storming out right now, it was a hot one today. Nice to be in the dentists office with the air conditioner....lol...okay that is stretching it.

    Cora, you and I are flower girls for sure, all the way. thanks for your kindness, take care.

    Kamana, it is hard to believe we had a snow storm about 2 weeks ago, it is very hot here, well what I call very hot, I can hear thunder as I am typing this, we really need some rain.
    I hope you are well, I will be by to visit very soon.

    Dreamwriter, oh I am glad you can see it too. it was a little strange when I first noticed it, I thought ohhhh. hope you had a great day, take care.

    Brian, hi I hope you had a nice day. I think I will feel better in the morning. take care.

    SueAnn, thank you, I had it pulled so should be much better in a few days. I love hanging baskets, I usually don't get them, because it can be quite windy here too., although I don't have to worry about them blowing to Mexico, maybe Saskatchewan. Take care, thanks for all your comments.

  10. a toothache is awful....
    i hope you are better now ??

    here's a hug just because you're adored !

  11. How did you make out at the dentist. I am going to put my hanging baskets up the first week in June, don't want to take the chance of frost. It is going to be fun to be back in the garden again. Your basket is really pretty.

    Be well my friend.......:-) Hugs


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