Monday, May 10, 2010

Edit or Not

 I was playing around with Corel Book today
and I love this effect.
I love the color,
so much so,
that I wore that color the first time I married!
What was I thinking?
How about this one,
I love the softness of it,
I am not really a photographer,
but it is amazing what you can do with 
just a little point and shoot,
and tthen some
Well I must have really liked this one,
somehow  it showed up on here twice,
somehow, meaning someone made an oops,
But sometimes an oops just makes 
it better.
And sometimes
there is no reason
for any editing.
Just to be able to enjoy things,
as they are,
simply perfect.
I hope you have a great Tuesday.
I am off to the dentist in the morning,
So I am doing this early!
Please tell me what you honestly think of the photos.
You may want to check out the following link,
there are some amazing photographers here lens us together
Each week they have a different theme,
and I am amazed and in awe of their talent.
I feel inspired by their work.
If I had to pick just one photo as my favorite,
I would have to pass because I would be saying,
Oh I love this one, and oh this one, and oh yes this one,
Anyway you get the idea.
Embrace your day!


  1. I love the second photograph, too, does has a soft effect....very lovely.
    I went to the link you included... What beautiful photographs are displayed.
    I love my camera...and I am having a good time relaxing with it. I am going to photograph a wedding in June. I'm not a professional photographer (by any stretch of the imagination) but I was honored (and humbled) to be asked to photograph a wedding.
    Regarding your trip to the dentist, I hope that all goes well..
    It's always nice to visit here, Cindy.
    Warmest smiles to you,

  2. these are some pretty stunning pics...i like the blue honestly...nice effects....have fun at the dentist...better you than me.

  3. The first one is my favorite.....:-) Hugs

  4. Bernie, mine too, thanks for letting me know. hugs to you.

    Brian, I like the blue too...ha, fun at the dentist. not this chick, but it should be just in and out...thank goodness says the scaredy cat. lol.

    Jackie, oh that will be wonderful and such fun, I was going to do the photos for my sister in the fall at her wedding, but they were worried it might be too much for me...which in all honesty it would have been...Obviously you are good, or they would not have asked you. that is not too far away either. glad you stopped by. have a great tuesday. hugs.

  5. I love all your photos!! Especially the blue one! Beautiful!
    Good luck at the dentist!!
    Have a wonderful day!

  6. Ah it's so much fun playing with photo effects and seeing what you come up with. I really like the second image of the Olympic rings. The colour gives the the photo a nice warm and calm feel to it. something about it that feel hopeful.

    I'd say have fun at the dentist but by the looks of it I am not the only one that thinks the words Dentist and Fun don't go together in the same sentence. Best of luck any way.

  7. Oooooo I love these!! Not a photographer my left foot...are!!I started with a point and shoot too...still use it for all kinds of things! Takes the very best macros. it..wish I could afford it LOL so fun to use! I do love messing with the photos kinda like quick artwork to did a beautiful job with them all hon! I especially like the ones with the rings!!
    Would you email me hon at was wondering if you might like to join the class on treat? Hugs, Sarah

  8. thanks for promoting lens us together....i need to remember to do that myself :)

  9. Great pix Cindy!! I enjoyed them as well as participating in Lens Us Together.
    Keep up the good work...keep shooting and having fun!

  10. I love the first shot! But I understand what you say- when I am asked to choose just a few of my shots, I always have GREAT problems ;)) I love photography because memories and things last forever! Or at least, until you don't delete the files ;))

  11. I love them all!! So beautiful!!

  12. Gayle, thanks, I liked how they turned out too.
    take care,

    Monica, it always scares me that one day my computer will crash and I won't have a picture.
    Some of the bad pictures I even like. lol. take care.hugs to you.

    Cora that is what I am going to do, It was one of the best gifts I ever got....Everyone at lens us together has been so wonderful. char was right...great friendships/

    Beth I an just glad I get to see wonderful
    photography and that People open their arms so much....I still have my favorite photographer, and I believe you know her very well. hugs Beth.

    Sarah, WHAT a wonderful surprise, I did send you an email early afternoon, yes, yes I would love to do this. wait to hear your reply. Very excited Thank you.

  13. Liss, I love playing with all the things you can do. It is a work in progress for sure, I wish I had a better program, I Love the shabby chic, but do not have the program I guess. dentist went well, yesterday I got a stye on my eye, so I think I startled him when he first looked at me in the dhair. lol. the poor guy.
    Take care .

    SueAnn I do like the blue one the best. take care. I am on my way back to bed. take care.


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