Wednesday, May 12, 2010

They are not just Pantyhose!

I came across a site that I found very interesting,
If you want to help with the clean up of the Oil spill
please go to the following link    Matter of Trust
The above picture is from their site.
You can donate pantyhose, wool, and even hair,
also feathers. 
They make a boom made of all these natural fibers.
Please pay them a visit,
I found it quite interesting.
And what a better use for pantyhose.
As far as I am concerned.
I have never owned a pair
that stayed in place.
You see I have short legs,
but I am a bigger girl,
so it is not an attractive look
if they keep sliding down
all day, leaving huge wrinkles
around your ankles,
I have enough around my eyes,
That's probably not a vision you need rolling around in your head.
I very seldom wear a dress because of the pantyhose,
so as far as I am concerned I am going to 
package up every pair I have
and if they can help take care of the environment,
Somehow that just makes more sense to me.
So I hope this day finds you healthy and happy.
the sun is shining here and I am going to 
putz in my flowerbeds while I 
have the energy.
One last thought,
it only takes one to make a difference!
I hope you have a wonderful day,
I am going to
and  I am not
wearing pantyhose,
that makes it a fantastic day.


  1. it does only take on to make a difference...and what a great way you have enlightened us on as well. hope you have a wonderful day...

  2. i heard on the news about all of the salons around here sending off hair....i think all the natural stuff is so cool !

  3. What a terrific idea! I hear ya!! Pantyhose are made for others...not me! I don't even own a pair. I stick to knee-hi hosiery.
    Have a wonderful time putzing in your garden.

  4. Thank you for sharing this site! I too have a bunch of old hose (why, I am not sure!). I am going to check this out and send them off!

  5. That's totally cool, Cindy! I love it!! And I'm tall, but I still don't like pantyhose :-) Love this! Love, Janine XO

  6. I saw on the news about Canadians having their hair cut and sending it off....I think its great.

    The police helicopter was over my place last night cinner, a car had been stolen, anyway they got their man and the car was okay....Hugs

  7. my heart breaks about the oil spill...exhale.

  8. What a delightful post and blog. Thank you for sharing. God bless, Lloyd

  9. Wonderful ideas!! I had heard about the feathers and hair...but hadn't heard about the pantyhose.
    Like you, I hate them. Why do we do that to ourselves!!??? :)))
    I love your beautiful flowers on your header, Cindy....very nice.
    Take care, my friend.

  10. Hi Jackie, I don't know why we do half the things we do. And don't even get me started on the one size fits all...the flower header was taken at the Muttart Conservatory here in the city, you can not go wrong taking pictures there. One of these days soon, I have to go and sit and draw. That is a plan. how was your day. I hope you are doing well. hugs to you, much love.

    Hi Lloyd, thanks for stopping by and welcome. I am glad you liked it here, thanks for becoming a follower. hope to see you again, and thanks for commenting, c

    SE'LAH, I was watching it again tonight on the news and I like you have to take a deep breath. Exhale and breathe again. one love to you.

    Bernie, I am glad they caught the person. Did you see on the news about the young thief that has 20,000 makes me crazy...they can't catch him. Some people think it is okay to be vandalizing homes etc.
    They obviously have never experienced it themselves....take care my friend, I hope you are feeling well. take care.

    Janine I am sure you heard that saying, why can they put a man on the moon, but they can't get a pair of pantyhose to stay in place. lol, like this is all I have to worry aboout. lol. hope you had a great day. take care.

    Caroline, great, I had just sent a bunch to good will, they had never been out of the package. I will come for a visit soon. take care

    SueAnn, it is a good idea, I did not see you as a pantyhose lady, not with those long nails of yours, I am remembering the purple. If I had your nails and pantyhose, they would look like Fishnet stockings. ha lol. Hope you had a fabulous day.

    Beth I had just heard about it this morning and I thought it was such a great idea...I love all this natural stuff and actually was able to use compost out of my composter this year, so yes I am trying. I hope you had a great day, I am going to visit everyone tonight. hugs to you.

    Hi Brian, thanks always for your wonderful comments. I so appreciate you stopping by for a visit. With all your followers I feel honored.

  11. I hate panyhose with a passion! I wore them for 20+ years while working in the banking industry....and I hate hear me?! I have been using them to tie up my tomato plants! ahaha I would only buy those with the really stretchy stuff (Leggs and Hanes) in them so they would not wrinkle around my short legs at the ankles! Not a pretty pix I tell you and yes they seem to always twist around at the top of my legs...and that hurts! So I have given up on panty hose except for the very few occasions I wear them to church...most of the time now I go bare legged or in slacks! :)
    Thanks again for the smiles!


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