Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Mothers Day

What gift is greater than having a child,
I know of none.
I  can not imagine
more of a joy
than having a daughter or  a son,
to hold my child in my hands,
a wonder to behold,
and knowing that I  at that moment,
that I am your Mother
until  forever as you grow old.
Alas, that dream of mine never did come true,
But I came to understand it the older that I grew.
I don't feel  that I have missed out,
or that life was unfair,
You see I am not a mother,
but I still had love to share,
I  have held my sisters babies,
looked lovingly in their eyes,
I have loved them all,
not one more beautiful than another,
I have treated them the same.
I have laughed and cried,
And scolded, and sometimes would shake my head,
like all those many times that they would not go to bed,
With all of them I have sat beside their beds,
and listened to their prayers as they bowed their little heads.
And somehow they always remembered to say
and God Bless Auntie Cindy.
You see I have not given birth,
but I could not love them any more,
than if they were my own.!
I so admire all of you mothers for what you do everyday. 
I have been very lucky because I could always send them home,
So when I read your stories, and hear your love and your frustration at times
It is with deep admiration and respect that I have for you.
I hope you all have a Wonderful Mothers Day!


  1. moms are pretty amazing...and even those that get to play mom along the way and put smiles on their faces, as i imagine you do.

  2. I think God knew all the love in your heart you had to share with so many children who are so blessed to have you in their life....Hugs

  3. I echo your sentiments exactly. Fabulous Cinner... You are just getting better and better and better!

  4. What a blessing you are to me and to all the children that you love!
    Thank you for the well wishes!

  5. As you know there are all different "moms", you are one by being loving and caring to children you come in contact with. Mothers Day is for you too.

  6. To my sweet sister, well where do I even start, maybe it was those nights i would call you and tell you that I wanted to run away from home, as i was going nuts with the boys and doing it alllllll by myself. You would listen to me vent, then get my children back in line and I was good for a few more months till the next issue. lol You have laughed, cryed and scolded my children when they have needed it most. I know that if I should have to leave this world before my time that you would continue laughing, crying, and scolding them when necessary. I have been so blessed to have you and my children have been so blessed too. You are a great super Aunt and the boys love you. You have all the qualities a loving mother should have, and for that Happy mothers Day to you!! with all my love.

  7. Penquin, jeepers you made me cry and I had just put my makeup ran all the way down to my chin. love you, have fun with Mom.....


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