Saturday, May 8, 2010

You Should See Whats Happened To Me!

A happy Saturday morning to Everyone. Now any of you that follow my blog,
You know that most days are pretty low key because that burst of energy
is few and far between. Well not today it isn't!
Oh no, I am cleaning house, Something has happened
because I already have 2 huge bags of clothes to go to the womans shelter,
AND I got out all my Spring Clothes....I don't care if it snows again here,
I will be sitting out in my tank tops, sunglasses, oh and of course I will wear shorts....
Had you going for a moment! So as all of this is going on,
I have my windows open, my heat turned down, the birds are chirping, and I have some music playing.
The phone has rang twice so far, but I can not get out of this room I am working in, and I just need
a me day. Do you do that where you just let  it ring and ring.
I swear this past week I spent more than my fair share on the phone,
so today they can leave a message,
then I feel guilty well what if......Okay so not that guilty to pick up the phone.
And drum roll please I have made space in my office for a single bed.....
Now I know my family will be saying  OMG.
So wee loving nieces and nephews
I am ready for you this summer.
You will have a room all to your own,
and won't have to stay in the living room...
See I live in an 800 square foot house,
no basement, so usually when the children come
well it is a little like camping,
Could kids be any happier in a  more relaxed environment?
I think not.
So I have one more hour before I have to lay down for a scheduled rest,
We don't want any falling down today.
So I better keep moving,
while I feel like grooving.
Be well my friends.
I wish you a day of happiness,
and creativity and love and may you 
be in great spirits!
Have a wonderful weekend.
Those eyes are my oldest nieces!
And I just love her to pieces.


  1. She has beautiful eyes!! Glad you are feeling "up" to things and getting some things done. It feels so good to accomplish things around home. We have worked outside today, cutting grass, weed eatting, picking in the garden, planting more tomatoes, just sprucing things up outside. It is hot too. I just came in a took a cool shower...sitting here with my hair wet... :)
    Have a beautiful weekend my dear.

  2. smiles. sounds like you are having a great day! hope you have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

  3. You got a get it done groove goin'. Pass some of that energy juice down here to me. I am not doing anything today. And maybe not tomorrow either. I am glad you are doing so well today.

  4. Oh I am so glad you are able to get these things done. And they will love having a room of their own. How cool is that!! I have been working all day building a large canvas. Got her done too!! woohoo! I can rest now!
    Have a great rest of your day!

  5. How wonderful Cinner! it is great to get things done! I had a busy day today running about and now the place is a mess. i think I will have a good ole clean out tomorrow! Be well and happy Cinner! ((hugs!!))

  6. BTW: Love your banner photograph! Beautiful!

  7. Glad to know that you are doing better,
    maybe great!
    Happy Saturday,
    Happy Sunday!
    Have A Winsome Mother's Day!

  8. What lucky nieces and nephews...(and I wouldn't mind sleeping in the living room...that sounds like fun, too!...just being with their Aunt Cindy is enough.
    I liked, "Better keep moving while I feel like grooving." :)) That should be my motto...and I think I will adopt it.
    Have a lovely day on Sunday, Cindy.
    Love to you from Jackie

  9. Sure could use some of your energy over here y friend.....I still have my furnace on, I am hoping last weeks storm will be it for snow for this winter but who knows. I am anxious to get outside and paint my deck. I do not plan on planting anything until at least the second week of June........:-) Hugs

  10. Bernie, I had energy all day and now I have insomnia...Me too I an hoping no more but you just never know, I usually plant after the May longweekend. I sure wish I could snap my fingers and you would be energized my friend, if only it were that easy. the b12 shots are they making a difference. Have a wonderful day tomorrow. hugs to you Bernie, be well.

    Jackie, oh sure a sleep over would be fun....I really do love the kids, they are all growing up too quick. The youngest is 12.
    I wish they could come more often, so I am getting excited for summer when school is out.
    Have a great Sunday. love c

    Jingle, Thanks for visiting. I am going to see my mother in law tomorrow for lunch. my sister in law will drive me up there, so it should be a nice afternoon. I hope your doing something fun. Take care.

    Claire, thanks I took that photo at the Muttart Conservatory. it is 4 glass pyramids and each pyramid is different climate conditions. I got lots started today, it will take me a few days to get things really settled her. Have a good day tomorrow, hugs.

    SueAnn...oh a big canvas now you have me curious again. one of these days I just want to get at my art, and concentrate on it for awhile....I have my fingers crossed that this energy stays. Go rest and pleasant dreams. happy day tomorrow.

    TechnoBabe, you just rest and relax, gosh knows you deserve are a good and kind soul. I hope you have a great weekend. If I could bottle this energy I would...they started me on a new rx and I think it is helping is not for me to question, just go with the flow. I read the story about your hubby, it intrigues me that he makes his music all by himself with no band...Greatest respect to both of you. hugs.

    Brian, thank you...not a regular day for me, but it is like winning a lottery when these days come around. Have a great day tomorrow with your loved ones. until next time.

    Cora, your day sounds wonderful, it was cool here. I like you like getting things done. I have decided I am on a major clear out. I threw out a shirt today that must have been 2o years old...It is just silly, saving things because they were once my faves....change is a coming Cora, all good things too. I can feel it. Happy Mothers Day, are you getting a chance to see your daughter.
    Hugs to you my lovely friend. Your a blessing.

  11. Great post !!! I love that kind of day ~
    Fire me up too :) Karen


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