Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day!

How does one prepare to be a mother,
when she had no parents really of her own.
She was thrown into the Foster Care system,
and finally found a loving home.
They were an elderly couple 
and they took her in as if she was there own.
It was here I think she felt safe and secure.
I often wonder when she was bounced around this way,
I don't believe as a child she even knew how to play.
I wonder if she ever was held in loving arms,
and was sang to and talked to.
Was she ever told that she was pretty,
or even worthwhile.
There are many other stories
I had heard over time.
This woman is the mother of mine.
Soon she had four children,
3 daughter and a son,
And she was only twenty seven.
She was always so busy,
the work was never done,
Such was the life of a farmers wife.
She had a job she worked full time,
I remember one afternoon,
many years ago we tried to help her learn to ride a bike,
I remember as she rode off how proud I was of her,
I remember hanging clothes out upon the line,
My sister and I would hand them to her
and she would clip them on the line,
And after they tried they smelled so fresh.
Those were good moments,
and I know there were many more.
It's funny how the bad sometimes outweighs the good.
But that was through the eyes of a child.
We never went without a thing,
food, and clothing and books for school.
I sometimes ask myself why as a child do we expect so much
for our parents to be perfect,
Why did they go to perfect school, were they taught to never raise a voice.
I am sure as a parent, you would want the best for your child if you could make that choice.
My father died a year ago, they had been together 47 years or so.
I have seen her cry, and be angry too,
She misses my Dad so much.
I have also seen her grow as a person,
going out with her lady friends, living her life for the first time on her own terms.
I have phoned and talked to her almost everyday.
usually in the morning, and then again at night.
Many times we have laughed so hard at just pure silly things.
She still has a tendency to work too hard,
I would love for her to live as happy as can be.
With her children loving her, and helping to take care of her as she grows old.
every time when I  am talking before I hang up the phone
I tell her that I love her
and that I will soon try to get home.
I hope to have many more years with my Mother,
she is the only one I have, and I want no other.
I love you through the ups and downs,
during those sad and happy days
So when I say my prayers at night
this is what I say.
Thank you God 
for giving me my Mom!


  1. happy mothers day! a beautiful tribute left me with smiles. moms are so special...each in their own way...

  2. I heart your mom, Cinner. This is such a loving post. I hope your mom reads this. I like the part that say why do children expect their parents to be perfect. Right on!! Your mother had what some would call a hard life, but she would probably say she has had a full and loving life. Happy Mothers Day to your mom, Cinner.

  3. what a beautiful tribute....

    and the post before, with the twin bed ready for the little ones, is wonderful !

  4. ❀✿❀✿♡❀✿❀✿
    Flowers and Hearts for all the Moms and people who love them!

  5. happy mothers day

  6. Cinner, happy mother's day to you for all the support, kindness, and concern you share with so many. What a nice gift to your mom, this blog today!

  7. So touching, Cinner. I love your posts, they fill my days with things to meditate on. Thank you!
    Hope you're having a fantastic day!

  8. Lovely message and Happy Mother's Day to all my blogging friends. Hope your furry babies gave you lots of kisses today! Karen and Cider :)

  9. You must make your momm very happy with your appreciation of her, Cinner. Hope you had a pleasurable day!

  10. That was a beautiful loving post to your mom!! You are so lucky!!

  11. Simply beautiful, dear friend! I suspect that you are very like her...if she is like you, I KNOW she is giving, loving and caring! What a wonderful way to mark her special day! Hope you had a wonderful day as are such a lovely lady...I'm so glad you are my friend! Love, Janine XO

  12. Hello dear sister, what you wrote was beautiful. I did not show mom, i thought you should show her actually read it to her. I know she will love it and cry. I just was not sure if she would like that other people could read about her so I played it safe and was just cautious. I had such a nice day with her and I am so glad that I did as I really miss my mother. So I was just playing everything cautious but I know she would love to hear it from you. I love you and hope you had a great mothers day as you deserve it. I am so glad you are feeling better,
    Love u and talk soon.

  13. Penquin, I will give her a copy of it when I go to the farm at the end of the month. I thought she sounded tired tonight, but you did have a busy day. I am glad all is going good, love you.

  14. a beautiful, beautiful post. happy tears.


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