Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I Think She Is Lovely

I think she is beautiful. I love my yard and spend hours and 
hours outside soaking up the sun as much as I possibly can.
I was gifted this statue this past Sunday by a very generous friend of mine.
Every time I look at my statue I will think of her.
Here is a full shot of the statue,
Why I can not remember her name tonight is beyond me.
When I get back home from my trip to my Moms
I will sit outside and draw. I have nothing else planned for my summer,
rest, relaxation, meditation, exercise, being well.
It is not such a bad list, I am looking so forward to it.
Last year when my Dad died, I really don't know what happened the first six months.
I guess I walked around dumbfounded at what had happened.
My Dad would want me to enjoy my yard.
He used to have lots of bird feeders up,
and I was always thrilled to go home and watch the humming birds,
canaries, finches, some type of black bird with yellow and red heads.
I am going to put a hummingbird feeder in my yard also when I get back here.
I actually was able to get some of my plants in this past weekend.
I thought these were so pretty,
I planted poppies, I just throw the seeds in the ground,
they seem to do the best that way for me.
To me no garden is complete without any pansies, so I got 
these and some pretty yellow ones.
I still have a few wave petunias to get in and one Hosta that hubby brought home tonight.
My hanging plant that everyone said was so beautiful, let's just say it has seen better days.
but I still have high hopes.
My sister is coming tomorrow and we leave Thursday morning bright and early
to go to the farm. We are leaving a few days later than anticipated, It is a ten hour trip
so we will be doing a lot of visiting and catching up.
Hubby is staying here, he told me to leave him a honey do list,
I said just work on the one I made when we moved in the house,
We had quite a laugh, we moved in ten years ago.
I have given it up to God knowing that hubby in his own sweet time
will get to that list, he may just look at it, but he will get to it.
So I figured I would just touch base with everyone before I left.
I hope you are all well,
Embrace your days, and be Happy


  1. Have a wonderful trip! Be sure to relax and enjoy the time away... Love that "honey do" list!!!

  2. i hope that you have a woderful time on your trip...i love the yard as well...sitting and watching or playing...

  3. i don't remember seeing any poppies around here last year, and this year, little patches of them are popping up everywhere....or maybe i'm just noticing them for the first time....

    whatever the case may be.....next year i want some to call my own :)

    and that 10 year old honey do list.....that made me laugh !

    have a great trip !

  4. oh she is beautiful. very elegant.

  5. Your yard is great. I like the statue. Is is a statue of Diana? Anyway, she is looking over the plants and flowers and critters in the garden and she looks strong enough that the wind won't knock her down. Hugs to you and hope you have a wonderful visit with your family and a safe and fun trip with your sister.

  6. cinner .what a special gift among the beauty of your garden..love it!!

  7. TechnoBabe, it is a Venus Italica statue, all of the other Venus de Milos don't have the arms, they are just to the elbow. She also gave me A st. Francais of Ausisis a few years back. The statue is very very heavy, so I think it should be okay in the wind. Hubby moved it by himself, he should of taken our neighbor that offered to help....but oh no he has to show off, don't get me wrong but his back is a touch sore. I told him I would rather not have the statue if it meant he was going to injure himself. He is going to play ball tonight, so it can not be that bad, I think....I am very appreciative though. take care.

  8. Truly a beautiful statue! And your garden is FAB! You definitely have a green thumb! And I do think your Dad smiles when he sees you enjoying it! Have a safe trip!! Will be thinking of you...and hoping that the "list" is complete when you arrive home ;-) Love, Janine XO

  9. Cinner fabulous statue I wish I had her in my yard. I love to decorate the garden makes it your own, so when you do sit and enjoy the cultivations of your love; the garden it speaks to your soul as it should alwayd so. Stunning Cinner.

    Hugs Crista

  10. oh yes, i hope you come back and sit and draw. draw and enjoy your beautiful yard. she is just beautiful.

  11. What a lovely, lovely gift. You are blessed in your friendships, my friend.

  12. Have a beautiful Memorial Day weekend, dear Cinner!!! Love you! Janine XO

  13. Stunning statue - Have a fabulous trip :0)

  14. She is beautiful...just like you! So sorry I have missed so many posts as I was out of town too visiting my daughter in New Orleans, Louisiana.
    Enjoy your gardens and the sun!
    Sending you blessings!

  15. What an awesome statue and what an amazing friend you have! Great garden!

  16. Just saw the poppies....nice....


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