Sunday, May 9, 2010

Skipping Stones!

This picture was taken last year,
I love it.
We were on a rocky slope,
I  knew that I could not get down,
So I sent him on his way,
I was sitting at a bench, I told him that I was okay,
So  off he went down the rocks, 
and went out by the water,
He picked up a rock and threw it,
the joy of skipping stones.
He spent quite a time down there,
finding the right stones, 
throwing them and looking back at me,
his chest inflated, wanting to show off,
I put my thumb in the air,
and he knew that I was watching.
what I loved most of all,
was that he was carefree,
and so relaxed.
For a few moments of the day,
he did not have to think of me,
or wonder if I would be okay,
Down there on that shore,
he was worry free.
Just skipping stones
in the early morning breeze,
The next day we went back again,
and I made it all the way down.
He tried to teach me,he stood behind me
and tried to show me how to hold my arm
and when I would throw my rock,
it would just drop under the water,
slinking slowly further and further down.
We tried for quite a time, we had a lot of laughs,
Soon I was tired and had to sit down,
I sat on a big boulder,
and watched him still at play,
and wondered how many guys
have tried to impress a girl this way.
It meant more to me than diamonds
as I watched my husband enjoying
the art of skipping stones.
a while later. hand in hand we walked  back up to the top,
We sat on a bench listening to the running water,
saw an eagle flying overhead.
After a little while we saw a wedding party,
making their way down the rocks,
they were waiting for some other people
to get there, and what did the groom proceed to do.
He picked up a rock and soon was skipping stones.
My husband leaned over and kissed me.
We soon were watching a wedding,
the bride was gorgeous,
their dogs were there running around,
and it really was beautiful.
Just before we left,
my husband reached into his pocket,
and placed in my hand.
a perfect flat rock.
just right
for skipping stones.
To me it was 
special that 
he found
a rock
representing that we would come again,
and one day  not too far off,
we would both be
skipping stones.
The above is a true story,
and I have never learned how to skip a rock.
I hope you enjoy your Monday,
and that you make some memories
that you will cherish.
I am embracing my day,
as soon as I wake up.
Have your best day Ever!


  1. smiles. i love skipping stones...was out on the island this weekend skipping them across the james...and the sentiment toward one you love gave me a smile...

  2. Oh sweet love!! What a beautiful picture you have painted with words! There is something so soothing about the water and interacting with it. So peaceful and beautiful! Glad you have these moments and thanks for sharing them with me.

  3. I have never been very good at skipping stones either. But your story shows that sometimes it is a good thing that we can't. You describe how much fun it was for you to watch your husband having fun and how carefree it was for him. Lovely writing, Cinner.

  4. Hello Cinner, this is really sweet and wonderful! Perfectly molded memories..

  5. a true story and a love story.....

    and men/boys are always better at skipping rocks....darn them !

  6. i adore this post. skipping stones, reminds me of going south, for a summer, as a child. oh, the beautiful ripples, those stones made,in the water.

  7. my husband was great at skipping stones and could spend so much time at it, I tried and I think the best I did was 3 skips but it was fun. Men seem to very good at this....:-)Hugs

  8. So beautiful!! I can just see your hubby giving you that kiss! Enjoy your day!

  9. Lois, hi hope you have a good day too. take care, prayers with you.

    Bernie, 3 skips that is great, what a nice memory for you....yes, he played ball the first time this season tonight....He is in the Seniors League, it is 55 and over...they won their first game, so was a happy man! take care .hugs.

    Christina, thanks for reminding me about the ripples in the water. I love watching that too. hope you have a great day. one love.

    Beth, boy is that the truth, and yes I guess it is a love story...This summer I hope to get down there again. be well my friend.

    Sashindoubutsu, thank you, so nice when you come for a visit. take care.

    TechnoBabe, thanks...yes sometimes I let him be a showoff. I do love him so....have a great day. You and your husband sound very much in love, I love how supportive you are of one another....we are blessed. hugs.

    SueAnn, always say the nicest things. how are your wip going. take care, will swing by later.

    Brian, that just sounds wonderful, it sounds like you live in a beautiful part of the world. have you shown your boys how....have a wonderful day.


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