Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Upcoming May Long Weekend!

We are fast approaching the May long weekend.
It is a holiday that celebrates Queen Victoria's birthday.
It started here in Canada approximately in 1854.
It also now officially marks the start of Summer.
Most people load up their families and friends
and off to one of the parks they go.
And yes it is great fun.
Nothing would surprise me if a storm blows in
and it rains all weekend, or possibly even snows.
Why do I say this,
Because there is a pattern.
But you never know the weather can surprise us.
This year there is an alcohol ban in all of the parks in Alberta,
which I believe is wonderful.
Some people are quite upset as it will wreck their
weekend celebrations.
So we will see what happens,
I know I can not get in any trouble in my back yard.
so that is where I will be.
Have you ever met someone who lighted up a room with their smile,
Everyone would smile back and laugh and always a very jovial
atmosphere ensued. I can see his face like yesterday,
and I only remember him with a smile.
our friend Derek, his young son, and his sons best friend,
Were boating at one of our Northern Lakes,
and a storm blew in and were all taken 
from us much to soon.
The funeral was attended by over a thousand people.
He would not want us to cry but to celebrate his life.
My husband had known him all his life,
and I only about ten years.
If I had anything to say to Derek,
I would tell him that I was honored to have known him,
and he would smile.
Just like he always did
I am so grateful for all I have
Play safe and be well.
Remember you never know who you will make an 
everlasting impression on, 
or how many lives you touch everyday.
I am sure it is way more than we can all imagine!
Have a Great Day!


  1. be safe and enjoy the weekend. love the new updates to the blog.


  2. hope you enjoy the weekend. sorry about your friend...sad to see them taken too early..

  3. What a tribute to Derek...
    A smile that touched many lives.

  4. Enjoy your weekend my friend, my niece is staying with me this weekend and we are going to see the movie Letters to Juliette....:-)Hugs

  5. So true Cinner! What a wonderful tribute to Derek! I am sure he would be proud to be known for his great big smile.
    For the long weekend, I am going to hang out in my backyard as well. Like you say, it is safer that way. HA!
    Have a great weekend.

  6. Such a terrible loss...a father, his son and a friend. It would be nice to be remembered as a smiling person!

  7. We have Memorial Day weekend coming up the last weekend this month. Hubby and I don't drink and we will be right here in our little garden of eden and living our quiet little life, not just that weekend but each weekend. Such a relief from all the the stress and pressure of previous busy lives. I like to hear how other people do their busy hectic schedules and it keeps me happy with mine like it is.

  8. TechnoBabe, you are both really like us, just happy to be in home heaven. thats where my heart is too, although next week my older sister and I are going to go be with my Mom. It will be a year already that my Dad passed. We don;t want her to be alone, so we are making the 10 hour drive home, otherwise every weekend I will be here too. enjoy your weekend, think of you often.

    Wanda, yes it was such a loss for their family, one of my nephews is going to the lake for the first time. he got the safety talk for sure. I hope you are well and that you are having a great week and weekend. always happy to see you stop by. thank you so much for commenting.

    SueAnn, safer and usually quieter, I guess I am lucky I like my yard so much, that is where I go for peace every day. take care. have a great weekend. hugs

    Bernie, that will be so nice for you. I am feeling much much better. I wish my niece from B.c. lived closer, she used to come a lot more than now, that she is all grown up. I do miss her company and girlie things we used to do. the movie should be a good one.
    take care. until next week hugs.

    Jackie, he really was a wonderful man...hope you are well, have a great weekend my friend. I think of you often, often. hugs.

    Brian, thank you, his memory lives on, have a great weekend with your family. until next week.

    Char, thanks...hope you have a great weekend. did you get that camera fixed. have a fabulous day. I hope you have a fun filled weekend. take care. hugs.


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