Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Winter Picture Perfect

Okay so it was green yesterday,
and we have had a really lovely Spring,
so did I feel bad when I looked outside this morning,
No, it was picture perfect.
I opened my door,
overjoyed by the freshness,
slapped to alertness by the wet snow as it fell from the trees.
all my flowers that were coming up,
what will happen,
only time will tell.
On the weekend we were at Home Depot,
and people were buying flowers and plants,
and I said to my hubby,
No I am going to wait, 
it is too early.
We cut the grass over the weekend too..
So today I put my music on,
put on a pot of crock pot surprise,
and am about to make cookies.
I should be out shovelling,
but that will have to wait,
as it is still snowing.
What a beautiful reminder to enjoy all
of the beauty that is given to us
different on every day.
I do hope the roads
are safe because they
will be very 
Do you wish you were here.
we could lay in the snow,
and make snow angels.
Take care.


  1. Day by day. Each day is precious. Snow or sunshine. Great post Cinner.

  2. what timeless photo!
    Snow is missed in my place now!

  3. stay safe!!

    beautiful post! xo

  4. ack. whats up with all the snow pics today...make me shiver...its 70 degrees out...i am in shorts...sorry, not rubbing it in...stay warm. smiles.

  5. Brian, you lucky fellow...our province got really hit hard by the snow....it is amazing how suddenly everyone forgets to slow down...once here we had snow the end of July...it of course did not stay. I hope the sun shines all week for you. take care.

    Char, thanks I will. always love to have you visit.

    One thing about living here, they say wait five minutes and it will change. glad to have you pop by, visiting you soon.

    TechnoBabe, thanks...Someone said Anyday we wake up breathing is a good one....I can't think of that...I will get around to showing you a post on doing the windows to look like stain glass...hope you are well. take care,

  6. BAH HUMBUG!! Oh man some of you are so positive about this weather, well I am just saying I am done with it. Talk about seeing the world thru rose colored glasses. lol I yearn for the sun to shine, shine, shine and can' wait to get out on my patio. pics of snow branches are better than the freezing wind and rain we had, I guess lol have a good day sis.

  7. Penquin, you make me laugh. Did your plans get cancelled due to the snow...take care,,,I love you.

  8. Oh goodness...why shovel...perhaps it will melt. Very pretty sight though ;)

  9. The weather today was something else wasn't it, it is very cold tonight as well so it won't be melting tomorrow......:-) Hugs

  10. I had my own snow and I don't wish to make an angel. I wish it to be spring...real spring. With blue skies and gentle breezes and no snow! LOL! I know it is pretty but snow and I have parted ways and it is time for him to be gone!!!! It's springs' turn.
    Crock pot surprise sounds good! Think I will invite myself over.


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