Saturday, June 12, 2010

Buildings, Machinery, And Horses.

I thought this was a beautiful old barn,
I can imagine it in all it's glory,
As we drove by some birds flew out one of the windows,
At least it is still being used.
Check out this old home,
I wonder who lived there,
why they left,
or where have they gone.
I bet you it was beautiful in it's time as well.
Here is another old house,
For twelve hundred miles,
600 there and back,
I think I drove my sister crazy
taking pictures.
She kept saying, "Don't you have enough old buidings?"
I would snap away thinking about the families, etc.
And hey I had to pass the long trip somehow.
Ok it is not an old building, but I like old machinery too,
my husband just passed by and said I better say old men too.
He is eleven years older than me,
but that is a whole other story.
Well maybe I was going crazy,
but this one brings back memories for me,
this one was actually on the farm,
and that old brown truck was my Dads
I don't know how many years ago,
but I can see him driving it,
smiling as he would come down the road.
And now it sits still...
How cool does this old shack look.
It used to be our playhouse, treehouse,
There used to be a bush there.
I could not resist getting an old picture of this.
Many afternoons were spent out there with my syblings,
and then later on my nieces and nephews.
Aunt Cindy was always good for a story or two.
Their little faces would light up and we would wonder up and down the hills playing,
only leaving to go home at mealtime.
Oh to have to use your imagination to have fun,
I think there needs to be more of this.
But what does an ole geezer like me know, ask the kids!
Ha, they will learn one day.
I was so excited with this picture, I must have seen 100 horses
and only managed to get two pictures of them,
my batteries were getting low in my camera,
by the end of our trip I really was happy with just getting the sky.
We missed about 30 antelope on a hill too,
My sister was just zipping along and I say hey
we should have stopped, she said aww we will see more,
No we did not, nope, nadda, oh well.
there will always be another trip.
You guessed it, this is the second picture of different horses,
Some day I want to learn to ride one.
I have to get to my skinny days though,
If a horse saw me coming right now,
they would probably roll down and play dead,
and I mean that in the kindest way to myself.
Besides I would like to throw myself onto a horse like a cowgirl,
setting up a bench beside the horse just is not the look I am going for.
One day, anything is possible, at least that is what I believe.
Well I guess that is enough horsing around for the day....
okay I suppose you saw that one coming too.
Your so smart.
No more pictures today.
I hope you are enjoying your weekend, and may you see the beauty
all around you and have your very Best Day Ever.


  1. Very very nice.
    Just like a pro, Cinner.
    Great pics!

  2. I love old buildings and machinery too Cinner and you took some amazing photos!! Wonderful!
    Love your treehouse..very cool!!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. You have found my weakness (well, I have many...but one that I will share! :) ) I love LOVE photos of old barns and buildings....
    These are beautiful!
    I also smiled as I looked at the old playhouse....long gone....but never forgotten.
    I know that the day will come when you throw your leg over that saddle (or are you going to ride bareback) and ride toward sunset. I know that day will come, Cindy. I can't wait to read about it.....

  4. these are great pictures Cin. I love old homes and such. I will always trespass if there is no one living therein.....just to look at the building itself. My mother's family had some fantastic old homes in Georgia that I remember as a kid. Plantation farms with hidden cellars and third stories which lay unopened for decades.

  5. Hey Cindy.....long time no chat my dear friend! I have been so busy and haven't had time to catch up with old friends lately....BUT I did want to drop by and say HELLO to YOU!! :D I loved all your photos and childhood memories!! Fantastic.....Horse riding...I used to love it, to big to do it now and have a suspect back so if I fell off, the thought of being in a wheelchair didn't appeal to me that much!!
    Now our news will have to wait a bit....BUT its something that we have been waiting awhile for... can you guess??? I wonder!! :D within the month we will be able to share with you what it is.....thanks so much for sharing your journey with us....LOVED IT GIRLFRIEND!!! If I ever come over there for a holiday, you are going to be one lady I do look up and come and stay and spend time with!!
    Love to you all

  6. some great old barns and homes...they echo with so many stories...and would love to go horseback riding...

  7. Seems to be lots of great memories in all those photographs, yours and those of others... Don't you wish you could get a glimpse sometimes of what life was like in all these fab looking places?...

    Hey, when you get on a horse, I'll get on a horse... I think ;0)

  8. That first barn looks like it will fall down in a heavy wind. I know it would here. I have never lived in such a windy place. Ha. I like old barns too, Cinner. Tell your sister that you can never get enough pictures of old barns.

  9. hi, you have nice blog.. u can view also mine..

  10. Old barns, old buildings, old machinery -- very wabi sabi! Beautiful!

  11. looks like a wonderful drive. really wonderful.

  12. Char, yes just a bit too

    Debra, wabi sabi. lol have a great day.

    Joven, thanks for the visit, I will check out your blog, take care.

  13. TechnoBabe, you know even when they look like that, I find that the old buildings were built so well, they will still be standing in quite a few years....just steadily weakening as if breath were being sucked from them....We have had tornados here....they would not stand a chance...Years ago one of the neighbors had his barn lifted and moved about fifty feet. I remember all of the neighbors getting together to get it back to the foundation....nobody else had any damage....things that make me go hmmmmm.

    ED, You will be the first one to call for sure. have a great weekend. I would love to know whom lived in all the buildings. I have very little interest in new buildings....hmmmm. hugs.


    Great pictures - I love traveling about with you and your Sis :-)
    love you
    pece and hope....

  15. Hi Gail, thanks, I don't think I am going any where else for the summer. hope you are doing okay. take care my friend.

  16. really great shots here. i love old barns.

  17. i'm so glad you love the old abandoned buildings like i do....not everyone does you know :)

  18. Beth, following your blog Beth have made my love for them deepen. I still believe my favorite is from my photographer friend that hangs in my living room. She is one of the best. I think you know her. lol. I just can not imagine anyone not loving them. have a great week.

    Kammana, thank you, Oh me too. I am not a big fan on new houses, maybe that would change if I had a new one.

    Brian, you are so right, they echo with many stories. Have you been horseback riding before.

    Kathie, I am thinking maybe you found that property you were looking for before. you are exuding with excitement. stay off the horses we don't want you ending up in a wheelchair my friend. I hope some day you can make a trip up here...all the best, so nice to hear from you.

    Spotted wolf, plantations in Georgia, hidden cellars, wonder they have remained fresh in your memory all these years. take care. have a great week.

  19. Jackie it seems quite a few of us have the same weakness....oh I hope I do make it on a horse, bare back if I am riding on the waters edge. I think this would be fabulous....such a dreamer I am. and of course right into the sunset. will you join me....

    SueAnn, Thank you for the kind words on my photography.Have a great week.

    Anne, nothing like a pro with a point and shoot. lol. hope you have a better week. take care.


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