Saturday, June 26, 2010

Flowers, Turkey Legs and Holding Hands!

Hubby came home with these from the grocery store last night,
I was thrilled, even without any editing they are very very pale,
kinda like my legs in the summer.
I can wear tank tops and get a nice upper body tan,
but those legs of mine must be covered by enough shade
so they stay turkey leg white, but that is not all
white legs with cellulite, oh yeah baby,
now theres what I am talking about,
If anyone ever wants a picture of a turkey leg and you don't have one.
Just call, you can have a choice of the right or the left.
Gosh it is easy to get off track today,
I used to always take daisies when I was young and foolish,
and would go he loves me, he loves me not, he loves me,
What silliness......
I would not destroy a beautiful flower doing that anymore,
unless it were a bouquet of dandelions!
Although in a strange odd way they are pretty too,
the city no longer sprays for them.
I have one of those tools,
you put it over the flower, step on it, pull the handle towards you,
and voila you have the flower and the root.
Years ago early spring just as the dandelions would be coming up,
my Dad and us kids would go dig up the roots for a salad.
I have to be honest I never did acquire a taste for them,
But he always thought he had something.
It is a good memory now

These are coming up all over the yard,
they grow wild in my garden 
they are solid yellow and some are solid orange.
I was surprised my little point and shoot camera
got all of what to me looks like fuzz.
There must be a name for it.

Here is some proof that every once in a while some work still gets done around here,
when I cut it I go the length of my grass from my pink bench and back,
then I rest, and this keeps up until I am done.
As you can see some days I get to supervise.

And here is one of my favorite views from the yard,
Since I took this photo  a few days ago, everything has grown so much,
so there will be more yard work to do.
Even though it takes me forever,
I love it, and thank goodness I do,
for it has brought me many hours of enjoyment and peace.
Well the sun is shining,
we had a huge wind storm last night,
so I got a wee bit of work to be doing!
Have a wonderful weekend,,,
also Happy 50th wedding anniversary to Beth's parents.
That always inspires me!
There is also nothing more beautiful than an elderly couple holding hands.
Do you agree, or am I just a sentimental gal with turkey legs.
Have fun!


  1. Cindy....I love the photography on the flowers that your hubby brought home. You did a GREAT job photographing those.
    Your garden is so pretty....and I'm glad that you were supervising in that shot of the lawn being tended...or we wouldn't have gotten that great photo!

  2. Jackie, I have been thinking about you lots, I tried to access your blog this am, have you been busy, feeling okay, and thank you for the nice comment about the photography. I really do enjoy it. It is beautiful here other than the wind, so much rain, it is flooding where my Mom is...just starting too. had it happen once before. hope you are well, like I said I think of you often. hugs and have a great weekend.

  3. Hi Cinner, Hope you are feeling strong and healthy this weekend. Your pictures are nice, I like your yard.

  4. Great photos Cinner, we had thunder/lightening last night but only for about 10 mins. you must be South West of me as they have got a lot more rain than Morinville. It is another beautiful day today... enjoy your weekend my friend, love your garden....:-) Hugs

  5. Your place of peace is lovely! I'm glad you are able to enjoy it and also keep it up! Have fun turkey! Gooble gooble!! I'm just thankful that my legs can still carry me about no matter how they look! :)

  6. Your back yard is lovely -- it looks like a real sanctuary!

  7. Gotta love them turkey legs!! LOL!! Your yard looks fabulous!! And there is nothing that warms the heart more than a good looking man working in the yard in the summertime!!!

  8. I love your colorful bench with the draping vine,'s just the picture of summer. You have a lot of interesting things to view!

  9. Hey Cinner! There you are!!!! I've been trying to comment on your other blog for the past few days with no success. When I click to leave a comment I only bet the bottom half of the comment box and not the top so the curser doesn't appear and I can't type a comment. I have no idea why and I haven't come across this one before. So I'm sorry for being MIA. I can and have left comments on your next older post once you post a new one-- the comment box of an older post works find after a new post is up.

    Anyway, I'm here and I'm reading and I'm cheering you on and I LOVE the Bridge of Love idea.

    xo jj

  10. lovely garden there and yes, i still like making wishes on dandelions. and we certainly won't compare whiteness of legs! LOL

  11. What a beautiful yard you have... I love seeing so much green turkey legs ;0) (I couldn't resist!!)


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