Friday, June 25, 2010

My Day

I worked in my yard today,
or should I say I played,
gardening to me is so relaxing,
My sister in law came over for an early cup of coffee on the patio,
I am always glad for the company,
She plays ball in the same league as my husband,
actually one division lower.
She grew up with five brothers,
and I have to say she is a tom boy through and through,
She has two boys of her own.
One is a Scientist studying the shrimp on the bottom of the ocean.
This is his second trip, last time in Gwam and now in Indonesia.
He is such a pleasant young man, we really get along with him.
When we put our new fence in a few years ago he was only too glad to come and help us.
Anyway after our visit, well I was played right out,
all I had done was visit and have a coffee.
She tries very hard to understand my illness and is getting better at realizing what I can and can not do.
so once again it was naptime.
I set my alarm for an hour and woke up four hours later.
Oh by the way I am a sound sleeper,
then I got up had supper and did a bunch of weeding my flowerbeds.
Tonight it was so peaceful in the yard, my dog Kula followed me where ever I went.
He is always great company, he is never very far away.
Hubbys team won the ball game so he was a happy camper when he came home.
He fell asleep within two minutes of going to bed,
and I tossed and am turning so indication that I am overtired.
Tomorrow I am going for lunch with a friend,
I also have company arriving late Friday evening.
So I  may not be around much the next few days,
be well and try to have your very Best day.


  1. i always wake up 15 mins before my alarm is supposed to go off and end up being frustrated for having lost 15 mins of sleep :)

  2. I love playing in the yard too. Very relaxing!! My house has been full these last three weeks. I have two of my grandchildren visiting. We are having so much fun but it is tiring!! Now my DIL is here as well and soon my son and another grandchild will be showing up! Wowzers...I will be zonkers by the time everyone goes on Sunday!!
    Sounds like you will be busy too...enjoy your company!!

  3. We haven't used an alarm in years. It would probably frighten me to have an alarm jar me awake. I quit work last November, but didn't use an alarm. I would wake in time to get ready for work every morning. You must have needed that four hours sleep for sure.

  4. sounds like a good visit and a good nap. always excellent things. i miss taking a nap in the afternoon - i used to do that when i lived alone.

  5. Have fun, Cinner!
    I used to play outside too, but now I cannot garden that much due to my hands... I'd have to clean a bit and pull weeds now, even if I shouldn't. But no one does that for me... my Mom and hubby help when they can.
    I love to take a nap in the afternoon, and sometimes I do!! So I can work in the evening too.

  6. A good day still....Good days are GOOD!
    Have fun this weekend with your company and enjoy!
    Blessings and hugs to you!

  7. i love that you had a good visit and a lovely time in the yard. i love day's like this.

  8. you know....i think we should all take naps in the makes for less crabby people, don't you think :)
    hugs sweetie !
    have a great weekend !

  9. a blessed day indeed. I am so loving your background. wow.

    hope you have a great weekend, Cinner. you are a treasure.

  10. Taking naps is the BEST! I think we should all join you! Love, love, love what you've done with the's GORGEOUS!! You have such an eye for design...and what a beautiful photo! Have a terrific weekend!! You're in my thoughts. Love, Janine XO

  11. Sounds like you are busy, busy! ...

    Kula is such a cool name for a dog ;0)

  12. I hear the sad acceptance of your condition but the strength and fighting it to a draw and not giving up is far louder, you know?

    TechnoBabe and I have a nap most days, another spoony soft time together.

    Have a great weekend.

  13. ED. Kula means golden one in Hawaiian and Bullet in Polish,,,,of which we are neither, my niece picked the name...I wonder what nationality Max have a great weekend....oh I keep forgetting you don't have the same weekend. have a great couple of days. hugs.

    Janine, hi, the blog design is from bloggers new Design template, so easy to do now, I just picked the it really has nothing to do with me...but I like it too. Hope you are well, I always love seeing your smiling face. hugs.

    Se'lah, the background is one of the new designs from Blogger, all I did was pick the background. you can do so much with their templates now, but once you pick the new design then I can not get back to any of their old designs...but I did like this one. Big hug to you Se'lah, I know we are both troubled by all the saddness in the world. hugs, have a great weekend.

    Beth I certainly understand why their are siestas in some countries, but what do you call it if you have a siesta, in the am, and pm...the only thing I have come up with is too much wasted Just wondering if you got my email. take care

    Christina, yes me too. I have a friend coming from Arizona today. She is like a grandma to me, so I am quite excited about her coming and staying for a bit. She loves her tea and chatting, so we will have lots of laughs. keep doing what you do, you impress me everyday my friend. take care.

    Cora, thanks I will. If the sun shines I am going to wear flip flops all weekend and just sit in the yard and drink....tea with my English friend. Have a great weekend. I meant to tell you your header looks wow. hugs.

    Monica, our weather is so strange, my garden is looking like an overgrown jungle....really flowers, I find it soothing, I keep thinking I am going to cut back because I just can not do what I used to , can be frustrating at times, I am sure you know what I am talking about. I have heard of success with the operations, and then others where it does not work. I wish you pain free days. hugs to you, you are a treasure.

    Char,do you still have your dogs,,,I am not sure, Take a nap when you can, I am a firm believer in them, I guess I need them becausee of the Narcolepsy/Cataplexy...I think they should be mandatory....I used to have a 15 minute nap,,,long gone are those days. lol.have a great weekend.

    TechnoBabe, Every morning Wains alarm goes off for work, I have a conversation with him etc, he says goodbye and I am usually sleeping through all this. I never hear the alarm. Before I got sick I never needed one, now I will set them and like I said I sometimes hear them....My Dad always had a 15 minute nap after lunch, I would just fall asleep and he would knock on the door and say okay we gotta go back to work. he was a farmer and he would go from 5am to 9 pm most days, so I know why he needed his 15 minutes...well I picture you sitting and watching the birds having your coffee, it stormed again here last night,,,,Have a great weekend, Hugs

    Oh SueAnn, you made me laugh when you said you would be Zonkers...I totally understand that, you will need to rest up after all your company.

    Kamana, oh no, I lived with someone and when there alarm would go off, they would hit the snooze button, this could go on for an hour. it used to frustrate me because her alarm would ring every ten minutes....and well the only one that woke up was have a great weekend, so glad you are well. take care.

  14. James, yes life goes on and we deal with the cards we are dealt. All for you and TB napping in the afternoon. oh the life of luxury we
    have a great weekend. take care.

  15. I always love working in the garden but once I get started I can't stop leaving me tired when I come in side but always satisfied with the results. Enjoy your lunch date.

  16. Hi Cindy. I love your blog design....and...I knew that we had a lot in common....drinking water...enjoying the company of friends...
    AND.............Napping! I love to nap....and I nap for hours and hours!
    Many smiles to you my friend.


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