Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Sometimes you have to just let your hair down,
When life gets too serious,
there is nothing like being the oldest and putting cool whip in your hand and flinging it at the nephews,
Not only is there a look of horror and surprise but my oldest sister is the instigator.
I swear she was having more fun than the kids,
I loved to see her laugh like that,
I could not help but think that our parents would have been horrified to see us act like this,
sitting at our kitchen table was a much more serious event,
But they must of had a food fight  at least once in their lives.
The can of cool whip made that agghoogah sound as it oozed out of the can,
screams of laughter from the kids as they pretended to hate it,
but loving it at the same time.
It was like the sprinkles on the top of a cake.
Besides it was not my kitchen, heck I was hardly even involved,
and my oldest sister had not laughed like this since my Dad had passed away.
I think this was the release she needed,
We all laughed, we all cleaned, we all washed,
then the children left eight adults to a leisurely game of Dominoes,
When did it become that playing dominoes was fun,
and a little competitive,
and a first for me.
So my advice to anyone whom is feeling a little down,
do something silly or that you would not normally do,
let your hair down, throw off your bra or socks, 
and just have fun.....
the rest will take care of itself,
except the cleanup.
I hope you have your Best Day Ever!


  1. ha. that is great advice...i am all for silly...and we play dominos too...they can be fun...

  2. Did I need this message today or what! Love you!!

  3. Sounds like a lot of glad you were there to enjoy it......:-) Hugs

  4. love your advice here... silliness is a necessity in this life of ours!

  5. Love your fresh and summery :)

    Yes, silliness is good for the soul!

  6. What a fun time!! I haven't had a food fight in years!!! Good idea!! I am so glad you were able to visit me! I love when you visit. Makes my day so special!!
    You have a wonderful day yourself!
    Love you girl

  7. We play dominoes every day while we sit at the kitchen table for lunch. We laugh and play and have such a good time. The Cool Whip fight sounds like a blast! We don't ever have Cool Whip here, now what could we use instead?

  8. well throwing off that bra goes without question :)

    now i'm off to play like a kid !

  9. I'm throwing off my bra!!! Thanks for the laugh!

    Love your post on the color and your dad. Very nice!!!

    And yes, we would figure out how to handle the lizard if we saw one together. I think I would just stay on top of the desk and let you handle it!!

  10. Cinner, how nice to find you, too! I love your idea of lightening up and playing! We can all use more laughter, or being childlike. It is good for what ails us, for sure. Blessings to you.

  11. TechnoBabe and I saw the movie "Juno" today, and had a blast laughing in all the right places, and maybe some of the wrong ones, who cares? We also got to have dessert. That was fun, too.

    Thanks for dropping by and leaving the nice comment.

  12. sounds like fun!

  13. Kamana, Char, it really was, have a great weekend.

    James, I am probably the only one that has not seen the movie yet, but I will one of these days. take care, thanks for dropping by.

    Jan thank you, I think I need to act more like a child every day, at least all summer. have a great weekend.

    Lois, ha ha, let the Canadian girl do it. If I got to kill a lizard I am keeping my bra on. lol. thanks for the laugh today too. big hug to you.

    Beth, I think I should go sit on a swing and be three. Just one of those days.

    TechnoBabe, anything you can squeeze from a bottle, lord that leaves it wide open. I can't believe I had never played dominoes before, where they stack them on top of each other too.
    I would not mind doing this every day at all. so you and James playing dominoes and watching the birds, listening to James CD...It sounds pretty good to me. Have a great weekend.

    SueAnn, thanks for dropping by, you and your grandchildren should have a food fight or water balloons, but you seem to be having lots of fun, you made me think of my niece and I doing paper mache. I think it would have been similar to making your paper,,,,a mess.///lol have a great weekend. take care.

    Caroline, thanks, I downloaded Google Chrome and that sure made things quicker...since the new design everything had been so slow. take care, and have fun.

    Shadow, Things have been so serious lately, maybe it has been me. I think I need to let my hair down.....Do you need long hair for this. lol. Have a great weekend. hugs.

    Bernie, yes me too, it was fun...what weather Bernie, thunderstorms and heat, my yard is so green, not a lot for flowers at all. take care.
    hope you are well and having a blast. hugs my friend.

    Holly, oh I am glad to have made sense to someone today. Is hubby coming home, I hope you are doing fine. I love that blog you mentioned today, oh her garden....swoon. hugs to you my friend.

    Brian, silly and more silly, heres to many more hours of domino playing. have a great weekend, be well.

  14. Hello dear sister, I too had thought it was so nice to see our sister laugh like that, and yes our parents would have been horrified. It is so nice that we can be silly and have some fun. we only live once. I hope your lunch went good today. luv U


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