Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Home At Last Without the Beaver!

I arrived back home safe and sound today, and even though the house looks like a hurricane
has swept through my home, when I walked through my door such a peace
came over me. I am always like this when I return home.
I had only intended to be home for my Mom at the end of May,
as my dad has been gone for one year.
My Mom, my older sister and I sat around and talked about old memories
and we were all okay as could be. It was harder than I thought but we 
all managed. It really has been nice to see my Mom emerge from all of this,
with more grace and strength than I could have ever imagined.
She put us to work when we got home,
oh yes she did, and we were not done our tasks until she said we were done.
How I laugh about it now, but I did have a bit of a melt down,
We helped her with her flower beds, and planting, and I say this once again,
She works way too hard, OMG. When I would get tired I would just  head off
to lay down....My family is pretty good with my condition, I did have a bit of a time
with my Cataplexy. You can only stay emotionless for so long, and we laughed so hard,
I was falling down quite a bit, but then I would sit.......
Here is a true story that happened when I was home.
My Mom, sister and I were all sitting down having supper,
eating, laughing and enjoying ouselves.
All of a sudden my Mom says, What the hell is that?
So we jump up. all of us look at the same time,
And I say, It is a beaver. In all the years on the farm
we have never had a beaver walking down the sidewalk like he belonged there.
So not thinking I grab my camera, Oh yeah I am going to take a picture,
and I am thinking what would my friend Beth do? Well she would get close,
so I acting like a tracker was stalking the beaver and lost sight of it.
Now I am thinking, Sure send the woman with Cataplexy to go take the picture,
If I see him and get close I will probably fall down, and I have to tell you at this point
the image of a beaver chewing on any part of me scared the crap out of me..
oh I think I see him
What the heck am I doing on the ground,
Aw he got away,
My sister says did you get him, did you get a shot,
And now I am in hysterics and do you know how hard it is to get up
when every time you laugh you fall down
I hear my Mom say, girls, girls, be careful out there,
Your going to hurt yourselves....
Gee Mom where were you 5 minutes ago,
Well she was cleaning up the table after supper.
Oh yeah so much for rescuing me
We enter the house and she said
You did not let him get away did you?
My sister and I looked at each other and burst out laughing,
Just pick me up and don't say a word, I am thinking to myself.
With that they tucked me in bed for the night
Not one picture of the beaver,
Next time I will let them go and I will clean the darn dishes.
And with that I fell asleep for more than twelve hours.
We did not see the beaver again
Many more stories to tell,
my younger sister is out of the hospital
and she too is at home safe and sound.
Thanking any of you  whom had her in your thoughts.
I hope you are all well,
and I hope you have 
Your very Best Day!.


  1. smiles. i am glad you can laugh about the beaver episode...sounds like you had some fun between the work...welcome home...

  2. Welcome home, that first year is always so hard and it will get a bit easier, you will always have painful moments though no matter how many years pass. So nice you were all together and you also helped your mom. Glad you younger sister is doing better as well.
    Rest up my friend......:-0 Hugs

  3. Yeah yeah the big one that got away story. Seriously, I hope next time you do hand the camera to them. You can't be falling down like that. Glad you had such a good time and are now home.

  4. hehehehe - that beaver is probably off somewhere talking to his mates and having a giggle about the lady with the camera ;0)

  5. That beaver probably wanted to take a pic of you!! I am glad you had a wonderful time and are now home to relax. Sounds like Mom put you through some paces there!!
    Welcome home dearest one!!

  6. Hello, sister city blogger! Small world, isn't it? I'm glad we found each other's blogs!

  7. Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog and I'm so happy to have found yours.

    Your blog is utterly enchanting and I loved reading about your visit and beaver adventure. Laughter surely is best for the soul. I'd say cherish that wonderful family of yours as long as you can but I've no doubt you already do.

    Looking forward to future visits.

  8. Cinner you are too funny for your own good...I love your attitude and your stories!

  9. Wanda, actually sometimes I am. Thank you so much that means a lot. glad you are well, hugs until next time.

    Sharon, thank you so much for your kind words. I do cherish the family I have, love visiting them but always glad to get back to my own home.
    I am always popping in to see what is new on your blog. love it, until next time.

    Debra, it is a small world for sure. Excited our paths have crossed. hugs.

    SueAnn, For sure, ha ha...I did have a nice time, in all honesty it was really tiring. It is hard keeping up with my 67 year old Mom. She even took us out to a Sammy Kershaw concert, We met up with a bunch of her lady friends. Sat with Mom on one side of me and my sister on the other, in case I was startled and fell over. I am always nervous on an outing and done for the day after. all went great though. it was something different and fun....I love his song....She don't know she is beautiful. Glad to read that you are having so much fun. take care. missed you. hugs.

    ED, oh for sure laughing their beaver butts off about the strange lady scaredy cat. thanks for all your visits. you mean the world to me. take care.

    TechnoBabe you made me laugh...It kind of sounds like one of those fish stories, he was how big 5 pounds, no fifteen! Next time they gotta chase it down for sure. lol. thanks for all your feedback, your friendship means a lot to me. take care....I am glad there was not a printing error this morning. I think that would have been more than I could have handled. hugs to you.

    Bernie, your right it will always be hard, but at least all the firsts are out of the way for us. I will show you what we did to help my Mom on one of the posts soon. I was so glad to read how busy you have been,,,,you are a love.

    Brian, I did enjoy myself between the work and the naps, even went to a sammy kershaw concert. One of my favorite songs is she don't know she is beautiful. I do have to admit I don't do well in crowds, as I never know what will make me laugh and my Cataplexy is always worse in the evening because of being tired. I am glad I ventured out with them though. Thanks for all your comments Brian, I love your visits. you are a kind man.
    take care.

  10. oh you just made me laugh with your beaver story....they are really fast and i can totally understand why you didn't get a photo.....

    i'm glad you're home :)

  11. Beth, so glad you popped by. take care my friend...I was thinking of you as I was lurking amongst the cariganna trees. be well.


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