Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ooops, I Forgot!

I am sitting here listening to the rain overflowing 
from the eves that have filled with seeds from the elm trees.
The grass is lush and green and overgrown.
My plants and seeds have all been sewn,
except for two boxes I managed to save from my trip home.
I remember today as I looked at these,
that this year I planted no sunflower seeds.
I see their beauty early in fall
and they sometimes can grow up to fifteen feet tall.
So I will plant some on the weekend
and wait for the flowers to bloom.
The birds will love me as they pick away,
Bright yellow will arrive, be it flower or the sun,
the rain will stop and then begins the fun.
May you have your very Best Day Ever!


  1. smiles. i hope you have your best day ever as well...sunflowers are so pretty...i imagine the birds will love you...

  2. I grew sunflowers last year too...this year... there's only one coming up from where the birds dropped a seed!


  3. Love your sunflower photo (and I know that Gail will love it too!).....and...I've just gone back and read the post about the beaver. Cindy, you had me laughing....and I am so glad that you have the great sense of humor that you do. I had a picture in my mind of the beaver taking a photo of you...and I smiled again. I love your spirit....your get up and let's go again spirit, my dear friend. I'm afraid that if we were together, there would be a lot more of those times. You continue to smile and make me smile. I send you hugs and love...

  4. Oh I love the brightness and happiness of sunflowers! Must have some of those!
    Have a great day love!

  5. sunflowers are so bright and happy - i saw my first ones yesterday

  6. i adore sunflowers... i adore you. : )

  7. We put sunflowers in our homemade bird feeder and watch the birds crunch the seeds so they can get to the kernels inside. They sure go for them in a big way. Sunflowers growing tall and strong reign supreme in a garden I think.

  8. Such a beautiful, sunny photo...with an even more beautiful poem! You are so talented, dear Cinner!!! I LOVE, LOVE this!! You have brought huge smiles to my face today! Thank you with all my heart!!! Love, Janine XO

  9. Oh Janine you are such a love, thank you for being so kind.

    TechnoBabe, I agree with you, I have planted them every year since we have beeen in our house, about ten years. I will never tire of them. glad you are well.

    Christina, right back at you my friend.

    Char, they don't bloom here until much later, I have tried to start them from seed, I have no luck unless I seed them in the ground after the last frost. glad you saw some today.

    Debra, I really love any flower that is a bright yellow, but they are one of my favorites. have a great weekend.the weather is supposed to be wonderful. enjoy.

    SueAnn, you too, I am enjoy the progress of your WIP. You put alot of hours into some of your works. I think you are a brillant artist. take care.

    Oh Jackie, I can tell how much fun you would be just by the smile on your face, msybe we would both be falling down,.. lol...I am glad I made you smile....have a great weekend.

    Wanda, I have to throw seeds in every year, I would love it if they grew wild for me. Nothing more beautiful than a field of sunflowers. take care.

    Brian the birds love me here, I have stopped feeding the blue jays because oh they can be nasty if you forget their peanuts....the neighbors don't like to wake up at 4 am if there is none out there. and they don't even eat the peanuts, they just take them, I find them hidden all over my yard. I hope you enjoy your weekend. be well.

  10. I missed you too!!!!!! Sorry Cinner, my headache + hectic life couldn't allow me to be as present as usual.
    I love sunflowers to pieces, I have tried several times to grow them, but no luck! A few weeks ago I've been given a tiny plant and guess what?? I now have my first sunflower blooming!!! Can't believe that. I think I'll get more plants next week ;)


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