Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What's With That?

The glorious sound of the magpies woke me up this morning at some early hour before ten am.
Caw, Caw, caw, and another one going caw caw harmoniously.
I sat up, pulled my CPAP machine off my head, it is for sleep apnea.
But in the morning wearing it, with hair all in disaray, trying to shake the cobwebs off,
all the while wondering what the hell is going on outside.
I don't swear very often, but I had to today!
And there sits my cat Stinky,
calm as can be looking outside the window,
her tail swaying side to side,
sitting contently watching.
We leave the screen open so she can go in and out,
so out she went.
Great, now some peace,
All of a sudden I hear bang and in comes the cat banging into the window
but thankful to be in, I think she almost lost one of her nine lives.
I go to grab her and Mr. Magpie swoops at the window,
Oh Lord, this is something right out of a horror movie.
I fall back to the bed having had a Cataplexy spell,
but it does not last very long.
I lunge for the window and slam the screen shut.
What a relief.;
The cat lays on the bed as if to say Thanks for saving me.
So a little time passes no sign of the Magpies,
no sound of them either.
and Stinky is back at the window meowing to go outside.
Okay the coast must be clear.
As soon as she was out the window 
I spotted one flying up from the ground and the other was sitting on the satellite dish
at the next door neighbors.
I kid you not,
my cat is sitting on the fence,
a magpie swoops down on each side of her,
The cat jumps straight up in the air,
hangs onto the fence with her two front paws
and then leaps through the screen opening.
Amongst all of this was the caw, caw, caw 
of the two demonic magpies.
I had closed the screen, shook my head and thought to myself,
Those crazy  nasty mean --vultures--,,,,I mean magpies!
I ate lunch then I decided to take a nap as I usually stick to a schedule
because of my condition of Cataplexy.
The screen is closed, The cat has settled beside me.
I put my CPAP on, I close my eyes.
Deep breaths, meditate, getting sleepy,
Caw, meow, phst, caw, caw,
My eyes flashed wide open and now I see the same Magpies
chasing another cat in the nieghborhood.
Have they all gone insane or have I finally lost it myself.
I was no longer in any mood for these pests from hell,
So picture me, Cpap is off, Orange clogs go on,
I open my door, like what was I going to do,
SHHHSH them away., or spray them with a watergun.
Really what was I thinking?
I looked around, did not see anything.
Hours later at 8 p.m. I can still hear them outside,
My cat is still at the window.
The caw, caw, caw, is getting further away,
and for this I give thanks..
Do you have any crazy bird stories for me.
I would love to hear them.
I mean hear about them!
I hope you have a great day.
Take care,


  1. oh my...that is crazy....luckily my cat just messes with the deer...and they are fairy scared of her...there was the time she was attacked by an alligator...still cant grow hair on her back legs and i think she used up 8 lives that day...

  2. Magpies are always trouble! Beautiful birds, but trouble! Last summer we had two living in our front yard tree and they woke us up every morning around 4:30 a.m. . . . Thankfully, they didn't return this year.

  3. Debra, did you send them in my direction...lol.

    Brian, oh no alligators and cats, I don't think the outcome would be too good. Have a good night.

  4. This sounds like a story straight from Alfred Hitchcock....must have scared you to death!
    I have a bird story for you...but it concerns my hubby, Jack. He went to a school to work on getting computers set up in a classroom, and a Mama Mockingbird would NOT let him in the building. She swooped straight for him...for his EYES! He swung at her with his keys...dodging her...and was afraid of her. He phoned me later and I said, "Afraid of a BIRD?" He said, "YOU didn't see her...hear her...and feel her flying and pecking at you!" I asked him if she 'let him out of the building.' He said, "I didn't eve TRY to go out of that door. I snuck out the back way!" I laughed. I said, "It was only a Mockingbird!" He said, "You don't know how mean she was....and she remembers me!!"
    Birds can be ferocious when protecting the nests with their babies in them.
    I send you hugs an love, Cindy.

  5. Oh my I would have been scared to death!! I wonder if they will be back tomorrow!!

  6. You know that I have crazy bird stories coming out of my ears.... ;0)

  7. I wish I had a good bird story! But this just made me laugh...thank you for that. I really needed that tonight :) xoxo

  8. Here we have large ravens and they tease the dogs. They sit on the fence posts and act like they are not paying attention. The dogs sneak up to snatch the bird and the raven flies up into the air at the last possible second. Cawing their glee!! This goes on for several minutes. the dogs don't want to give it up and the ravens love the game. HA!
    Your magpies are quite the characters!!

  9. Birds can be so clever and devious. We sit in the kitchen at the table and spend hours watching the birds and all their antics.

  10. Oh nooooo...was kinda funny though..but wow I would have been annoyed too..Poor kit..can't even go in his own yard! Those magpies are big too!! Hope things calm down soon!!
    Hugs, Sarah

  11. Sarah, no wind of them here today, we did see a little magpie further down the street with the two magpies, at least they are leaving my cat alone....it was quite the day....first thing hubby said last night when he got home, magpies sure are noisy. I just about hit him with the broom.....lol.

    TechnoBabe, I know some of them are terrible, I love birdwatching, they have all our pets habits down, I stopped having fish in the pond too. I am hoping for more songbirds, I put out finch food but not a one yet....take care my friend.

    SueAnn, I guess who knows what we would do if we were birds, probably the same thing....lol. now there is a vision,. take care, hope you had a good day.

    Caroline, oh glad you are in better spirits. You would really have laughed if you would have seen this. I needed you to take pictures...you would have got them good. take care.

    ED, That I know,,, I need a Max to tangle with them....lol. have a great day.

    Gayle, I lucked out, there was just a few minutes this am, I do believe they were protecting a little magpie,,,,,that or magpies on steroids....lol. take care.

    Jackie, I can just see you going AFRAID OF A BIRD, HA, poor Jack. I am pretty sure that is what the magpies were doing, I am glad I was not outside, I will never forget the look on my poor cat...Yesterday it was scary, today a little funny. I hope you are well. Hugs to you.

  12. birds do frighten me sometimes - sounds like have some hitchcock birds on your hands.

  13. Char this was really bizarre, My hubby found a little magpie walking down the sidewalk about two houses down, so they were protecting their young. My cat was not too keen on going outside today. lol. take care.


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