Friday, July 16, 2010

Holy Cow

Lord love a duck,
With all the rain we have gotten and then hot weather,
more rain,
I swear it is like a dungeon out there.
I like wildflowers, 
if you could see my whole yard at once,
you would tell me I need to hire a gardener,
Unfortunately my gardener is the same as the cleaner,
domestic engineer, cook and chief bottle washer
whom has Narcolepsy/Cataplexy
and she might just be asleep at the moment. lol.O.K  she also is the typist. 
I transplanted this lovely Lily from my Moms
garden sometime the first week of 
I did not think that it was going to bloom,
It is beautiful 
and more to come..
We do need less rain 
as some are dying already
since there has been so 
much rain,
I had to tie a bunch of them up tonight, that have been pelleted by the wind and rain. 
My clematis is so pretty,
but the weather has started to affect them too.
Many more blooms to come.
So that is a bit of a walk 
through the yard,
and that is where I will be all weekend.
Hubby is working so I  will get more done this way.
Have a wonderful weekend.
May the sun shine for you,
May you be happy and healthy.


  1. what gorgeous color!! beautiful

  2. Tell your gardener that she's doing a great job!
    Typing too, eh?
    Pretty flowers!

  3. Such a beautiful garden. I will look forward to seeing more of your gorgeous plants and flowers
    Thanks ever so much for sharing!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. You have got a beautiful garden Cinner! And the grass is so so green. The heat did 'burn' almost all the grass in our garden, it has got the 'Kenya' look ... oh well, will have to wait till next year for the fresh green ... you too enjoy your week end! hugs.

  5. it already blistering hot here today...and humid...going to be a long one but i have to work so i will be out in it...that lily is have a wonderful looking yard. thanks for taking us for the walk.

  6. Oh yeah, you already know how I like your yard. I am comfy visiting in your yard. Your statues and the design and landscaping is very nice. Don't work too hard, my friend. If the humidity at your place is anything like it is here, I would say don't go outside.

  7. give that gardener of yours a raise !
    i think she's great !

  8. Awwww...your garden is beautiful! I sometimes wish my yard was small so I could keep up with it! Oh well....I'll just enjoy yours!
    Happy Weekend!

  9. You have a lovely garden Cinner, it looks well cared for!

  10. Your garden looks fabulously green. Love it :0)

  11. wow what a little paradise you have there so green and lush. What a problem too much rain wish we had that one to handle. The lily is amazing so red gorgeous. show us more won't you!! Please

  12. Gorgeous photos. Your gardener deserves a raise. :))


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