Monday, July 19, 2010

I am one lucky Gal!

Oh Jeepers I thought this was gonna be a picture
You never know what you will find on her blog,
but I will tell you this,
everything always looks good over there.
Sarah is a very talented artist and photographer.
She is the Leader of an Arts Group,
runs e-classes, has five children, etc.
I swear she is so busy and accomplishes so much
that I am always commenting on how she gets so much stuff done in one day.
I recently won her giveaway and I was so excited.
Today it arrived by UPS.
Thank you Sarah,
I was so thrilled to open your treasures,that now are my treasures. 
There were 4 beautiful cards made from her photography,
My camera does absolutely no justice to her work.
I am such a nature lover so I was thrilled to receive these.

Is this not the funnest thing,
I can not help but smile at this print of her artwork.
I don't think she knows that I really love sunflowers and ladybugs,
I will be placing this in a frame in my kitchen.
Every morning when I grab my coffee,I will start my day off with a smile. 
And look at this, it is going in my  kitchen too.
Again when I look at this I just feel happy,
and want to go outside and play in my garden.
I think the colors are fabulous and they will look great 
up against my bamboo wallpaper.
Sarah has already started getting ready for Halloween
doing some amazing artwork.
It is her favorite Holiday, so you will want to check out her Etsy site.
And I have to say when I saw this,
I thought Wow,
such intricate detail.
It is absolutely gorgeous,
the size is about 4 x 4
I showed it to my husband and he said,
"Look at the lines, they are perfect."
Now this is coming from a man whom would not notice if I colored my hair,
so to hear him say this confirms to me what a great artist she is.
But I already knew it.
So Sarah, thank you so much. You need to know these pieces of 
Art will be treasured every day.
Thank you again, I consider myself so very blessed.
Please  go have a visit, You will love her blog.
And you will love her.
Have a great day everyone.
May the sun shine and May you have
Your Best Day Ever.


  1. Sarah is a wonderful artist. And what's not to love about a handsome guy in a skirt?

  2. Cinner, these gifts are beautiful and suit you so very well.....congratulations. Now I am going to check out your friend's site....:-) Hugs

  3. Wow, you are a lucky gal!!

  4. Congrats on your winnings! Everything is fabulous! And that first photo...sigh!!

  5. SueAnn, thank you, and he is the dreamiest, he has the nicest smile. sigh is right. have a great day.

    ED, Are they not fabulous. I was thrilled, it felt like Christmas around here.

    Bernie, thank you, have a wonderful day Bernie, it is supposed to be 30 on the weekend. Won't that be wonderful. hugs.

    Debra, she is wonderful, she is very kind too. You know I have never seen the movie Gladiator, I may just have to now. have a great day. take care.

  6. these are beautiful...will have to check out here other stuff...and it seems you are one lucky woman. smiles.

  7. I am so glad you are the one who one the beautiful art on Sarah's blog. It is like these particular pieces were custom made just for you. Congrats to you.

  8. Awwwww thank you so much hon...I am so touched! I love sending my work off to someone I know will love it! Your words...well I gotta say..totally made my year..thank you hon :)
    Thank you for pimping my blog too ..giggle...and with the delicious picture of Mr. Butler..there is nothing like a good kilt...Whoot!
    You are a joy hon... I am blessed to know ya and it was a pure joy to send off the treats to you!
    Hugs and love, Sarah

  9. Wow....she is one very talented lady!! Lucky You!
    Have a blessed week! =0)


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