Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I Need To Get Out More!

Hey There,
pleas excuse my dirty windows.
Between the dog licking them and the cat
scratching at the glass trying to get out,
it should be a daily task,
but it's not,
but if I know your coming,
especially my Mom,
I will do a major clean..
Things You May Want to Know About Me.
I like my alone time, more and more as I get older,
But I think I could easily become a Hermit,
I work very hard at not turning into one
and force myself to go out.
I love to Kareoke (spelling)
Favorite Song. to sing..Get Here by Oleta Adams
My Wedding Song, Walk Through This World With Me.
I have three tatoos., two are of flowers, birds and rainbows,
the third is a Geisha lady walking over a bridge on my back.
It was a phase(note to self....I should not have married the tatooist, we later divorced.
There was much happiness, joy and dancing amongst my family members....
I Changed my name back to my Maiden name two days after we split up.
I knew I could be strong with my own name.
I grew up in a Catholic household and I managed a Love Shop for six years.
Not once in six years did my family ask how my job was,
except for my Grandma....
She said, Dear, what do they sell in that store of yours,
I said well lotions and potions, lingerie, books,
and other interesting stuff for couples that are exploring their sexuality.
(I could not say too much, I sure did not want to be responsible for her having a Heart Attack)
She then said, Well I don't know what the big to do is all about then.
Hah, Bless Her Little Heart.
There was much happiness, joy and dancing  amongst my family
when I left that job.
I am a free spirit, somewhat of a Camelian, and love to laugh.
I don't believe in wasted time, The past is a step to your future,
and somehow you get to where you need to be.
When I married my second and current husband,
There was much happiness, joy and dancing amongst my family.
He truly is the Love of My Life.
He is My Forever,
I loved working in the Optical Field,
especially with the Gift of Sight Program.
Please donate old your old glasses to a Vision program.
I am quite Spiritual, very seldom go to church,
but he is here with me every day and I am a believer.
My husband and I say our prayers together every night as we lay in bed.
I am short round and cute, and he is tall, thin and handsome.
The thing that makes me swoon the most is someones smile, eyes, a deep voice.
A deep voice makes my knees weak.
Well I have probably bored you enough for one day.
Today I am going to get out in my yard,
Friends are Coming Over.
One is bringing Sushi,
So we will have a visit, a lot of laughs, so I sit down when they are here.
They understand my Cataplexy and what I go through.
I know it is hard for them to see me fall, or have my head drop when we laugh,
But we all agree a life without laughter would not be much of a life at all.
So there will be much happiness, joy and dancing amongst my friends and I.
It might be my Best Day Ever.


  1. nice to learn more about you Cinner :-) I love your cat's eyes - they are just beautiful :-)

  2. have fun out there in the yard today...the way you describe yourself made me smile...esp the story about your gramma...haha. thanks for letting us see you. smiles.

  3. When I first came to this city from Winnipeg, I noticed that there seemed to be a Love Shop on every corner. Quite the contrast to staid Winnipeg, where there were only two or three in the entire city! I bet you have lots of interesting stories from working there.

  4. My hubby headed out to the garage today to get the broom so he could sweep the grass that is on the sidewalks and driveway from his weed wacking yesterday. Just as he got the broom it began raining. It is still raining. So probably no outside sweeping will get done today. I can picture out in your lovely yard though, putzing around and enjoying your time getting ready for your friends to come visit. I too like my alone time. It isn't like your alone time though. My hubby and I are not working so we are together most of the time. We aren't in the same room all the time though. We do get our individual quiet time. We can sit on the couch and each be reading and that is enjoyable. I like your description of you and your husband. Cute.

  5. oh yes, i think i could just melt with a deep sexy voice in my ear.

  6. OK...that was totally NOT boring!! I love that your Granny didn't think too much about you working in a "love shop." LOL...I have never heard it used in those words before. Like it! Anyway...would love to see that Geisha tat someday...I can't imagine if I married a tattoo artist...I'd be covered in tats!!!

    and yes...please be sure to download the invitation I posted today. :) xoxo

  7. Sounds like you are going to have a fabulous day! Love to see your tats?! And your grandma sounds wonderful!!
    Enjoyed getting to know you better!!

  8. Ha ha, you made me smile big! Poor Grandma of yours...
    And I liked when you said the past is a step to your future... so true. I somewhat needed to hear this tonight.

  9. I am still smiling at your post, it was great. I hope you day went as well as expected and you had many laughs with your friends.....:-) Hugs

  10. Bernie, I had a great day Bernie...went to do some work outside at about 430, no work got done because of thunder and lightning again. I swear it is a conspiracy or something to keep me out of my hugs to you my friend.

    Monica, glad if I could help...I believe that everything we do gets us to a certain point, and yes my poor Grandma....she was such a lady, her and her sister both lived until 93 and I never heard either of them swear. they were real sweethearts to me. thanks for the visit, hope you are well. hugs.

    SueAnn, I will get hubby to take pictures and I will post them soon. Grandma was wonderful, she did not know me at the end of her life anymore, but I would visit and hold her hand and she would tell us stories about her when she was younger, every once in a while, she would say and who are you people again. She lived until 93. awe of your artwork your working on.hugs to you my friend, I hope you have a great day. take care.

    Caroline, thanks for letting me print that up. I
    am going to put it in my computer room, I will show you the tatoo soon. That is the only one I never got finished....truth be known, it hurt like heck on my back...and then I got allergic to the red ink, so when I go out in the sun it raises....My niece always jokes that I will be the old lady in the nursing home with tatoos. cheeky little one she is. hugs to you.

  11. Kamana, oh yes swoon at a deep voice...they get me everytime. will be by to visit hopefully sometime in the next couple of days. take care.

  12. TechnoBabe, I find you and James to be a wonderful couple, you seem to really enjoy each others company. I wanted to sweep today too after my friends left but it started raining again. hoping tomorrow. take care and big hugs to you.

    Debra, the ones I managed were very tastefully done, but yes they seem to be on every corner. I can't even go into those ones, how is that for ironic....I do have lots of stories I could tell. I sure had a lot of laughs though. take care. those winters in Winnipeg can be tough ones. take care and thanks for stopping by. hugs.

    Brian, glad you came for a visit, my Grandma was a sweetheart, when she said that to me, I knew the rest of the family must have been talking up a storm. Silly it was a job. I enjoyed it while I was there...take care Brian, have a great week.

    Birdie, thanks, she does have the greenest of eyes. She is my little princess. Birdie I have been wondering, how did you get your name. If I am being nosy let me know. take care, thanks for your visit. hugs.


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