Thursday, July 22, 2010

There so pretty, There so pretty..........

This is a picture taken at the Bouchart Gardens in  B.C
It amazes me to think that a garden starts with one flower,
and over time can become such an array of color and beauty.
Hours of tender loving care,
weeding, watering and fertilizing, transplanting,
to create the perfect blanket of color,
so that as we gaze upon the color,
our eyes dance from one sense of awe to another,
excited for what is next,
right around the corner, or over the hill.
A flower garden is never complete,
there is always room for one more.
May you enjoy your day,
and take time to smell the flowers.
Until next time.


  1. it is a gorgeous to smell my flowers...smiles. have a wonderful day cinner!

  2. and I'm happy that we can enlarge your pictures! it would be a great back screen on the computer, have a lovely day :-)

  3. It is such a lovely place isn't it? I visited Bouchart Gardens a few years ago with my brother and sister-in-law. Gardens are lots of work but of course in that place there are plenty of gardeners working to keep it beautiful. We don't have flowers in this little house. If we stay here long enough I hope to get some things growing here. There are so many rabbits and squirrels though they might want to eat the flowers.

  4. Oh what a beautiful garden. And you are so right...a garden is a soothing balm to all our senses!! Sight, sound, touch!! Amazing!!
    You have a wonderful day Cinner

  5. Beautiful image. I was thinking that the flowers might just be looking back at us and smiling, too. Maybe even feeling our happy reactions to them, no?

  6. Birdie, go ahead and use it if you like, have a great day, take care.

  7. wonderful thoughts...just like anything - something wonderful often starts with one small thing.


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