Friday, July 30, 2010

I love Me a Ball Game and a Studdly Muffin!

A night at the ball field,
my nephew took this picture and even got the ball in it.

My sister and I made the long walk to the ball diamond,
I leaning on my cane for support,
her saying, just go slow,
we are getting there,
her boys were 
far ahead,
looking for their Uncle.
I got to the bench,
found a spot and sat quietly,
knowing how hard that had been for me.
No sight of Studdly Muffin, or Poohkey Bear,
as I sometimes refer to him.
Then I saw him running to make it there on time.
The boys came and sat with us.
I was smiling inside,
loving that my hubby loves his ball,
and it is just one more reason reminding me why I love him so.
He plays Short Stop or Third Base,
I love to see him throw the ball from third to first,
I love watching him run, oh my he has the best legs,
He gets up to bat and he waves to us,
I could tell how glad he was that we were there,
Not too macho to not wave in case he would be bugged,
he could care less.
Again I smiled,
I breathed in the fresh evening air,
listened to the comradery  between the guys,
explained the game to the boys,
and relayed the score to them over and over as it seemed to be the question of the night.
Hubby came and kissed us all after the game,
then he walked us all to the vehicle,
we would see him at home later,
they always have a visit after the game,
or talk about the game,
as long as they have fun
I will have to go watch Studdly Muffin again,
just another reason I still am in love.
Oh life can be so good sometimes.
As hard as it was for me to walk all that way,
I knew how much it meant to him me being there.
Inside I knew he was smiling too.
Have a great weekend,
I hope you have your
Best Days Ever.


  1. Sounds like a fun night. Surprised you didn't get rained on, we had a huge electrical storm here last night with tons of water. I hope you have a great weekend.......:-) Hugs

  2. smiles. too cute.

    love me some baseball as well...nothing like the smell of the park and good friends...not good friend smell....smiles.

  3. Sounds like your Studdly Muffin is a true Boy of Summer!

  4. you sure do have stuffy muffin !
    hug him and squeeze him and hold him tight :)

  5. It is so nice to read about you and your sister walking to the ball park and how much your husband likes you watching him play. You sound like you enjoy the fact that he is happy playing ball and even going with the guys after the game.

  6. What a fun evening!! You made your husbands day!!

  7. what a beautiful evening - so glad you got to be there.

  8. I would say that these are the good times!!

  9. SueAnn you are right, these are the good times, although tonight I am wore right out. lol.

    Char, me too, Sometimes when you have an illness, things become hard to do, but the more I keep trying I think the more appreciative I am of things. have a great weekend.

    Gayle it really was, he was happy we all were there. take care, hope you are well.

    TechnoBabe, I think we enjoy it as much as the other, I know it means a lot to him when I do go, the players are 5o to 83, can you imagine. Lots of them go south for the winter and play ball down there, we have not been so lucky yet, maybe in a few years...i hope you and James are having a wonderful weekend. we had just a horrible thunder storm last night, lost power and all. but it was fun with the boys here. take care.

    Beth, HE is a keeper, just like yours....I would stand in an airport with a sign too. hugs to you my friend. happy weekend.

  10. Debra, studdly muffin is just a boy of all seasons, anything sports related he is there. hope you are having a good time. take care.

    Brian, hi sometimes your too funny for words, but I knew what you meant. take care, have a great weekend.

    Bernie, we missed that one, it went right past us, however Friday night the thunder and lightning was so close, our power went out, we lit candles, one of the boys is scared of storms, so it was an experience. I will give you a call after they leave at the end of this coming week. Hugs to you.


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