Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Morning, so good to me!

Hi Everybody.
Another Monday Morning
and I have to say it happened again,
Your probably thinking what did?
The power line.
I did not even see it when I took this picture,
so when I was editing it,
I about rolled on the floor laughing.
I have talked about it before so if you have been following for long,
you know at least half of the pics have power lines in them.
This field just looks wonderful, 
I could go and run in this field, but I am not going to.
I am thinking of what a wonderful world we live in.
And yellow is such a happy color.
I feel so upbeat and positive this morning,
there is nothing that could change my mood.
I have learned this in my life,
overcoming obstacles is really living,
and every obstacle brings me one step closer
to where I am supposed to be at in my life.
There are no regrets about yesterdays,
no waiting for tomorrows, 
just living each day the best I can.
So I hope you have the brightest of days,
May you laugh and play like a child.


  1. We're so used to seeing power lines on the prairies that they're "invisible" to us now!

  2. Debra, I really believe that, but if I can miss a power line, what else am I take care.

  3. ha. i can hear the happy in your words...and it is a beautiful pic. powerpole and all...smiles.

  4. I too hear the happy in your words!!!! I am playing today...making art! I have a big smile on my face and this is a great day. Glad your day is terrific too!
    Hugging you

  5. This is still a lovely picture, and I didn't notice the power line .... had to back and look again and yup there is was......LOL
    So glad you are feeling so good......:-) Hugs

  6. The power line is ok.
    It is what it is!
    Still very pretty.

  7. I wonder, if you would not mention it, whether I would even notice it ... lol. The yellow is so powerful that it completely absorbs you ... I had the best day, playing all day long with my son :-)


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