Sunday, August 15, 2010

It Could Happen Like This.

Not too far in the distant future,
fall will have arrived,
it will not be soon enough for me.
There is so much I love about each season,
after given much thought there really is not one I enjoy more than the rest.
The dying of my summer flowers has me now waiting for the miracle of colors 
that will soon surround me as softly they fall from the trees,
falling, swaying ever so gently, towards the ground,
where they will lay as a blanket upon the once green grass.
If fall were here today I would take your hand in mine,
we would run down this path,
listening to the rustling of the leaves,
skipping, laughing and singing,
We would just enjoy the moment,
We would hear a branch snap in half,
we look and gaze into a pair of deep brown eyes
for only a second, then the dear springs forth and leaps away.
Breathless by that moment and eager for another we lingered,
and then were beckoned onward by the running water we could hear ahead,
With each step the noise becoming more clearer,
our walk had taken us to a path down by the water,
the fast running river surging past us leaving white caps on the water,
across the path on the other side was a picture perfect scene,
a beaver dam, the remains of chopped down trees sharpened like pencils,
and a sunset upon the water,
the smell is a rich dampness full of richness and life.
that may lay dormant until Springs has sprung again.
We now had to make our way back to the other end,
back up to where we were staying,
just at the base of the mountain,
we would have time later to talk,
for now we are enjoying the moment.
taking it all in.
Enjoy whatever your day brings your way!


  1. that sounds like an amazing day out...smiles. fall is my favorite as the crisp morning air...all the leaves changing days...ahhh...

  2. I love all seasons but Fall has always been my favorite, something very special about the crisp air, sunny days and leaves changing colors. I too have so many good memories of Fall.....:-) Hugs

  3. I am so loving the summer!! It makes me sad that it is ending...fall here is not so colorful and we never had green grass. Ha! I live in the mountains where the grasses are wild and dull in color and I am surrounded with evergreen trees. The summer brought us color in the wildflowers all around. (New Mexico) Dry and arid...hence no grass is green, really.
    But beautiful all the same and always unique!
    I do enjoy the crisp fall mornings though but our trees don't actually turn those gorgeous colors you get back east. I miss that too!
    Enjoy your day Cinner!!

  4. It is still definitely summer here, hot and humid but dry enough every few days to hang clothes on the line to dry. Lovely picture, and your vision of the autumn just around the corner is great.

  5. Cinner! I just posted about how much I love the Indian summer!! lol - I cannot wait for it to come :-) and thanks for your comment, it made me chuckle I do hope that the grass rug is a good sign, oh do we need that around here! hugs!

  6. So beautifully written Cinner. I love Indian Summer and fall. All the colors and rich smells. I time to harvest and change.

    BTW...LOVE your blog background!!! It's so fun!

  7. I so love fall. I love the colors changing. I love how God made the leaves and the flowers from summer to die but in a pretty way.

    LOVE your post on your stomach tests. VERY funny!!!

  8. Lois, thanks for visiting, you must be wanting to spend every moment with the Colonel, so thanks for taking the time to stop in. Fall is so beautiful, not that I could not handle a few more weeks of Summer, sometimes in September it can just be beautiful. Still have not got the results from my stomach test, but yes the laughter definately made it easier. take care hugs.

    Caroline, thanks the blog background is from Plumrose Lane. I like it because it is different. There are alot of us that really love fall. fall and change. hugs to you. I have been loving your stranger photos. be well.

  9. Birdie, I have to come check your post. This is my favorite place in the whole world. I guess such peace when I walk down that path, usually with cane in hand. There is a bench down by the water and I can sit there for hours. we are going there in October, I can hardly wait. I am coming to take a look at your blog...I hope it brings you luck. whatever it takes, a furry

    TechnoBabe, we could still get some summer, even our Septembers can be beautiful...the thunder storms this year have really done havoc in my yard. I usually have sunflowers in the fall, this year, one lone sunflower that looks like A charlie brown Xmas tree with no flowers,,,,a strong wind and well it will be gone. lol. I love the smell of clothes hung out on the line.
    have a great week. take care.

  10. SueAnn, I would love to see your area of the world. Beauty in its own right. I would miss the changing of the colors, but there would be so many new things to see. Hope you have a great week. My mission today is to get out for a walk, to forget about house work and to just enjoy the outdoors. hugs SueAnn, hope you are well.

  11. Bernie, fall memories, where I live there are old trees and the streets and sidewalks become blankets of leaves, now after bagging all those leaves I might grumble a bit, but it is so worth it. One of my favorite pictures is my nieces and nephews all covered up laying in the leaves, if I had a scanner I would show you. Have a great day Bernie, take care, hugs my friend.

  12. Brian, you make it sound beautiful, and ahhh I can hardly wait. take care Brian, be well. smiles.

  13. LOVE LOVE LOVE your new space here, I keep forgetting to say...i had to chuckle as Texas is FAR from fall ... but I do so love the feeling ~ elk


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