Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Need a Little Reinforcement!

I love this picture of this old barn,
representing many years where  I am sure it stood
tall and strong, providing shelter, protection from the elements.
I grew up with an old barn of similar character,
it's memories still linger.
to me this is not an old run down barn,
it just needs a little reinforcement,
a fixing of the edges, the foundation,
new paint,
it is doable, a lot of work, but not impossible.
So I like the barn have had a few bad years,
but oh was I happy today,
all my tests came in exceellent,
I was so relieved, I felt ten years younger,
no kidding,
God was holding my hand today.
So I am going to work really hard 
at getting into better physical shape,
which is the best way I can help myself.
So that was the best news I could of had,
relief, relief, relief.
As for my brothers stepson,
he is released from the hospital after his operation,
and will be having alot of physical therapy to regain some use in his hand,
thank you to everyone whom sent kind messages.
So it has been a rough couple of weeks,
I am planning on a peaceful relaxing evening,
I am so grateful and truly blessed.
Living my life to the fullest
is going to be worth the hard work.
Hope is a wonderful thing.


  1. That's wonderful news about your tests! Enjoy your evening. You deserve it.

  2. Glad you received good test results! And love that old barn -- very wabi sabi!

  3. yay! so great to hear the positive test results that is awesome!

    i love old barns as many stories...

  4. *happy dance* yay for the good test results.

  5. When I used to spend time worrying about something, even not getting good sleep and 99% of the time what I was worrying about would have been for nothing, it would be okay. I have learned not to have that worry in my life now. Not to that level anyway. Of course I have feelings and fears but they aren't running my life. I am so glad that the tests proved good for you and that you feel ten years younger.

  6. Cinner, I already told you on your other blog, but nevertheless I'm happy for your good results! Old barns are great, in deed so many stories ...
    love to you, hugs!

  7. That's wonderful news for you, Cinner. Winter is a great time to work on getting in shape!

  8. I am so glad to hear that you have been blessed with good news!! All the way around!! PTL!!!!


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