Friday, August 6, 2010

They jumped the fence.

When we moved into our home,
the next door neighbors yard was over run with flowers.
They cam in with a gas powered weed wacker,
It about broke my heart.
Over time though the flowers have seemed to make their way
into my  yard.
This year I have hollyhocks about 4 feet high.
So sometimes what seems to be a bad thing
can turn around and become a good thing.
I have fabulous wild flowers that grew in their yard that have made 
their way into mine,
it is like they walked right into the proper yard
where they will be loved, fed and watered
so sometime it is greener on the other side of the fence.
The kids that live there now are like grandkids,
too busy to take care of a yard,
so they lawn mow everything.
But what goes on in their yard is none of my business,
I see this beautiful summertime gifts from God,
that are not appreciated.
So when they make it to mine,
the flower lover in me can rest peaceful.
I hope you take time to smell the flowers today.
until next time,


  1. Now that is just so cool...the grass really is greened on your side of the fence. I love how they just picked up and moved over to a loving space. xoxo

  2. smiles. glad they escaped your way...i love wild flowers...

  3. They knew they'd be safe in your yard! I love hollyhocks -- one of my faves.

  4. Their loss is your gain. And ours because we get to see the photos.

  5. Oh I wish my neighbours were like yours (not really) they have such beautiful flowers and a garden to die for but they so deserve it as they are out there every day working it.
    Have a great weekend my friend.....:-) Hugs

  6. Beautiful! I love wild flowers and it is such a treat when they appear in my yard. Glad they have found a loving home to flourish in!

  7. I love the picture of sad flowers picking up and moving to a home where they will be loved.

  8. We noticed the new tenant of the house to the southwest of us chopping down a ton of the foliage between our yards. I politely asked if he was gonna chop it all down, and let him know we liked it there. Now the summer has come and with all the new growth we can't see his perfectly-mowed and never-used yard at all.

  9. I miss your garden. I miss all the treasures peaking out of every tree, I swear there's a new one every time I look. I miss talking with my friend and laughing so hard we're both begging each other to stop. I miss being treated like I'm special by my friends husband and being around two people who show me what love can be like. I miss...out...and that sucks.

  10. J.S. Neener oh I so miss you too. I miss our talks and laughs and our espressos and going to your book store. you know I love you, I wish you were closer, the boys and Laurie are leaving on Monday,
    I want to talk to you before you start your new job because the whole change we go again. lol. wE miss you and love ya big big time.
    Just imagine how much fun we will have when we finally do. Big hugs. we miss....out...and that sucks. love you bunches. big big huh to you and the Boogster.

    Char, thank you.

    James, how good that you talked to him and that he left some for you to enjoy. It amazes me the people that do not get into their yard. from Spring to fall every waking moment is outside with me putzing and enjoying. I made a bird feeder like the one you made with that tin foil pan. thanks for the idea. have a great week, you and that darling wife of yours. your a good team the two of you. until next time.

  11. Reylyn, it is always a surprise when a new one comes. sad flowers making it over the fence, or under the fence. even thier dog wants to come and play....she is a boxer and ate half of one board and then tried to put her head through but I had a black metal trellace there, so he could not get through, but I do give her water every day. This dog sits and watches me all day from the top of the picnic table. ...such a good dog, they both work, but they go out for runs all the time. i have to come by and see you. I have been thinking of you and hope your summer has been going great. take care my friend.

  12. SueAnn, they are a treat are they not, I have an uncle whom is 90, you could not find a weed in his garden, not one....he came over once, and told me even if they are weeds, if you like them keep them. So that is what I have done. Take care my friend, have an awesome weekend. company leaves Monday, then I should be back on track to read and catch upon some of the blogs of which yours is a favorite. hugs to you.

  13. Bernie, hours and hours, yes I can understand that only too well, Lots of my plants are loosing their blooms already, but some have not bloomed yet, so will see how things look in September. I don't have much of a garden, but I sure do like my flowers.hugs to you Bernie and have a great weekend.

    TechnoBabe, my gain for sure, and I love that you like to see them my friend. I think I have come to my limit, but out in the back of the yard I could still do something out there, maybe with a little bench...will see what I do. have a great rest of the weekend, hope you do something fun or have a peaceful day. hugs

  14. Debra, it has taken them ten years though, but yeah quite a few that were in his yard are now over here, it is a new surprise every year. monday my company leaves, then I am coming for a visit to catch up, I stayed off of here alot while they were here. take care, have a great rest of the weekend.

  15. Brian, thanks, I love wildflowers, I wish I could get some crocuses blooming in the spring, really like them...I am running out of space....and that might be a good thing, the boys helped me with my beds alot when they were here. I am going to be very sad when they leave Monday, although it will be much easier on my food bills...I just can not believe it. I am sure you know what I am talking about. Hope you have a nice sunday with your family. take care. smiles.

  16. Caroline, I like to think that too. I like your stranger thing you are doing very brave of you since you had said you don't like approaching others to take your pictures. What a wonderful exercise. have a great Sunday. hugs.

  17. You are so lucky that beautiful flowers love your yard!!:)

  18. Oh yes I too am a flower lover :)

    so glad they made it to you.


  19. Lucky lucky you! They are just beautiful and I know you are enjoying them as I would! You won that battle of the weed wacker! hehe ;)


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