Friday, August 27, 2010

Time to Have Fun!

Happy Friday Morning!
Life, no matter what,
brings hardships to our door,
all of us,
and then facing hardships makes us more resilliant
for the next hardship that comes our way.
Today I am not answering the door , not literally, 
but any hardships come my way,
they are going to be kicked to the curb.
Today I am Having Fun!
we all have different ideas of fun,
Here is an little insight as to what mine is.
This morning I woke up, had a nice breakfast of yogurt and raspberries,
Went outside sipped my morning coffee,
and listened to the wind howling and blowing around me.
I put my arms up out to my sides
and felt the wind as I glided as an airplane,
arms cutting the wind with ease.
freedom, that is what I felt.
My dog was barking and following me, and jumping,
the next thing I was laughing,
spinning and spinning until I had to sit down on the bench at the back of the yard.
My dog jumped up and licked my face  all excited,
My chimes were making music in my trees,
and I listened to the wind and the music,
and remembered flying a kite as a child.
Today would be great for flying a kite.
We would have to go to a park or get out of the city to an open field.
My husband is off work early, so this is doable.
My dog so excited from me getting him wound up,
I took him for a walk,
which was fun,
walking is fun, exercising is not,
So we walked until my legs felt like rubber chicken legs.
We sat down on a bench at the park watching some of the children playing,
and little children came over to pet the dog,
A million questions about the dog,
lots of laughs and howling faces.
I showed them a bunch of tricks the dog can do.
they loved that, and I loved their laughter,
this was fun.
I even sat on a swing, yes I did. I would have gone a lot higher
if my dog was not with me.
I walked back home with my dog,
visited with a few neighbors that were in their yard,
enjoying the company and a few laughs.
I made it back and my legs had that tingling feeling and were feeling a little wobbly,
but I did it and I had fun.
I put my t.v. on to the jammin station,
lay on the couch and enjoyed some music,
I had to sit up though so I could start my upper body dancing,
then stood up and danced to my kitchen,
rocking it out as I have not in a long time,
No stressors, just me being me,
Wanting to go buy a kite later with hubby,
I really had a fun morning, may not be your idea of fun,
but it sure beats complaining about the wind,
having to walk the dog,
being alone, or that my legs are sore,
or worrying about stuff that really does not matter or that I can change.
Fun is realizing what we can control,
starting with our attitude, Today I am looking up,
if it rains like they predict, I will dance in the rain,
and today I will sing.
My heart is already.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend
and do something fun,
and really
Have your Best Days Ever!


  1. Wow. You're inspiring. I think I'm going to go outside with the dog and run around. Guess that means I have to get dressed . . . poop.

  2. What a beautiful attitude you have. Fragrant Liar is right, you are inspiring.

  3. I needed to hear this today. I'm off to correct my attitude!

  4. good job having fun cinner....and nice dancing..i like spontaneous dancing (in the house) as well...smiles. have a wonderful weekend!

  5. feeling good is such a blessing and now....did you buy that kite ?

  6. Beth, it is a real treat. I did not get the kite, hubby is on call and got called out, so no kite, hoping reall soon. I did spend a lot of time outside though. had a wonderful day. even had a wonderful nap. have a great weekend.

    Brian hope you dance this weekend after their first week of school. enjoy your family time. take care.

    Holly, it is hard to do some days, but so worth it when we do change it. hope you are well. how are things?

    Iasa, must be just having a good day, thanks for visiting, have a great weekend. still thinking about your last post. take care.

    Fragrant Liar, who says you have to get dressed, lol, the odd time I sit out in my yard in my mumus, always good for a strange look from the neighbors. hope you had a great walk, take care.

  7. hurray - feeling good is wonderful!! i'm so happy that you had a wonderful morning.

  8. Char, the whole day turned out to be very nice. yes I had a very pleasant day, this exercising has me sore in muscles I have forgot I even had. have a great weekend. take care.

  9. Keep on dancing and flying in the wind, Cinner! I was just dancing the other day as my internet was repaired and I could again use my computer! Oh how I missed it and it was only one day. So I danced and shouted out loud! Hooray!! I mean what would I do without my blogging friends and you sweet friend. Who encourages me often.
    Hugging you


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