Monday, August 9, 2010

Under the Clouds,

It struck again today,
the clouds rolled in, the skies darkened,
the sharp thunderclaps echoed all around,
continuously for about two hours,
the light show was amazing,
our house was in darkness,
no phone, computer, or t.v.
so we held hands and watched the show all around us.
The rain pelted upon the windows,
stronger and stronger,
harder and harder,
I fear there will not be a flower standing in the morning,
I hope the homeless found shelter tonight,
the winds were harsh and we could see the branches bending
and blowing in the wind.
Though I like a good storm,
this one was almost too harsh,
the thunder and lightning too close,
leaving an eerie almost haunting feeling,
reminded of the havoc a storm can do
all in a moment, in a blink of an eye.
and then a smile spread over my face,
with all the noise and being startled,
and sudden thunder claps,
I had not had one Cataplexy spell,
I was no longer startled by the loud thunder,
and  I had noticed while the boys were visiting,
that even with all the laughter there were no Cataplexy spells.
Maybe we finally have the right combination of the pills,
even though I am tired to not be falling is a wonderful thing.
So in the harshness of the storm came hope that
maybe just maybe 
I have found my rainbow.
At the end of the rainbow I am not looking for a pot of gold,
I just want my health.
The last few weeks have been so busy for me, the boys went home today,
and surprisingly enough I enjoyed the quiet of my day,
both of them phoned to thank me for all the fun we had,
and it was nice of my sister to have left me the post on my blog.
my hubby is off tomorrow, we have to go see his Mom in the hospital,
she has had pneumonia, and then Wednesday morning I have some tests done
that I believe will not be the most pleasant,
so after that I am coming to visit and spend time at all your blogs.
Wishing you the very best of days.


  1. smiles. i am glad you saw that rainbow in your storm! that is awesome!

    hope all is well with hubbys mom...

  2. I like the storms ... even the harsh ones ... lol ... makes me feel alive ... that sounds weird, right?! lol ... anyway ... I'm happy you feel better and positive I did love the other post as well ...may the rainbow shine upon you always :-)

  3. Storms can be so exhilarating! But when they are close, makes me a little nervous as well.
    I am so glad that cataplexy has been leaving you alone. I too hope it is the right combo of pills. That would be super. Hope MIL is doing well now? And that your tests aren't as uncomfortable as you fear they will be.
    Enjoy the calm and the rainbow!!

  4. I wish you continued success with controlling your personal storm, Cinner. Rainbows are a wonderful sign of hope and promise!

  5. Great news that you did not have a Cataplexy spell,
    truly great news. I hope your husband's mom recovers soon. You have had such a busy couple weeks but grand fun with the nephews.

  6. i hope your tests go well. i will be thinking of you.

  7. so glad you have been doing well.
    i send you the best of thoughts.

  8. it was stormy here yesterday but the day is starting off nice and sunny today. enjoy your day.

  9. Wasn't last night's storm amazing....I still am without my e-mail (telus server is down) and my internet is pretty iffy.....perhaps it is being here in Morinville.....out power didn't go out though but the light show was unbelievable.
    So happy you are doing so well, yay....:-)Hugs

  10. Bernie, last nights storm was crazy. I am writing this on Tuesday and well we are supposed to get it again tonight. hugs Bernie.

    Kamana, after the last storm no flowers, I will have to find something else to photograph. Hope you had a great day. take care. I think of you walking on the beach a lot.

    Christina, thank you my friend. I just don't know where the summer has gone. think of you often. take care. hugs to you.

    Char, thanks, writing this after my tests, twice as long as they thought. I definately am tired tonight. Be well.

  11. TechnoBabe, I am so excited over no spells, I would love to be able to one day drive again. my hubbys says slow down see what happens, but I am very thrilled with this progress. My MIL is out of the hospital as of yesterday. she is doing well but will have to take it easy for a while. hope you are well. we are going to get another storm tonight I am sure of it.Be Well.

    Wanda thank you, oh I love a rainbow, and yes hope and another one of Gods amazing gifts. Hope you are well take care.

    SueAnn, yes storms make me nervous too, I think we will get another one tonight. MIL is back at home and doing well recovering from pneumonia. My tests took twice as long as they were supposed to, but I did okay all on my that was good. Sitting in the muggy humid air right now. going to go pick raspberries for the last time in my yard. until next time, take care. hugs.

  12. Birdie, you love the storms, my Dad used to sit out in his truck watching the thunder and lightning. he loved a storm, I usually don't mind, but it was close. the boys and I had painted the fence and on the top 2 by 4, all the paint was pelted right off...strange, maybe it had not dried....oh well, more work to do. thank you for wishing me better health, it gives me hope that I one day may be able to drive again. will see. Hope you are well, hugs.

  13. Brian, thanks for inquiring about my MIL, She is at home now recovering from having pneumonia. all is well, still storming every night, warnings out again. lol. they say in Alberta, wait 5 minutes and the weather will change, and that is usually right. hope you are well. Smiles.

  14. i have come for a visit and am glad to read that the "storms" are over ...tests and all!

    I love the metaphor that the storm in the skys can mirror the storms in life...


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