Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Work Hard, and Play Harder Still.

Hello Everyone,
this is what the boys did over the weekend.
The boys even thanked us for letting them have so much fun.
Are these kids for real.
They got to knock down the old fence with my supervision
and a bit of help,
If it was not for my many coats of paints,
it would have been real easy to get down.
So most of the weekend was spent doing that
but we did find time for other things.

We made time for some berry picking,
my bowl was as twice as full of the boys,
although their stomachs were twice as full as mine.
that's okay though.
I got all these plants from my Dad a few years ago
and this is the best crop we have had.
He would have been happy to see me and his Grandsons picking together.
We all really still miss my Dad  and things trigger memories,
like the raspberry patch.
We all talked about him and were laughing!
So it was nice.

We even took some time to smell some of the flowers,
everything is lush and green,
soon all the flowers will have bloomed,
but I am enjoying them as long as I can.

We got some pictures of some passerbys
One was this beautiful huge Great Dane,
and the other a  little itty bitty dog.
They were quite the sight to see,
my one nephew asked if he
could take the picture,they were more than happy too pose. 
So after my nap on Sunday afternoon,
I go outside and I see this,
sitting in my tree that we share with out neighbor,
for a moment I thought it was real and was very excited.
It turns out it was put in the tree to make the pigeons
think it is a real one,
and then they apparently are supposed to leave.
The old house next door has all these crevices
and the pigeons are there and of course more and more
every year. there has to be about fourty of them now.
I will not be sad to see them go if they do...
Will see what happens.
So that was the only owl I have seen all summer, and it was a fake one,Oh well whats a gal to do. 
So hours have been spent playing with yo yos,
the yo yos are screamers which mean nothing to me,
So I have learned how to walk the dog,
and have attempted around the world
only to get the yo yo caught around my neck.
Well laughter was in full force then,
it was a good thing I was sitting down
right after that because the boys thought it was hysterical,
and oh my how Aunt Cindy does the most outrageous things,
Little did they know I did it on purpose.
Like cooking hotdogs and putting them all on my plate
except half of one for each of them.
I do these things to get a reaction out of them,
and it works every time.
They told me today they just love coming here,
because there are no rules.
They are so off base,
but I believe in having fun with them,
no tv  or computer, mp3 players or texting
if the weather is nice,
they forgot about that rule.
I don't have to set a bedtime,
because they literally have fallen in to bed every night.
and that is where I should be now,
I am overtired, so not having the best sleep.
Everyone else is sound sound asleep
all tucked in their beds,
The boys on the futon,
with my dog at their feet,
The cat asleep at the window,
my hubby snoring in the next room,
I guess I will try it again.
Have an awesome week everybody.
Hopefully I can get around to visit with you all.
So I hope you laugh often,
and hope you have
Your Very Best Day.
Take care. 


  1. Your pics are wonderful! How fun to have the boys! And those raspberries look so yummy! My bowl would have been somewhat empty as well...ha!!
    Kids can be so enthusiastic!! It is great to be around them when they are interested and involved. I think I would like to spend some summertime at your house. I definitely want to learn to "walk the dog".

  2. Sounds like a perfect win-win situation, your husband and the boys working the new fence. They have a good experience building something and you get the fence done and it only cost some fresh berries. So glad you are enjoying time with your nephews.

  3. ha. love your adventures...sound like you had fun this weekend...i chuckled at the yo yo tricks...god job trying....hope you have a good week cinner...

  4. What a fun weekend! That owl is pretty realistic looking. Will it help keep the magpies away too, LOL?

  5. what a fun you had :-) ... I really thought the owl was real and here I went in my head 'wow these things can only happen in Canada, to see an owl like that in ones garden ..." lol at my thoughts ... was not real ... haha still laughing :-)

  6. You know what I liked? I liked being able to see more of your yard! It's so lush and inviting. Cinner, I'm jealous of your ability to grow flowers in pots! I'm all right in the actual ground, but I just don't do well in pots! Especially this's been so miserably hot so long that the pots have just given up....
    Yep, I'm jealous, hunny bunny!

  7. Cinner I don't know why it has taken me so long to get here,.... but I am here now and glad that I found my way. Wow! Your blog is looking great and opening quickly for me too, which is always a bonus.

    Lovely to read that all is happy in your corner of the world Cinner and your garden is fantastic.

    Thank you for all your lovely comments and it is always a pleasure to have you visit.

    xxx see you here again soon
    Robyn :)

  8. I understand the bittersweet memories, Cinner. Berry pickin' has the same effect on me, for my grandmother, Clara.

    I just love to see a great big dog that has made friends with a little one. It just puts a smile on my face :)

  9. Cinner ~ your pictures are so beautiful!! Wish mine looked like that!

  10. What a marvelous week for all of you. I love that even in your missing, you have sweet memories.


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