Friday, September 3, 2010

FaDoodling! and Updates

Well in the middle of the night,
I can't sleep,
so I was doing some fadoodling on the Computer.
Maybe snow and ice skates could wait for awhile,
as it is only  September 3,
What I have noticed is how quickly time is flying,
Hubby is on holidays for the next 9 days,
He got very little time off over the summer,
so I am really looking forward to it.
We have many things on the to do list,
which may or may not get touched.
So if I am not around much,
you know why.
Some updates,
The fake owls the next door neighbor put in his yard to keep the pigeons away,
worked like a charm.
The sign from my anniversary is now hanging on a wall in my office,
My new point and shoot camera is somewhat of a dud,
lost reciept so it is a keeper.
No more doctors appointments until mid October,
I still am addicted to Young and the Restless,
only 5 days a week for an hour a day,
at which time I try to exercise,
and predict what will happen next.
I should be employed as a writer,
as I seem to be able to predict pretty well,
I turn 47 this month,
I cut my own hair again this week,
What possesses me,
I know not,
Lets just say the front is a cute looking boy,
that possibly has bald spots on the back of the head.
The cute looking boy may not leave her house for 3 weeks
until it grows out,
My husband says it looks good,
I need to know compared to what..
My sisters wedding is rescheduled  now for April 2,
instead of this Saturday.
note to self,
don't cut hair again until after the wedding.
lastly I still did not buy a kite,
but it is on the to do list,
hope to get some pics for you.
Have a great long weekend,
Don't sweat the small stuff.
for most of it just does not matter.
Until next time,


  1. smiles. better hurry on that kite....its the perfect season for it...and i like oyur pic...its fun to doodle...have a wonderful weekend...

  2. When cutting my own hair....
    I use pinking shears...
    Doesn't leave a straight line..
    Much easier than a "bowl" cut!

  3. sounds like some very good things...except for the haircut - but like you said, it grows out. xo

  4. Oh, I love your blog's new look!!! And your doodling is terrific!! And I'm sure you look beautiful!!! What fun to visit with you again! I've missed you!! Have a wonderful Labor Day!! Love you!! Janine XO

  5. You always manage to make me smile!! Thank you for that!
    Enjoy the holidays with the hubby!

  6. Every weekend for us is a holiday weekend! You know I have always cut my own hair and I like doing it that way I get it the way I want it and if not it grows back and I try again! Whew. long sentence.
    I am excited for you that your husband will be off nine days. Yay. Hug him often.

  7. a birthday this month huh? so much to look forward to.

  8. Christina, hi, yes a few more weeks away, no big deal though...3 more years until I am 50, how silly is that that I am planning that one already. lol, hope your having a great weekend. take care.

    TechnoBabe, do you too. I really think the same way as you, that way I get what I want....usually they work out, I am wearing mine, short and spiky....who is gonna see a mistake, and if they do they are looking too close. I have enjoyed the last couple of days with Hubby, went and saw his Mom yesterday, to a garage sale at his brothers, did the family thing, today in the yard putting steps on the back....brrr it was cold. listen to me the Canadian whiner. lol. hugs to you.

    Cora, what a nice thing to say, I hope you are well, I thought to myself today, such a cool day out, I bet your Cora and Christina would be making soup. I wish I could cook like you both or was even interested in it....ah, maybe this winter. take care. have a great weekend. r u stil cat sitting. hugs.

  9. Janine hi, thank you, I am pleased too, just wanted to let you know I enjoyed reading your posts while you were gone. missed the interaction with you. love your paintings you have posted, you make me want to pick them up, still trying to spend time outside. but this winter maybe I will surprise myself. Thanks for popping in. take care.
    I still can't believe you wrote all those words this summer.hugs

  10. Char, you made me laugh, the haircut made me laugh, often I think what the .........was I thinking, but what's a gal to do. worst thing is wear a hat or a toque, my hat is one of those great big floppy crazy lady on the beach hats, maybe just dark glasses will work out, my mil yesterday said, oh my it is so short....which means she hates it....maybe no visiting for at least a week. hope you are having a good time and that the weather is nice for your weekend. hugs. be well.

  11. Anne pinking shears, I will have to try that, are you serious or are you joshing me. Actually Anne my style is very close to yours, just waiting for it to get a little longer and then I gotta cover that grey....wash that grey just outta my hair,,me breaking into song. hope you are feeling good and having a wonderful weekend or out on adventures in those small towns. hugs to you,,,,maybe your lifting monster drinks. Smiles.

  12. Brian, looking for a kite tomorrow, should be fun, if I go I will take some pictures. hope you are having fun with your boys and that you are all getting used to them being in school again. enjoy.

  13. i love your randomness.....just love it !


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