Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Great Day, beware of dogs driving trucks.

good morning to you all,
a wonderful morning was waiting for me when I woke up.
Hubby was off to work early,
so we had a coffee together with some French Vanilla creamer,
yes I love my coffee, the taste, the smell, the gurgling of the pot.
He told me he had taken a picture of the sunrise yesterday,
and here it is
I don't get to see the sunsets like that in the city,
because of all the trees and the buildings,
so this was the perfect way to start my day.
Here is another photo,
Is this not one of the greatest ways to start a morning,
with hope, and light, and so much beauty,
I love the colors in this one,
what is truly amazing is no matter how many times you see
a sunrise they are always more beautiful than the last
or at least that is how I feel.
He also told me I might be delivered a package,
I hope it is not by these guys,
They were in the Tim Hortons the other day looking all Regal like,
Yesterday I was delivered a beautiful package by our postman
all the  way from South Carolina,
My gift of jewels arrived from the lovely Connie
Thank you so much Connie.
I was thrilled and it felt like a birthday present,
now talk about getting the right gift,
She must have ESP because I got some beautiful oatmeal soap
handmade from a neighboring farm,
a soft hotpink washcloth, a book called 
home spa refreshing by Liz Wilde,
A hug coupon, the most beautiful envelope with hand drawn flowers
and my name and a beautiful card with a beautiful note inside,
also a lovely little notepad that I think is too darling to write on,
but I will, I don't save my china for good,
you know what I  mean.
you could feel her warmth ooze right off the page.
Her moto on her blog says,
When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.
Now I love someone with that attitude!
you may want to go and pay her a visit,
her link is above.
As soon as I finish writing this I am off to start
my day with a relaxing bath, and read my new book.
It sounds heavenly.
Also all over blogland is a Magical blog party
so I am wishing everyone a magical day,
The song running around in my head for today is 
Witchy Woman.
Have a great weekend.
enjoy all the treasures life has to offer,
and today if you have lemons, make lemonade,
oh and beware of dogs driving trucks.
47 feels wonderful.
Until the next time.


  1. Happy Birthday sweetie!! And I will remember to make lemonade for sure!!
    Have a wonderful weekend

  2. woot. got mine just last week...was very cool...hope mine gets to south africa soon...your sunrise was gorgeous...i hope that you have a wonderul day!

  3. Oh Cinner, just stopping by to wish you a very ♫Happy Birthday♫!! I'm so happy you love my theme took, looks fab!! (you could even have gone for the 3 column) ;D
    What a gorgeous sunrise your hubby captured and that delicious thought of morning flavored coffee, yuummm!
    Wishing you a magical day and year filled with dreams come true!

  4. Cinner, what a beautiful post, you see that's why you do remind me about a rainbow ;-) the sunrise pics are fantastic and oh my, I was lol and lol at the picture of the dogs, thanks for sharing :-)) you're such a compassionate and kind and nonjudgmental person and I love that so much! enjoy your GOJ, isn't Se'lah just the best for organizing such and event? hugs!!

  5. happy, happy birthday to you!!! may your day and year ahead be filled with love and light and joy.

  6. WOW...those sunrise photos are totally amazing! And the And I am wishing you a very beautiful birthday too! xoxo

  7. My sister I wish you all that you could wish for yourself. I am glad you had the sunset. I love you and hope you had the best birthday ever.

  8. what a beautiful birthday. so glad yours was wonderful.


  9. Happy Birthday to you sorry I am so late dash it all. What a great day and your hubs takes fantastic photographs love and a big belated birthday hug


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