Monday, September 27, 2010

He is getting Very Close to the Edge.

Today I had to get out of the house,
I was rescued by my sister in law,
and we went cruising,
am I too old to cruise,
nah, I even had my boyfriend Stanley with me.
For those of you who have not heard about Stanley,
He is my loyal faithful cane and goes everywhere with me....
yes I know I need to get a life.
Anyway we sat on a bench at this spot and overlooked the 
river valley, you can see the city skyline,
it was a beautiful day.
I made the day for four ladies, they were taking pictures of 3 of them at a time.
so I walked over and I said Would you lovely ladies like a picture taken together,
They were thrilled, 3 of them lived in Manitoba, the other was from here,
and they were all trying to convince each other of whom should move
so that they could all live closer to one another.
I really enjoyed talking to them and after fifteen minutes
they all hugged me and I wished them a good day,
odd how you can meet someone and you feel like you have known them for years.
Anyway back to the bench I went, my SIL said I thought you were never coming back,
I told her that was the one thing I missed the most since I became ill,
and that was the interaction with others.
That is another reason I like blogging so much because of the wonderful people
I have met here. I have had one nasty comment left the whole time I have 
blogged, aparently I am lucky.
After we left there I came home and sat in the sun some more and fell asleep in a chair outback in the
warmest part of the yard. I awoke to my dog laying with his head on my one foot.
Since I still had my camera with me, I took a picture of My Virginia Creepers
This is unbelievable that my Virginia Creepers froze 
from the frost about 10 days ago,
amazed at other plants and trees that are doing okay,
so I started cutting these down trimming them right back to nothing
as we got aphids in them this summer, and the only way to get rid of them is to cut 
them right back. so it is looking a little bare out there.
I thought I had done a good job,
Hubby shows up and you would have thought he would say way to go,
oh no, he looked at me and he shook his finger at me.
I looked at him and said in my best accent,
Don't you be ready to give me shite, I did not overdo it,
He put his hand on his lower back and was pretending he was me,
going I can't move, I did too much in the yard, oh help me out of bed,
I think I overdid it, the more he went on, the more I laughed,
I was so glad I was sitting down,
He makes me realize how foolish I can be,
it is hard for me to admit that to him..
I said now look ye ole husband, ye don't be coming home and giving me your
song and dance here,  I said ye be keeping this song and dance up,
right back out the door ye can go. and I really be meaning it.
He then says Lose it, he is referring to the accent,
I say Lord he is asking me to lose me clothes before supper,
halleluyah, halleluyah,
He says I meant the accent,
I said what accent, the car is a Hyundai accent.
I swear at this point I thought his head was going to spin around.
I had the giggles and I said ye did not mention how the yard looks,
He through his hands in the air, walked over and kissed me on the lips,
sat down and he said you drive me crazy, I said well then my work here is done.
We then barbecue and had a great supper,
both of us are tired and off to bed we go,
Have a wonderful day,
be kind to those whom love you,
Have your Very Best Day....


  1. Wasn't it a gorgeous day.....I was out walking for over an hour and honestly didn't want to come in when I got home, (and wouldn't of if I hadn't been so tired)
    Love your photos and really enjoyed reading the banter between you and your husband. Let's hope we have another beautiful day tomorrow, I am going out to lunch with friends......:-) Hugs

  2. Hi Bernie, it was beautiful, so good to feel the warmth on my bones. have a great lunch. glad you are well Bernie. hugs my friend.

  3. smiles. your work here is done...ha. glad you got out...interaction is what i need as well so it would be hard for me...

  4. Cinner, it happened to me too, you meet someone you don't know and the talk goes so well like if you really know them ... maybe we 'do' in some other time, space, who knows ... lol at the clothes down ... haha! my husband imitates me like that too sometimes 'you should stop knitting otherwise you will be here going ...and then he shows how do I look" ... lol and thanks again for these beautiful fall pictures, happy day and big Birdie hugs ;-)

  5. It was an incredible day yesterday -- summer's reluctant to leave! HRH is just short for Her Royal Highness -- you know, "just like the Queen!"

  6. It's so nice when you have the urge to get away from the house and find such a lovely day.

  7. It is supposed to be 70F here today, so we are all excited and have plans to do some work outside. So sorry to see the dead creepers. Frozen and needing to be cut down. Will they come back next year?

  8. Dear sister, I am so happy you had a lovely day. As for you and your hubby, Well I have always said that it is wonderful you can laugh together. Have a wonderful day today and enjoy that sun again!!

  9. your day certainly put a smile on my face! what a delightful conversation with your hubby there...

  10. Shadow, glad you got a smile, we seem to have many of those conversations. lol. it was so nice to visit on your blog today. smiles.

    Laurie, love you, yes your weather is good too I see, get out and enjoy, miss you much.

  11. TechnoBabe, yes I was upset too, actually surprise, they say to cut them back at the roots and let them start again, so they should grow again, their roots are hard to kill so all should be good in Spring. I hope you got a chance to enjoy the day. hugs to you.

  12. Iasa, yes it was really nice, I need to do that more often, I can be a bit of a hermit, which in some ways is not a good thing. Lately I have been better with that. hope you are doing well, glad you popped by. hugs.

  13. Debra thank the lord you let me know I have been thinking of HRH, have to laugh as soon as I read it, I was like I remember that. all I could think of was Hot runs Hot, I think I am starting menopause. lol. thanks for letting me know. have a great week.

  14. Birdie, you made me laugh, if we could only tape some of our conversations, we would see how silly we must sound about the silliest things. have a great week. hugs.

  15. Brian, yes that interaction is great. I found it incredibly hard when I first got my Cataplexy, I stopped talking to others because I never knew what they would say, and if they said anything funny...well than I would was a hard time for me, especially when you are a people person. Your a people person too, so enjoy my friend. smiles.


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