Thursday, September 30, 2010

People Watching

Last time I walked here was over a year ago,
I love it there,
on the weekend I want to go and sit and draw,
and people watch, I like to do that,
young couples holding hands,
walking fast, places to go and people to see,
sometimes there is someone playing guitar,
I smile showing my appreciation,
I like to sit with the elderly,
some are so alone,
they tell me their stories of days gone by,
we share a laugh and sometimes a cry,
I love to see an elderly couple walking together holding hands,
slowly and meticulously they care for one another,
years of together showing how much they are still in love,
I love to see little children as they walk past their parents,
some come right up and say hello,
while others sheepishly hide behind a pant leg,
I love to watch people walking with their dogs
and sometimes the owners look a lot like their pets,
I have never understood carrying a little dog
while you are out for a walk, or when they carry them in a little bag.
I am sure they want to run or walk too.
I like to take pictures of tourists, they are always thrilled when they get a group picture,
I say hello to homeless people, sometimes it is enough to make them smile.
Every one has a story. sometimes just by watching, you can get a sense of them.
Happy, Sad, Lost, Angry, Forgiven, Forgetting, Singing, Laughing, Alone,
Lonely, Boisterous, Shy, Outgoing, Loving, Kind,
and most of all
People Really Want to Feel Needed and Understood,
and Appreciated!
I hope today you make Someones Day,
If I get to draw this weekend,
I will post those drawings.
Have your Very Best  Day Ever!


  1. this says so much about your heart...the enlderly and homeless are both dear to mine...

  2. you are so beautiful - you are. always thinking of others and making them smile.

  3. Cinner, oh dear Cinner, I think I will print this post down and read it and reread it all the time, so much beauty so much hope in your words... you are a living angel touching so many lives in such a positive way, big big hugs precious one!!!

  4. I hope you get to enjoy the people watching... that's a lovely place to do it.

    x robyn

  5. What a gorgeous photo of a beautiful place!!! You are such a thoughtful and caring person!!! I would love to meet you there!!! Hope you get to draw as well!!! You are in my thoughts, dear Cindy!!! ~Janine XO

  6. I love your compassion for people, the homeless, the breaks my heart when I see them hurting and alone. Everyone needs to be loved and some need a hand up as much as a hand out. You are a wonderful lady my friend....:-)Hugs

  7. Someone made me feel special today so I appreciated them right back!!
    Hugs to you dear friend

  8. Wonderful post!!! Shows your caring heart! :-) I also love the beautiful picture. I'd love to walk there too!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  9. i say hello to homeless people, too....
    and sometimes we have to carry our little dog, since she tires out so quickly....we actually have a doggie stroller so that we can keep on walking when she's ready to call it quits....

    and do we get looked at....all the time :)

  10. cinner this photo took my breath away with its beauty ..then I read the post and know now even more what a special lady you are..


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