Sunday, October 3, 2010

Beautiful Weekend, A whirlwind.

Good Monday Morning,
Here is some flowers to thank all of you for your lovely comments on my last post.
I am so sorry I was not able to answer them and ask that you know I read everyone of them.
The weather here was absolutely beautiful,
Most of the neighbors were raking leaves etc.
so had nice visits and everyone was in such good spirits because of the lovely weather.
I  still have issues with my back, but have been trying to move around as much as I can.
So I did not get down to the park but I did get to watch my neighbors,
Our neighbor next door brings his father over, He has Alzheimers,
He was having an extremely good day,
and seemed to remember us,
He was in a very happy mood,
I think the weather probably was playing a part in this.
There was a domestic violence dispute back behind us,
Our next door neighbor and I witnessed it,
Very disturbing, they were maybe twenty years old.
We called the police,
and the two finest policemen came,
to get information and our statements,
apparently this happens with that address alot.
So they came back to tell us everything had cooled down,
I guess until the next time.
Hubby went out on Saturday looking for a treadmill for me.
He came back and they were all too expensive.
After hours on kijiji
I have an almost brand new one for $100.00
when we went to the address 
the house was beautiful,
an exercise glass solarium room,
and right off of that a pool,
and rooms that went on forever and ever.
yesterday We went out and I got a really good pair of walking shoes,
so I am set to start my walking challenge.
Did I say I was very excited....
Things to make you go hmmmmm.
Saturday I asked hubby if he wanted to do something different,
His reply was yes he would like me to be nice to him,
and then he laughed hysterically.
Hmmmm. I will be nice to him alright!
Today I noticed he had had a shave,
which he usually goes and has one done about every ten days,
I said, Oh honey did you go get a shave while you were out.
No, he says, I got that yesterday.
Why do you think I was so in your face last night,
I said for Gosh sakes, why did you not say anything?
He says well you know how when you get your haircut or colored and I don't notice
for a couple of days, he said you  at least had hair,
mine was all gone.
Hmmmmmmmm I really don't think it is a valid point.
He and I are lucky, we are each others best friend,
so I hope you all had a great weekend,
I  wish you a wonderful day.
May it be your Best Day Ever!


  1. how dreadful about the domestic...ack. sounds like overall you had a good weekend though. does he get a wet shave? i like one every once in a while. best wishes for the walking challenge.

  2. Good for you to find a treadmill. Let me know how you do with it. We are moving and are selling two pieces of exercise equipment, the house we are moving to is much smaller than this one. We exercise to walking tapes and exercise tapes of all kinds. Including yoga. That way we don't have to use pieces of equipment that take up room. Hope your back feels completely healed soon.

  3. yay for finding an affordable treadmill.

    glad you're feeling better too.

  4. how awful about the domestic violence... but goos for you to doing the right thing and helping,

  5. i'm so glad you were able to find a treadmill !!!
    and that domestic's so awful. the only car accident i ever had was when a police man on a domestic violence call hit me....he didn't have his lights or siren on and we were on back roads....

    and NO...not at all did what you say about little dogs in bags bother me at all....actually for the celebrities who carry them and wear them like a piece of makes me gag !!!

  6. I love yalls humor...makes me smile every time!!
    So glad you found that treadmill for the right price!! Happy walking and healing my friend!

  7. You and your husband sound like such a cute couple!!!

  8. Gayle, we are cute and a little crazy, how are you feeling. I am going to try and get caught up. the weather has turned raining. had the most beautiful weather last week. tried to get all the fall leaves bagged, too many for one day. take care. hugs.

    Cora, OH I am glad, it is fabulous, I was so excited about getting it that I could not sleep last night....I never in a million years thought I would lose sleep to get on a treadmill. wonders never cease.

  9. Beth, that is crazy hey, I find seeing stuff like that very draining, like zapping energy. So glad you were not upset by my coment. I don't agree with using them as accessories either. have a wonderful week. hugs.

  10. Kamana, it is all so common...which really saddens me. I wonder for her how often it happens, like we told the guy once is too much. Oh yes it is one of the causes I really believe in, same with bullying in schools etc. hugs to you. take care.

  11. Thanks Char, I could not believe how I was laid up with my back, today was day two with no pain killers....yeah. I hate taking that stuff. Have a great week, hugs.

  12. TechnoBabe, I hope your move goes well for you. and that you sell the equipment. I think I am crazy for it takes up quite a bit of room, but hopefully I will be smaller and won't take up so much after using it. lol. hugs to you. yoga one day I will try. once my knees can bend better. take care.

  13. Brian, no they won't do wet shaves here anymore, they say they are illegal due to heath regulations. that is in our province, not sure if they are all like that. take care Brian, thanks for wishing me luck with the walking. I Certainly am going to give it my best. smiles.


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