Monday, October 4, 2010

Meet My First Love.

I ran down a long cobblestone road,
passing tourists  from all over the world.
Some people were talking different, how was I to know there was more than one language.
that must have made a huge impression on me because after that I would play
with my Moms old cateye glasses and speak in all kinds of jargon.
I remember my parents thought it funny for only so long.
As I reached the waters edge, I bent over put my hand in the water,
I could see my face so clearly with reflections of the surroundings bouncing around my hand.
The water was cold, I remember drinking from a fountain,
it tasted heavenly, so cool and fresh.
There were people in boats way down by the center of the mountains.
Wow, that would be fun.
No we could not go, but how about ice cream.
Okay, It was a hard decision to make.
I  sat on a boulder while my parents and sisters went to get the ice cream.
I must have been in their view, but I was told to sit there and not move.
I saw families ooo and ahhh,
mesmerized by all its wonders.
I  heard my voice echo back at me,
I was so excited, slapping my hands on my knees that I fell off the boulder.
I remember my Dad telling me to be quiet, but he was smiling,
I think he was happy too.
We were all sitting on a blanket on the ground licking our ice cream,
and I remember this very strange noise.
 The most beautiful sound I had ever heard.
 As the sound got closer it became more beautiful
it is a sight  that I remember still.
I remember putting my hand on my mouth in surprise as
Men in skirts, with great big hats, and bagpipes playing loud came up over the hill.
To me these men looked like heroes or soldiers.
I knew they were important just by how they marched.
As I licked  my ice cream cone, I covered one ear,
it was very loud, yes very very loud,
They just marched around and slowly marched away,
I wanted to listen more, quieter and quieter they got  until the sound faded away.
Another thing I remember is that this was where artists came to paint,
you bet, I was going to come to school there.
I  never fulfilled that dream,  but I have been  to Lake Louise maybe five times.
Each time was more beautiful than I had remembered, but that first time was the most memorable,
when all things were new.
Lake Louise, Canada was my first love.
Have Your Very Best Day


  1. I remember the first time I ever saw Lake Louise in person. Only 10 years ago! That view is one of the most iconic landscapes in Canada, isn't it? It was stepping inside a post card!

  2. Cinner is sounds to me like you are still in love with that first love and I can completely understand why.... it's beautiful!

    x Robyn

  3. Your first love is absolutely wonderful.

  4. nuce. i love the for artists. you know its never too late...does sound like a wonderful place...

  5. Cinner, you see this is what amaze me. How some of our memories can be so vivid after all those years and they can 'charge' us with a positive energies, we just dive back in there again ... the picture is absolutely amazing! wonderful!! I would be in love too :-) big birdie hugs!

  6. What a fabulous memory! I could see and feel it all. Even the ice cream cone!! Ha! I too love the sound of bagpipes.

  7. your first love still loves you i bet !

  8. Beth, aww, hugs.

    SueAnn, oh I love them, was piped in and out at my wedding. My Aunt had them at her funeral, then my nephew played them at my Dads funeral. I do love the sound....there is no scottish in our family. hope you are well. hugs.

    Birdie, what I find crazy is what we do remember, and then a sybling will talk about something and you think well where the heck was I. LOL. It is a beautiful, beautiful spot. hugs

  9. Brian, I takes a lot of money up there, when I win a lottery. lol. I am a huge lover of Celtic music and of the bagpipes. Smiles.

    Shalet Jimmy, it is one of the sites to see in Canada, thanks for commenting, take care.

    Robyn, you would absolutely love it there. hugs

  10. Debra, it is like stepping into a post card, another place I love is Johnston Canyon...I would not make it up the long trail now,,,maybe one day again...enjoy your week, take care.

  11. My mom has the same love for Lake Louise. She loves it there. Her middle name is Louise coincidentally.

  12. and you capture her so beautifully. I love reading your posts...they are like a mini movie ;) you take us there with your words.

    one love, my friend.

  13. such beautiful words and the photos i've seen of it are so gorgeous.

  14. ah your first beautiful!

  15. Beautiful post. Love bagpipes, I've heard them many times in Scotland.

  16. Thank you Monica, good luck with your move. I would love to go to Scotland one day. Thanks for visiting. hugs.

  17. Christina, how are you....nothing like a first love is there. Think of you often. hugs.

    Se'lah, your too kind. Hope you are doing great. time is going so fast. take care. hugs. one love.

  18. TechnoBabe, I love that your Mom loves it, too funny about her middle name being Louise..It is a magical place. hugs.

    Char, hi yes it is gorgeous, the pictures don't do it justice though, something about seeing, hearing, smelling at the same time...take care my friend.


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