Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Never Take It for Granted.

The morning sunrise,
The smell of the sea, the sound of the water,
the breeze on my face, if only that were true,
the heart in the sky, do you see it?
Such a lovely day.
The colors of the day are emerging,
the clouds in the sky are breaking up,
It must be raining way off.
It will be a beautiful day.

Chatterbox Falls,
so appropriate for my sister to go,
my Dad always said she was a Chatterbox.
lol Penquin
Check out these trees, Oh I would love to climb in them.
yes even at my age, 
Imagine swimming here, looks so peaceful.
I am sure the eagles would be flying overhead.
Look at these harbor seals, lollygagging their day away.
Now I wonder what happened to this tree,
maybe a great  place for a treehouse.
beautiful Ignukshuks
(not sure of spelling)
A beautiful grey whale apparently that has
been swimming in the channel all season
as the salmon run was more than normal.
My sister said it was hard to get a picture,
because you either watched the thrill of a lifetime,
or you took a good photo.
she chose to watch.
I would have been so excited.
Beautiful picture of the falls,
can you imagine how loud they are,
if you have never heard that,
it is so powerful that it really is indescribable.

Pictures are courtesy of my lovely sister and her fiance.
Our world is so beautiful, please do your part in taking care of it.
I hope you enjoyed seeing one of the Islands in British Columbia.
Have a great day, the sun is shining, and I am going to enjoy
these last warm days of fall.
Take care,


  1. Cinner, yes! I can see the heart in the clouds :-) these pictures are just wonderful, pure sheer bliss to watch, thank you so much for sharing, off I'm to bed, but I knew that if I visit here before I go to sleep, my heart will feel lighter and I'm going to dream about our beautiful Mother Earth. Have a wonderful day, big hugs!!

  2. these pictures are amazing...that tree, so waterfalls and the starfish stole my heart...yes please do care for it...great write too!

  3. That tree is sooo cool, I could imagine sitting up there! Love the photos you share with us. xoxo

  4. Your pictures are always amazing! Love your halloween background.

  5. It needs keen understanding and sensibility to know and feel the beauty around you. You are successful in making others understand too. I am one among it.

    This would be an underrated words but still " Beautiful pictures"

  6. Beautiful photos! And yes! I could hear the falls. Amazing!!
    Loving these bright fall days! Fabulous!
    Be well Cinner and enjoy!

  7. Wow...she really captured it well. A very beautiful place. I love lollygagging! :0)
    Have a blessed day!

  8. Oh cinner have ever seen more beautiful Fall weather. Absolutely gorgeous.....Fallon and I are loving it........:-) Hugs

  9. I am a giant duh monster...I hadn't been to this bloggie. I sure am glad I came when I did. This photo spread is fantastic. What an absolute dream land...starfish, whale, jellyfish, seals...oh it takes my breath away. Thank your sis for sharing the pix and thank you for posting them. The Olde Bagg

  10. Hello sis, who knew so many would see our pics and enjoy them so much. They look awesome on your blog. Glad you liked them.

  11. Penquin, I am so glad you got to go there and have some quiet time. I love all the pics. Will never get there so it is a joy you shared them with me.They are too beautiful not to share. love you.

    Linda, it is a dreamland is'nt it. There are only six rooms at this place too, so it was pretty quiet to go with the peaceful atmosphere. Glad you found this blog, thanks for the comments on my sis photos. I was thrilled with the jellyfish. I thought that was pretty cool. have a great weekend. hugs.

  12. Bernie, it has been beautiful, I spent most of the day raking leaves yesterday. I do some then have to rest and do some more. I sat out front of my house and I thought it was one of the nicer days wee had all summer, sunny with no wind. It was wonderful. I so miss the days when I could spend more time with my niece, now she is all grown up and busy. Have fun, have a great Thanksgiving weekend. hugs to you.

  13. Cora, yes I thought they turned out great. lollygagging I enjoy those do nothing days. hope you are well, I figure you are busy with all fall things. I am always excited to see another post. have a great weekend.

  14. SueAnn, oh I am so loving the fall days, yesterday was one of the best all summer. sunny with no wind. the days are much shorter here though already, but I sure am enjoying my time outside.
    glad you liked the photos. hugs to you, have a great weekend.

  15. Shalet Jimmy, I love the world we live in, have always been a nature lover. I think I got that from my father. He was a farmer, and many many hours were spent outside. He used to have bird feeders up all over and we would watch the birds together, sit in the truck listening to it rain, chasing glad I could share my sisters pictures. have a wonderful weekend. take care.

  16. Terry I read your comment about the halloween background. That was from plumrose lane, I just changed it,, I think I am addicted because I am forever changing them...There are so many beautiful backgrounds out there. thank you for the comments about the photos. glad to see you. have a great weekend.

  17. Caroline, yes me too, woulnt it be a great place to read, the smell of the forest especially after a rain. that would be awesome. Take care my beautiful friend. I hope you have a great weekend.

  18. Brian, are you a big fan of starfish. I love the waterfalls so much. It makes me crazy when I am in nature and garbage is just thrown out. save the world....makes me wonder what it will be like in one hundred years...have a great weekend Brian.

  19. Birdie, so glad you enjoyed them. glad you feel lighter when you come here. Because I have a sleep disorder there is nothing like a good night sleep, pleasant dreams my friend. hugs. have a great weekend.

  20. Yes!!!! Never take for granted!!!! AND such beautiful photos!!! Thank you!!! I am breathing deep and soaking up the peace and beauty of this lovely!!! And you look stunning in the final picture!!! You are so pretty!!! Have a wonderful weekend, dear Cindy!!! Love, Janine XO

  21. Janine, that is my sister, she is the pretty one...everywhere we go people say, oh you have to be sisters....there is five years apart. the pictures were taken when she was on a trip to seshelt, b.c. take care, hugs.

  22. what a beautiful place.....
    and thanks for reminding us not to take the beauty we see each day for granted !!


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