Friday, October 8, 2010

happy Canada Thanksgiving!

Today  Eye thought to do something a little different.
On Monday I am having Friends
and family over for Thanksgiving,
That is what I am most thankful for this year.
We will sit around eating turkey, and all the fixings.
I love these get togethers. They are too few to get all our family together
because of everyone being spread out. So we try to enjoy each other when we do.
Yesterday I was outside raking and bagging leaves, now the trees are bare,
I could only do so much. I think there is way more leaves this year than last/
I could be wrong, maybe it just seems that way when you are bagging them. LOL.
All the leaves I put in orange bags, so that I am ready
for Halloween at the end of the month.
Usually every year we get snow on Halloween.
Yesterday on the news I heard they were trying to change the date of it,
maybe the 15th. I don't think that will happen.
We usually have a couple of pumpkins,
to set the mood.

So while raking leaves, there were still a few flowers that have come,
We have had frost and yet with our nice weather a few have sprung up
and graced us with their prescence.
Even one small miniature rose which was a great surprise.
I have five plants and only one bud on them all.

Nothing right now to see the bugs and even an odd butterfly
flitting about in the yard.
They are flying slower than usual.
and soon will be gone. 
Hubby and I danced in the yard in the middle of the day,
we must have danced too hard because it rained
and then we spotted a rainbow.
It gave us great joy,
even though we could not find the 
pot of gold at the end of it.
It really was a lovely day,
when you have faith and hope,
you can live and laugh and enjoy.
My friend Tabitha  has a blog named I Choose Bliss 
and she inspires me everyday. Please pay her a visit
and check out her Family Mission
of spreading smiles one goody bag at a time.
She is a real love and one very inspirational woman.
There is so much love here in blogland.
Now I usually carve rocks,
but have not done any this year because of arthritis in my hands.
Please go and check out Kim Mailhout at Queen of Arts
She is known in Blogland for her wonderful
Rock My World Rocks that she sells through Etsy.
You will be amazed at her artistic abilities.
Love, love, love her.
Please go have a look and it is also her birthday tomorrow, Oct. 9th
So please wish her a happy birthday, she would like that.
I wish you all a very
May you ponder what you are Thankful for
and for those of you fellow Canadians.
Have a Great Thanksgiving,
and everyone a wonderful weekend.
take care
My Godchild gets all my little rocks to play with,
we make up stories with them.
She has such an imagination!
I am thankful that we are all unique and perfect just as we are.


  1. :) i'm grateful too for the beautiful people like you. have a wonderful weekend and dancing in the yard sounds so romantic.


  2. Oh are such a beautiful soul. have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy all the little special moments. xoxo

  3. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!1 Our leaves haven't falling yet so great idea about the orange bags!!

  4. Hi Cindy...I just tried to leave a comment...and got a very strange error message from Blogger. It gave me a link to, of course
    (??) I followed it...and was told the error didn't exist...sigh.
    I'm baaaaaaack!! I wanted to tell you how much fun I think it would be for your godchild to play with those beautiful stones!!! They are very pretty, and I can only imagine the games and stories that she enjoys with them. And you get to share in the fun, too. Lovely , Cindy.
    Love and hugs,

  5. i hope you have a wonderful time with family...happy thanksgiving!

  6. you are changing Cin as you learn how to love life in spite of life.....It is wonderful to know I had a share in this my friend...always good to look in your 'window'

  7. Cinner, have a wonderful time with yours! happy Thanksgiving!!! big hugs!

  8. Cinner, you are SO filled with sweetness that it jumps out of my computer and wraps itself around me. I am very grateful for you and love you dearly. *Big Hugs*

  9. Happy Thanksgiving, Lovely Cinner ! Thanks for the loving! You touched my heart big time. And I love your painted rocks ! So beautiful !
    (David wants to know what you use for carving rocks - he loves that idea !). I appreciate your sweet heart very much.
    Enjoy a cozy holiday !

  10. Hi Kim, so glad you saw. I use a dremel with a diamond drill bit,,,,they are the green ones...also I try to find very soft rocks. alwso with the dremel you have to go very slow. On my arts page there are rocks carved there sitting on oranges, I also try to go with the worn shape of the rock. like the madonna and baby rock. it was almost like it was made for them. If you or David have any questions let me know. Tske care, we are off to mil's for thanksgiving....I can smell the turkey....hugs.

    Tabitha, your a treasure, you remind me of all goodness and light..when I read your blog that is my package of joy every day. take care.


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