Monday, October 11, 2010

Cinner Stops A Break in!

Good morning Everyone,
We celebrated out Thanksgiving yesterday,
had all the turkey and fixings with family.
My MIL had it at her house, and there as usual were two types of dressing,
What we call the regular kind and she makes an oatmeal kind
that they always had when she was a child growing up.
So of course the boys all make jokes about  the oatmeal stuffing,
and she always says it did not do you boys any harm.
It is a stick to your bones dressing
that one must acquire a taste for.
I know she loves it that they all give her a hard time.
So it was a lovely night, we were all Thankful to be together,
then we watched  a hockey game and I guess went to bed about 10.30 p.m.
So at 4 a.m.I awoke and I hear rattle,rattle, rattle at my bedroom window,
I think to myself what is the cat doing,
I hear it again, Ratttle, rattle, rattle.
You see I have a cat that tries to get out and sometimes scratches on the windows.
I hear it again, rattle, rattle, rattle,
My eyes open I look over and I can see through my curtain an image of a masked man
with the street light basically shining behind him and his hand was lifting the window.
Well I brake into commando mode,
Get the _____out of here, you sick_______.
The window slams down, the man took off out towards the street,
my husband has jumped out of a dead sleep and is yelling,
What the hell is going on and why are you swearing.
I say Someone just tried to break in.
Well he was up then,
I let the dog outside,
No barking so I knew the intruder was gone.
I called 911
and they would have someone search the area.
So I heard the helicopters fly above and search the area.
Once I got off the phone with the police,
that is when I started to cry.
Ten years I have lived in this house and nothing has ever happened,
and now some man was no more than two feet from us both lying in our beds,
Every CSI  and Law and Order show I had ever watched
came rushing through my mind.
You tell yourself to keep calm,
so hubby puts his arm around me,
and says, Hon thanks for saving my live,
but if it happens again can you do it a little quieter,
he says you about gave me a heart attack and I thought you were talking to me,
now this is his way to calm me down.
I said honey he was coming in through the bedroom,
that freaks me out.
He says, but think about it you did not have a Cataplexy spell,
which is true because I would have just laid there,
and would have been unable to move.
He said so your getting better,
Okay so this is true,
I handled a serious situation without falling over and becoming paralyzed for a few minutes.
Great, thanks so much to the man breaking in to prove this to me.
So this is the thing. Mr. Hubby is sawing logs as I sit here typing,
I lay back in bed and I am just furious,
Right now I don't feel safe,
In the morning all storm windows are going on the house.
I am going to get a stick or something to have in the bedroom
in case I ever need it.
I am grateful that nobody was hurt,
grateful that I woke up,
grateful that I had no cataplexy spells.
grateful that I was not alone,
grateful that I can still hear the helicopter in the area.,
grateful that I would never do such a thing,
grateful that I have morales and values
that I would never scare the hell out of someone
with no regard to others.
I am grateful that in a while I will be able to sleep,
and grateful knowing I won't be so angry in the morning.
I am also grateful that I will not let this one incident
dictate how I will feel in my house.
I was a victim once and I will never be a victim 
ever again.
Something must be going on in the area tonight
because I can still hear the helicopter in the area,
This is almost one and a half hours later.
I will not have access to a computer until Friday sometime,
so know I am thinking of you.
I wish you a great week, and I will get by to see everyone soon.
I am going to try to get some rest.
May we all feel safe and sound.
Be Well.
the above photo is from Photofunia.
It is a fun site to play around with photos.
You may want to check it out.

Take Care,


  1. Cinner, omg! I'm so relieved that the man didn't break in! You know, would that happen to me, I would be yelling for such a long time that it would scare the man off ... And I did love that again! you could find something positive out of the bad, in deed, it's great that you didn't have your Cataplexy spell, you see Mr. Musta and the water are for sure helping already :-) great news! Take a well needed rest and see you when you're back!!! big birdie hugs!!!

  2. You reacted well and you scared the person who was going to break in your house. That would make me so angry too. We have a stick too and now I think we will also get a baseball bat. I am so glad you and your husband were not harmed. That is the most important thing.

  3. OH CINNER!!

    I am shivering in my boots - that is SO awful and so scary and it shakes your security to the core. I gasped right out loud.!!!!!

    I am glad you reacted so quickly and strongly - and that Cataplexy was not an issue. phew. Breathe and keep talking about it until the urgency subsides. ok?

    And Happy Thanksgiving! Oatmeal stuffing?? huh. who knew? :-)

    Love you girl "hey"

  4. yikes....that is so scary !!!
    and i'm so glad you were able to yell out and scare him !!
    do you think he knew you were gone during the day and thought you'd be out all night ?....and need a baseball bat in your bedroom !!

    warm hugs !!

  5. oh sorry...i have been the vicitm of two burgaries...shivers. glad you did not have a spell as well...something to be thankful for...sorry you ont feel safe...not a good feeling at all...

  6. holy crap! that's scary. Thank god you're okay. I hope they catch the son-of-a-bitch.

  7. Holy S**T!!! So glad you are OK and you handled the situation so well. It sucks to have someone invade your space like that. We had an intruder once and it's very unsettling. Deep breaths. All will be OK...and hopefully this will never happen again! xoxo

  8. So glad that you and your husband are safe....what a scary thought....and one I'm sure I would never EVER forget. What a trooper you are, Cindy! Good for you, girl!!! You acted with courage and fortitude...and I can imagine that there is someone somewhere that wishes he hadn't chosen that window to break into! You are my hero(ine) :))...and I'm so glad that you didn't have a cataplexy spell....and most of all that you were not physically harmed, Cindy. I'm thinking of you as I type this.....
    I also looked at your goals....and your progress toward your diet...and I am very very proud of you. You look wonderful in the header photo...and again I say, "Go girl!"
    Love and hugs,

  9. OMG - I'm so glad you're ok and that you woke up. and so very happy that you are better and that you could yell out. you rock!!! and yes, a wooden baseball bat stands next to my bed.

  10. my goodness that is one huge experience. I feel so proud of you telling that no good doer to get away and he ran like the dickens. You are one powerful woman! Yea! Wishing you the best with your computer.

  11. Wow I can't believe that happened! I'm such a deep sleeper I never would have woken up, I'm so glad you did even if it was scary!

  12. I'm checking back to see if you are OK, Cindy.
    Take care of you, please.

  13. Holy Crap! You did an awesome thing!! I believe I would have went mute at the time. So glad you did not have a Cataplexy spell! That is awesome even more so! I know what it is like to have your personal space is scary and very distrubing. May you soon find peace again.

  14. Wow Cinner, that's pretty freakin' scary. You're a hero! Oh heroine!!! I keep a fireplace poker under my bed! I don't know why, just always have. I wish peace for you Cinner. That was a terrifying thing to go through.
    Love Di ♥

  15. I am grateful that you and your husband are safe. Sending loving hugs to heal you from that trauma. I hope that things work out well so you can have a real sense of security in your home again asap !
    Take care, Beautiful One !

  16. Thank goodness you all are safe! One of my other blog friends in Florida had an attempted break in. I've had people break into my house (not the current one) and it is a creepy terrible feeling...but I was not there when it happened. Peace and blessings to you!

  17. Dear Cinner,

    Giving thanks for your safety! wow. prayers sent up.

  18. I would have screamed, too! Quick response! Happy Canadian Thanksgiving..I love this season!!

  19. Wow, Cindy!!!! You are truly a hero!!!!!! I'm so impressed and inspired!!!!! So happy for you too!!! And glad that you are all safe!!!! Sending you love and hugs, Janine XO

  20. Oh I'm so glad you're safe! People like those don't have anything good to do in life. Stay safe and be happy! :-)

  21. Darling Cinner I am very sorry to read that you had this experience and am very happy to read that nothing horrible occured and that you are safe and well.

    take care
    love to you
    x Robyn

    PS... I too have had this experience and I understand the days that follow can be unnerving, but that feeling will pass. xx

  22. Cinner! I'm so happy that you yelled and that he ran! I'm so sorry you went through this and I'm praying that you find your peace in your home again. What a shame to have this experience. Are you alright now...Hugs to you my friend.

  23. Cinner - I'm late in catching up - sorry!
    Where were the Mounties when you needed 'em?
    Looks like you did ok without them!
    I'm glad you are ok!
    Hugs across the Canadian Border to you.

  24. I am just reading this for the first time tonight cinner and I am so sorry this happened to you. I am so proud you thought about all the things you were grateful for....your a sweetie, I hope all is well now......:-) Hugs

  25. OMG!! I am just now reading this!!!! I know you had to be scared to death!!

  26. OMG Cinner, just reading now and boy am I proud of you. I always imagine I will freeze and not be able to do anything. Maybe not, you've showed me the lion comes out in us when it needs to. Good on you.
    P.s please send me your email I would love to chat about tats.
    love K

  27. Thank you so much you guys, your kind thoughts are certainly appreciated. sorry I did not respond to all comments, I am just getting back to this now.
    I keep thinking of moving my bed accross the room from the window...hopefully it was once in a lifetime experience. hugs to all.


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