Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mountain Getaway, Breakin Update, and hello

Hi Everyone,
first of all thank you to so many of you whom left loving comments
about my intruder, the comments were really appreciated. I felt very uneasy the next morning,
so hubby did put the storm windows on. After talking to our neighbor he realized he had
been broken in and they had managed to get both of their mountain bikes.
Also looking around in our yard there were a bunch of items sitting on a bench that
looked like the crooks had set there ready to take their loot once they got things 
out of the house...even if you can believe it a basketball.
We had planned to get away for a few days 
and now I did not want to go,
but we did and oh the peace and relaxation
were just what I needed.
My hubby too,
he works so hard taking care of us both.
So here we are on our way to my favorite place,
Canmore, Alberta
Most of our three days away were
spent walking the trails, sitting on benches,
drawing, feeding the ducks, shopping,
and even found time for my much needed naps,
although it is very hard to force yourself to rest
when your in a place like this.
The mountains in the background are known as 
The Three Sisters,
always makes me think of my two sisters and I,
speaking of sisters we had a lovely 
Thanksgiving Supper at my younger sisters house on Monday evening
and had a lovely visit with both sisters before we headed to our destination.
One of my joys was feeding the ducks,
at one point I was sitting on the ground
and there were 16 ducks not more than a foot away.
some of them were getting a little aggressive with one another
as they were fighting over food,
The one above is a male, easy to tell because of the beautiful bright colors,
When all the food ran out, He looked at me in disgust
as if to say what, thats all you brought with you laaaady.
I actually got up off the ground, after all they are wild,
and I did not want to be writing a story about some ducks
having my butt for lunch,
there is only so much of my stories you would believe.
It was get up or Qwack up!
Now at about 430 the second day we were standing on the balcony taking pictures
and check this out,
this streak of light took a couple of minutes to go behind the mountains,
we are still not sure what it was, it was beautiful and we were thrilled to get it on camera.
On Thursday the weather was 22 degrees Celcius,
a gorgeous day! Everyone was in shorts.
Friday am when we woke up to leave,
we woke up to this, beautiful yes but a little early 
and such an extreme from the day before.
All the ducks were no where to be found.
and this is what we ended up driving into
just for the first hour of the day,
By the time we made it home,
none of the white stuff had made its way here.
So we are going to do some yard work this weekend,
as I know anything is possible at this time of the year.
When we arrived home I had that uneasy feeling walking into the house
just for a moment as I remembered the attempted break in.
After a deep breath I felt safe and sound
and glad to be home.
Take care for now,
hope you are all well,
Will get by to read your blogs over the weekend.
I hope you have your greatest of days!


  1. what a wonderful trip! i hope the beauty of it lives for a long time ~


    oh how I LOVE these beautiful pictures of your wondeful time in the mountains. I was thrilled. And that streak of light, I wonder.......

    So sorry you are unsettled by the intruder(s), it will take some time to relax again.

    Have a beautiful weekend.
    Love you girl "hey"

  3. Oh Cinner, I'm so glad u had a chance to get away...sorry to hear about the break in. Oh my... Stay safe.

  4. glad you got that time away and it was so boys love feeding the ducks...we had a small taste of your fear last night...a roving band of miscreants stole all the pumpkins on our street, ringing the doorbells as they went...(2.30 am)...if i was not so tired i might have given chase with my bat...ack. and then T could not sleep...

  5. Getting away puts things into perspective, doesn't it? You were together and you have a wonderful time.

  6. You deserved a wonderful holiday after stopping the break-in! You can start calling yourself Super Cinner now! Have no fear, Super Cinner is here!

  7. Wow...what a beautiful place to get away to! Love your pictures Cindy!! I hope and pray you got that needed rest and reassurance for peace. Please let us know if they ever catch those guys! Take care and blessings to you!

  8. Cinner, welcome back! I'm so glad you had such a great time out and thank you for sharing all those wonderful pictures. Stories about the agressive ducks remains me always of the squirrels in Montreal and how they were chasing me :-) and the weather, isn't this amazing how it could change so fast? So much snow, wow! I'm happy to hear that you feel safe back home, can you reinforce the windows and doors somehow ... you know to get the completely safe feeling ... so happy to have you back Cinner :-)) have a wonderful w-e!! hugs!!

  9. So happy you got to visit the mountains, my favorite place on earth. Be strong sweetie and stay well........:-) Hugs

  10. Oh what beautiful scenery!!! Such magnificence!! What profound peace and joy you must have felt during your visit there! And your duck friend is gorgeous!
    As for your does mess with your head. We had a robbery during Christmas season and they stole all of our jewelry and busted two of our doors. It took me months to feel secure in my home again! Such a terrible feeling!!!!!!
    So sorry you had to experience this.
    Hugging you

  11. Your photos are so beautiful!! You are really very talented!! So glad you went on your trip!!

  12. Hi Cinner,
    Canmore is really beautiful. And that duck photo was great. I guess you better bring more treats next time to avoid the "Looks"!!
    I have wondered if the police have any suspects yet? I hope they do soon so that you may find a little more peace of mind.
    Love Di ♥

  13. Glad you are home and feeling safe. exhale.

    one love. ;)

  14. wow that is a beautiful piece of the world. Amazing shot of the light in the sky good work catching that. Shorts one day, snow the next incredible.


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