Wednesday, September 22, 2010

This and That, and a little more.

well the farm girl living in the city awakes today at 530 am,
feeling like a new body has been granted me,
although it looks the same, it does not feel the same,
this one can bend, and yes I can touch my toes today.
okay I am not the dingbat that I seem today,
but I have not moved like this in almost two weeks.
So for this I truly give thanks,
I also give thanks  that I will not allow myself to overdo it,
in case the back acts up again.
At one time in my life I would start something, work until it is finished, don't stop until it is,
so I have really made some progress in knowing my own limitations,
and usually living within those limitations.
Without getting enough sleep my Cataplexy came back in full force this week,
but can be rectified by sleeping more restful nights without being woken up by my back.
So all is great for me physically right now,
and thanks again for all your wishes of getting better,
Beth the back Gods did arrive!
I have had a situation in my life, actually a friends life sadden me very much.
I have a friend whom is 83 years old, asked to stay with us for two nights,
it has turned into fourteen, and I live in a very small house,
but we have been making things work.
It is what you do for friends right,
She has gotten involved with a real con man,
We know there are other woman involved,
but she has convinced herself she is happy,
it has been an emotional rollercoaster,
one morning she said she is tired and ready to die,
lordy, I believe she is depressed, I talked to her,
the next day happy as a lark because she has heard from him,
and it seems round and round it goes.
my hope is that she make the right choices for her
and that lonliness play no factor in her decision,
She was so active and fun, seeing her struggling with this,
when she should be living a peaceful life,
now she sits by the phone, waiting for his calls,
He is supposed to be here on Thursday night,
and they will be off again.
Now it is there lives,
all the red flags are there,
flying high,
all her friends have talked to her,
and we have to idly sit by and watch the chips fall where they may.
Other than that, my life could not be better right now,
I have a loving relationship with my hubby, my mother is healthy and happy,
and we talk daily, my two sisters and I are very close.
I am taking an eclass which is going to be a lot of fun,
The sun is supposed to shine by the weekend,
and someone is having a birthday,
Yes I turn 47 on Saturday,
I love the age I am at right now.
Life is one blessing after another,
I am happy and appreciate everything in my life,
except for the odd wrinkle, but I think I have earned them.
And they add a little character.
Have a great day,
may it be your
Best day ever.


  1. i love how happy you are - in the face of all that you face, you are so positive and grateful that it is an inspiration. xo

  2. yay. i am excited to hear the positive turns in your life...and htat you are feeling better...sorry to hear about your easy to happen...i hope she makes the right choices as well...

  3. Whew. Lots going on in your life right now. Sorry to hear about your friend. Like you say it is her life and her decision. I am so glad your back is healed and you are feeling better again.

  4. ~*~Happy 47th Birthday Cinner~*~

    I'll say it now...because on Saturday, I'll be with friends, from my grade school days, celebrating 3 of their birthdays that fall in September.

    It's good to hear your back is better.

  5. Yay! We have the same birthday!

    Unfortunately, I am not sure you can help your friend really change things. People can find it hard to see the truth about those they love but it is a very hard situation for you...

    I am glad that you are feeling better today!

  6. Cinner, so happy to hear that you're doing better or maybe even well? :-)) so great!! You completely got me with your friend ... love can really bloom at any age or fade ... something so touching about your friend because of her age and waiting for the phone call ... happy day!!!

  7. Oh I am so glad you are feeling so much better!! Such wonderful news! Sitting by a phone and letting life slip by is not my idea of a good thing at all! It is sad really. She has so much to offer and too much to do to be sitting there and waiting. Oh dear!!

  8. Hi sweetie, I have missed you. So glad to hear you are doing better, was sorry to read about your friend. Hard to believe at 83 one still has these problems.....she must be lonely cinner and it must break your heart. I will say a prayer for her and one of thanks for your health my friend........:-)Hugs

  9. Bernie, you are a darling, her husband died 11 years ago...I have seen her on a rollercoaster ride,,,when really things should be peaceful. hugs to you, can't wait to show you the background I found for you. take care. have a great weeekend.

    SueAnn,,,yes oh dear is right, but she has made up her own mind, it has been a little stressful for me to watch, i can only be there for her.

  10. Birdie, nothing makes me happier than to see an elderly couple still in love. I hope we have that when we are older. how is your son doing. have a great weekend.

  11. Rose, yay , happy birthday to you, how cool is that. I hope you have a very special day and are spoiled. I wish you a year of health and happiness ahead.

  12. Wanda, thank you for the bday wishes. have fun with your friends, that sounds like fun. enjoy and have a great weekend.

    TechnoBabe, things are about to settle down as of today I think. as long as said boyfriend comes to town. I am glad I like myself enough to not be with someone just so I am not lonely, if your with the wrong person you can be lonlier than if your by you know what I mean....but yes I have to step back. people make their own mistakes. have a great weekend. take care.

  13. Brian, thanks I am so glad my back is on the mend. whats that saying, getting older is not for sissies. lol. have a great weekend with your family. smiles.

    Char thank you, my trials and troubles are miniscule in comparison to others, when you were looking for work and were staying so positive, you were an inspiration for me, forward and onward. and look where you are now my friend. have a wonderful weekend. Hugs.


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