Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wow, wow, wow and wow.

Good Monday Morning,
these were actually from Sunday morning
with no editing at all.
How could you edit to be any better than they are.
It is beautiful,
I think our sunrises in the fall are just brilliant,
I am grateful to my hubby for taking these yesterday.
He leaves early for work so he can stop off the highway
and spend a few moments enjoying this loveliness.
That man of mine has a great eye,
I think he is reminding me that it is 3 months until
no I can't say it yet! Get that thought right out of my mind.
Out I tell ya, out, out, out,
Oh that was a close one!
Now I look at this photo and I think this is the best.
I am like a kid in a candy store,
wanting more and more.
I had a wonderful birthday
enjoying my solitude,
counting my blessings,
had a black forest cake brought home,
and since it was my birthday
I enjoyed every bite.
Thank you to everyone whom sent emails,
phoned, and to those who left me comments.
I sure felt loved.
Final thought for this post
May your day be filled with beauty,
whether there is a sun or a cloud in the sky,
and may you have
Your Very Best Day Ever.


  1. Oh wow is right! What incredible photos. I am so glad that you had a wonderful birthday. Blessings to you my friend. xoxo

  2. I have never been outside my country especially my district. It's really wonderful to know that such beautiful place with picturesque beauty do exist in the world. I hope I can see it with my own eyes and can enjoy it.

    Truly great photos...

  3. Gorgeous sunrise!!! They are amazing.
    OMG!! You almost said the "C" word. Ack!!! Glad you refrained. Whew!!
    Got all sweaty there for an instant!!

  4. I like picture number three, right above your favorite one. He does indeed have a good eye with a camera. If he had more time he could have a photo blog. Glad you had a loving and fun and delicious birthday.

  5. A great Birthday for you and the next day a gorgeous sunrise to enjoy! Have a good week too, Cinner.

  6. I'll be over in a minute, have to see those sunsets for myself! :) My friends and I traditionally celebrate our birthdays for at least a month. So wishing you continued magical birthday fun!

  7. glad I did not miss this one is right!!


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