Sunday, November 21, 2010

Just a Thought.

I have sat here for hours thinking of all the movies that I watched today
thinking of the many characters and how basically we all want the same thing.
to love and be loved.
to be needed to be wanted,
for love to be eternal,
for passion to be continuous,
for strength to endure,
and for knowledge to see
beyond a moment of anger,
when literally we can do more damage with one word or look,
be kind, be loving, be compassionate,
and you will have everything.
you may have everything now.
and so the snowflakes fall by the thousands,
you need not to wait for Spring,
for when your in love,
each day brings everything.
Have your Very Best Day
and a wonderful Thanksgiving
to those celebrating this weekend.
May we all be thankful.
take care.


  1. I am very thankful to be in love and to be loved! My days are rich and full! Hope yours are too!
    Have a wonderful week and a beautiful Thanksgiving celebration!

  2. Cinner, what a lovely post! I'm very grateful for what I have and especially for those who walk beside me on this Journey. Love shall prevail! Have a wonderful Sunday! I know that you already celebrated Thanksgiving ... big hugs!!

  3. what a beautiful and uplifting post...and wise...thank you.

  4. I'd like to win the Lottery too, please. The Big One.

  5. Thank you hon...I needed this today..I really did! Thank you for being the wonderful loving you that you are!! Hugs an dlove and Happy Thanksgiving from me!
    Love, Sarah

  6. Very true words....I hope you are well and have a great week my friend!

  7. I listened to #147 on my playlist today... The Best Day by Taylor Swift and thought of you! :)


    Lovely sentiments, beautiful words to live by. Hallelujah

    Love to you

  9. Beautiful post, Cinner...and the photo just steals my heart.

    yes, may we all be thankful. there are sooo many who live without.

    one love.

  10. Wonderful thoughts Cinner, beautiful post!
    Love Di ♥

  11. Love, love, love this post!.....:-)Hugs

  12. Oh I am so glad your around Bernie, hugs.

    Diana, thanks have an awesome day.

    Gail, have a wonderful day. loved your post hon.

    Cora, oh I like that song, have a good one, I am staying inside....let it snow.....

  13. Satah, I hope your day got better and that your friend gets well soon.

    Debra, I am praying for you, me and my Mom, One of us just has to win the Big One. lol.

    Brian, I hope you had a great day.

    Birdie, we are all on a journey, knowing your not alone is powerful. hugs my friend.

    SueAnn, Thanksgiving is over here although I can be thankful for any thing. hot chili and fresh baked buns. yummers....back on track in the am.
    Hugs, enjoy.

  14. I would not wait one minute much less for spring to show love and accept love.

  15. What a lovely post.
    And thanks for visiting my photos - and liking them so much. That actually uplifts me no end. I have been feeling a little wordless of late (you may have noticed...)

  16. Beautiful & deep meaning post, Cinner! I so loved it!!!

    Have a Very Happy Thanksgiving week!!!
    Blessings & Many Hugs,

  17. Coreen in Canada we celebrate in October, I so love the American Thanksgiving, that I find I get in the spirit all over again so I plan on having a great week Thank you, you too. hugs and blessings.

  18. Violet Sky, you know I think sometimes we all go through periods like that. remember you always have a voice to share......besides a photo speaks a thousand words. have a great week.

    TechnoBabe, to show love, know love and to accept it is a wonderful thing. One quote from Mother Theresa states that more people on earth die from lonliness than from starvation and illness. This makes me very very sad, I do see this most apparent at Christmas and during Holidays. It tears my heart out. hugs to you and I hope you enjoy your first Thanksgiving in your new home. Did you get your bird feeders up yet.

  19. Se'lah it saddens me to know there are so many that live without. one love my friend. hugs.


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