Monday, November 22, 2010

Pink Flowers! and Monday Mornings!

Flowers for my pretties!
I have said it before I love my Monday mornings..
This one finds me with more energy  than I have had in a while,
glad to report The Cold is gone.
that would be my cold not the cold.
Whooo Hoooo
That makes me happy.
It is hubbies last day of a seven day stretch,
which also makes me happy.
So today I am feeling creative,
starting in the kitchen with some preparation for supper,
then on to some arts and crafts,
an afternoon 2 hour scheduled nap,
so no Cataplexy,
and hopefully more creativity.
Have a joyous and wonderful day,
Thank you to everyone whom left me such lovely comments
the last few day.
And remember,
Open your Heart,
and may you have,
Your Very Best Day Ever!


  1. This is a perfect morning for pink flowers! Thank you!

  2. Hi Cinner, how very nice to have you come and leave such a sweet comment this morning on my blog :) I love the positive energy coming through your post and am trying my best to tap into it!

    BTW, the Edmonton Oilers are the team our next Moorhead guy has been drafted by :) Watch for Chris Vande Velde to make an appearance, hopefully soon... he is adorable, handsome, and an amazing hockey player :) He is on their minor league team for now, but we're hoping he gets called up soon.

    Thanks again Cinner, you made my day!

  3. good morning!!! these flowers make me smile!!

  4. So glad you are feeling much better xx

  5. nice. glad to see you so happy and feeling good! i hope you have a marvelous day!

  6. That nap sounds good, I am about ready for one but I have sheets in the dryer so will have to wait, maybe I'll take one in my lazy boy by the fire. It is so cold out there, I think I will be in until Friday. Enjoy your day and stay warm!

  7. Cinner, happy to have you back all in great shape :-) enjoy your creative day, will you share with us your creativity later? happy day and big hugs!

  8. Birdie, I am just making some Christmas Cards, maybe my supper. lol. sometimes it surprises even me. lol. happy day.

    Bernie, I am with you I am not going out until I have to...that is a promise. so I guess next time it hugs.

    Brian, happy day back at you.

  9. Cambridge Lady, finally and thank you.

    Char, oh I am glad. hugs.

    Vicky that was too much of a coincidence to find out your such a hockey lover. My hubby, when I married him I thought well if you can't beat em you better join em. One of the previous Oilers captains was from my home town....and well Canadians and hockey we go hand in hand. I will mention it to my hubby and watch For Chris Van Velde, we are all so excited to have all these youngsters coming up to us....maybe we will see the days of Gretzky again. take care, stop by often.

  10. Debra, oh good, you know my cat eats the end off of some of my flowers, then I just put them in little dishes. I should find a cure for this, do you have any ideas....other than don't get flowers....that is not an option. take care.

  11. Hello sis, love the pink flowers. Was out three times today all taking and picking the boys up from school, way to cold for them to walk! I actually got some housework done so that made me feel better about this crazy cold weather. Putting things away and making room for Christmas, my one saving grace of our winters.(sorry I can't be as positive about some people about this cold weather)lol I would love us all to live in the tropics with the exception of Christmas day. lol Anyways just wanted to shock you that I actually left a message. luv u lots, talk soon

  12. So glad your cold is gone and your energy is high.


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