Tuesday, November 23, 2010

3rd Coldest Place on the Planet

You know it is cold when.....
-Rudolph has been sited in your back yard.
-your husband looks muscular in his parka
-when you choose to have a bath with a hat and scarf,
-when defrost has nothing to do with your fridge,
-when longjohns are your sexy nightwear,
-when adding a log to the fire means the whole tree,
-when going for a walk means to the next room,
when lets get under the covers means everyone you have.
-when your doorbell freezes,
-when you enjoy holding a full coffee pot,
-when the cat and dog are snuggled as best friends,
-when your flipping a coin to see whom will answer the door.
-you know its cold when your brain is frozen
and your writing ridiculous posts
that crack you up.,
what would you add to the list
I am really grateful to have a warm place to live in,
please pray for the homeless,
and if you can donate any blankets to the shelters
it would be most appreciated,
thank you.
It is supposed to warm up by the weekend,
and when I say mild is minus ten,
it is almost like a tropical day
in comparison.
Knock knock,
oh the husband is at the backdoor,
I better let him in.
Stay warm.


  1. always pray for the homeless...by for grace it could be me...that pic looks so cold!

  2. You mean there are two places colder than Edmonton right now? Poor bastards!

  3. Debra, I know, how are you getting by, and I agree with you....I think by the weekend it will feel like a chinook has hit us...

    Brian, I put the rudolph nose on the hubby, added him a beard too. he came in looking colder than the picture...poor fellow. take

  4. Your hubby looks frozen!!! I always think and pray for the homeless...I just can't imagine. It has been balmy here which is wonderful for me and for them. No snow...no rain...above average temps. Woot!! Woot!!
    You know it's cold when.....your fingernails turn blue and it is not polish!!!

  5. Like the longjohns reference. Ha. I am wearing sweat pants and socks to bed these nights. The picture makes me feel so cold.

  6. Hi Cinner,
    We don't get nearly as cold as you do there but we went without a furnace for two years once. Only had space heaters. I swear I could not get warm unless I was in a hot tub! Stay warm and dry my friend!! Love Di ♥

  7. :) thank you for the great laugh today!!! hope you have a wonderful weekend

  8. I didn`t realize we were the third coldest place on the planet but I should of it was so cold.
    Stay warm my friend.....:-)Hugs

  9. You are CRACKING me up! Stay warm. You know, I can think of one wonderful way to stay warm. One that your husband is sure to love...

  10. Oh no, what can I say? I know each one of these things far too well! We are only 4 hours South of Winnipeg and we know cold!

    We are at a balmy -6 today :) I could add one to your list... you know its cold when everything on your Christmas list involves something that plugs in and involves heat!


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