Friday, November 26, 2010

Odds & Ends.

Hi Everybody,
I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving,
Yesterday it was such a beautiful day here,
the sun was out, the air was so fresh,
it was only minus four, it was simply 
The above picture is a little 
Christmas Tree I made
It was the first or
second year 
To me it was one of my favorite trees
because we were together,
I had no energy for much,
so we really appreciated 
every little thing.
So I am
now officially in Christmas mode,
I just have to make some decisions
as to where we will be for Christmas.
but in the meantime I still have to get my cards out,
baking done, packages wrapped,
and then right after my nephew is getting married January 15.
So I have a feeling this month is going to fly by.
So I am going to make a list and start being more organized.
My hubby and I have the weekend together,
It is Grey Cup weekend here,
so the town is abuzz with all the excitement.
I am glad the weather warmed up too,
I can't imagine if it had been as cold as last week.
I won't be around much over the weekend,
so plan on catching up with all of you next week.
May you embrace your day
and Have your Very Best Day! 


  1. It's been a long time...Have a happy weekend...Take care

  2. Love your tree and what it symbolizes!! I can't believe how quickly time has flown by. Amazing!!
    Hugging you

  3. nice. hope you have a wonderful weekend...was a good thanksgiving here

  4. Cinner, this is a lovely xmas tree! It's the Christmas mood around here as well, decorating and decorating more ... :-) have a lovely weekend! big hugs!!

  5. Have a great weekend and enjoy the balmy weather!

  6. i agree - december will fly by and i will wonder where it's gone. hope you have a wonderful day

  7. Hi, Cinner!! :)

    Should I tell you that it's 79 degrees here today? Would it make it better if I said it was raining, though? ;) I love to look at the snow, especially out the window with a cup of something warm in my hands, but I sure don't like to actually be out in weather that cold :(

    Was just updating my links/following with my new profile. Didn't want to miss you!

    Be well, friend!

  8. You continue to have an amazing blog and I love your templates! Keep sharing your pics and thoughts and poems! You inspire me!

  9. I love the color of the tree, my favorite color. This time of year is a busy one, filled with fun things. I like it cold during Christmastime. To me without a bit of snow it just doesn't feel like Christmas.

    I always think getting a head start makes the season seem to last a bit longer.

  10. Karen, I like it cold during Christmas too, I only ever had two Christmases without snow, it was just not the same for me...the first one was my first time away from home, I was homesick, did okay the second time because it was in Florida, Have a wonderful Christmas. Take care.

    Tery Lynne, thanks so much, some days I think nothing new going on I should stop, then I get out of the house and all is right in the world again. lol. take care, your blog looked great, always changes, be well my friend, will visit soon. hugs.

  11. Cam, we have a bad connection, we are breaking up,,,what say ye 79 degrees, mutter, mutter, luckY
    Cam...Your new blog looks awesome, hope you are well. enjoy your lovely weather, it actually warmed up so its like a walk in the park now. lol.
    Be well.

  12. Char, I know it will just go poof. soon we will be talking about New Years again. take care. Loved your Thanksgiving posts. hugs to you.

    Debra, thanks you too, are you doing anything for Grey Cup....those Zip Lines sounded intriquing..I just can't do crowds like that. be well. Enjoy.

    Birdie, thanks, I was going to decorate here today but we went over and helped my MIL put up her tree. It was a nice afternoon and she so appreciated us being there. have fun, be well.

  13. Brian, I am glad to hear your Thanksgiving was wonderful. Take care and I hope you are having a great weekend. smiles.

    SueAnn, thanks it worked, thats what mattered. I know time just keeps going faster and faster and the further behind I get. lol. hugs to you.

    Shalet Jimmy, hi thanks for popping in, I need to get over and visit more. I enjoy learning from your posts and find it very interesting. Hope you are well, Hugs.


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