Monday, November 29, 2010

Too Many Good Things Happened to tell You All!

On Saturday we went over to my 
MIL  and she was talking about not being sure if she
would put up a tree or not.
By the time we left the tree was up,
lights were on and the angel on the top was there.
She was very happy. She is 84,
and is slowing down
and it frustrates her.
We spent the afternoon and had taken lunch over.
she so misses her husband at this time of the year,
Then today I phoned my Mom
and she was missing my Dad and was baking
and made a mistake. she was feeling pretty down.
Anyway I never had her laughing so much because
she was reading me the recipe and I told her she
would have to 9 times the recipe,
She said I don't have 9 cups of sugar,
and I say Halaleuyah, Thank the Lord above,
I said if you have to 9 times your recipe
you will have about 600 butter tarts,
then she says I don't  have a pot big enough.
But it was the comic relief she needed,
She was talking and I had a few Cataplexy episodes while I was listening to her,
Then she says Cindy, Cindy are you there, now she has gotten all serious
so I can answer her again.
Anyway she was feeling much better, we were both in great moods,
so I thought I might put out some of my Christmas decorations.
I did not bring up any of the boxes and I took what was in my
china cabinet out and I think I have enough.
Everything is in cream and gold.
we watched the Grey Cup,
it was a great game,
lots and lots of excitement,
I was rooting for Saskatchewan
since I was born and raised there.
Montreal played very well.
Watched a Hall Mark movie that I cried my eyes out,
the kind of movie that leaves you feeling good.
and the best part Sam Elliott was in it,
talk about lucking out.
he is my fave.
I have my insomnia still
and that is why I am still having my
Cataplexy episodes.
One solid sleep and I will be back on track,
I will have to nap tomorrow and get back on my schedule
to get me back on track.
I hope your weekends were all wonderful.
One last thing before I go
I watched the CNN special where they were honoring heroes for 2010.
It was wonderful, inspiring, motivating and makes me believe
we can change the world one person at a time.
More about this on my next post.
Have Your Very Best Day!


  1. we can change the world, one person at a time.. something I truly believe in! I have missed you my friend, and am here to play catch up!

  2. Cinner, oh I'm so excited about your next post about the heros ... I so need to hear something like that ... sorry that you didn't get your sleep just yet. I really truly do feel for you and praying you can get some rest! On SUnday morning we did sleep till 9am!! It's a history since my son was born and I felt like I'm anew. Sleep is so very important and I don't as much of it as much as I would like or need. But that's because at night when my son sleeps I do all the rest around the house or blog ... ha! so I'm the one to be blamed I could get more. But I cannot imagine how hard it must be for you if you would like to sleep and you cannot. Did you try some natural remedies? Could that help? Some relaxation techniques, visualisation? I don't know ... praying for your sleep to come back!! big hugs!!

  3. What a nice visit with your MIL. I am so glad you were able to put up her tree and make her happy.
    It sounds like you had a truly nice weekend.

  4. And what's wrong with having 600 butter tarts? I'd help eat them!

  5. hello sister, after your talk with me last night, i was dreaming of butter tarts something wrong with that just wrong! I too had insomnia being up since 3:00 but i do have my xmas letter done now. kids are up for school, but after they leave i will probably have a nap. talk soon,
    luv u


    I watched the same movie "November Christmas". I am so glad that the little girl lived. phew.
    Sorry about your cataplexy episodes. I will pray you get some peaceful sleep so you can even out again. I am okay - lots of stimuli over the weekend so I a catching up with myself. Dolan and Elisa helped me decoarte the table and set up the manger and on Thanksgiving Eve we were all outside after dark putting up the white lights. They look lovely. Tomorrow SKipp will set up the tree and we will decorate it Tuesday night and some of Wednesday too. I/we have the most amazing collector ornaments - each one is wrapped individually so it takes time to unwrap each one. They each tell a story and have a special meaning. We enjoy reading their sayings and 'touching' each one. :-)
    I love how you cheered up your MIL and that her tree is up and I love that you got your Mom to laugh too. You are SO beautiful and SO giving . I am SO glad you are my friend.
    Love you girl

  7. nice...i need to go look up that show on the heroes...sounds really cool...and sam elliot is the man...sounds like you had a great visit...

  8. cinner - I loved that you both did the tree for your MIL and how you made your mom laugh. This time of year is difficult when you are alone, trust me I know. Sam Elliot has always been my favorite actor as well, he is a man's man! I watched the same movie and bawled off and on through it and was so happy with the ending and yes the Grey Cup was a great game and I think I was the only Alouette fan in Alberta, but then I am from down east. It wouldn't have bothered me to Sask. win, I like them and honestly they have the best fans ever.......:-)Hugs


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