Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Little Trouble Making A list.

I was sitting today thinking about what I wanted for Christmas,
I truly can say I want for nothing,
That is a good feeling and how truly blessed I am,
My husband said well surely you must want something,
I paused and thought well okay,
I said to him I want more sunny days than overcast ones,
Even in the cold when the sun shines it is so beautiful,
so yes that would be what I want.
That is very important to someone with a sleep disorder,
Okay he said I can't help you with that one.
What do you need?
I said I don't need anything.
I said I have all my arts and crafts to keep me busy,
my computer to play on,
I have my pets,
my friends, my family, my husband.
I said if there are things throughout the year I need
you go out and get them.
He said well yes but they are just everyday things.
I said you know the only thing I need sometimes
is to still cry about my Dad, and you hold my hand
and we remember. So If I needed anything 
I would need to tell you how I cherish our lives.
He said Okay you must wish for something,
I said yes I wish for good health for you and I,
I wish forgiveness to those who quarrel,
I wish for compassion for the needy,
I wish for warmth for the homeless,
I wish for food for the hungry,
I wish for hope and faith restored,
I said yes I wish to be kinder
and more loving to those I
know and don't know.
He said you are really not being very helpful for Christmas ideas,
I said Why don't you write me a poem,
they are so special to me.
I said even when you write about hockey,
and our life being a sport.
I said yes that is what I would like.
He smiled and we were both happy.
I smiled inwardly knowing that he would not write this poem
until the 24th of December,
he writes like he Christmas shops.
at the very last moment.
I know it will be the 
Very Best Christmas!


  1. The very best Christmas for sure!!! I love your wish list!! Beautiful!!
    I wish good health for you dearest one!!

  2. smiles. i think your christmas wish(es) are perfect...and i am sure he will figure something out...smiles.

  3. Awwww hon..I love that..just love it! That he cares so much for your sweet self! That somehow I was not surprised by your you are just like that..unselfish and giving of yourself. I love that about you.

    Thank you for your comments this morning...I know she sees me too..I would like to think that she is proud of the woman I have become! I hope so anyway!!
    Have a wonderful Sunday hon!!
    Hugs and love to you, Sarah

  4. I'm sure he'll write you the Stanley Cup of poems!

  5. What a beautiful world it would be if we all had these wishes......:-)Hugs


    I Love, love love your Christmas list - it is wonderful - every word, thought, expression, feeling is all love, just like YOU.
    I said so many of the same things to my husband but I did ask for a new vanity bench AND a little foot stool for when we watch TV so my legs are elevated. How's that for indulgent?? :-)

    Love to you
    peace and hope

  7. Good that you know him so well and accept him and love him just as he is. It is nice to read your post full of wishes for other people. This is a sweet post.


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